15 Clever Woodworking Hand Tools To Magnify your Artisan Skills

15 Clever Woodworking Hand Tools To Magnify your Artisan Skills

Expand Your Woodworking Skills

There are many shows on television which emphasis mainly about the creative woodworking.

A woodworking artist makes unusual things with hand tools to give an extraordinary look to the decors of the house as well as offices.

Woodworking is not about using huge and electric tools you also can create magic by using small and handy tools.

To create anything from the woods the first thing you would require is a workbench in which you can do activities like measuring, layout marking, trimming, and chiseling.

Before starting any of the processes, do research about all the necessary skills as well as tools you need to have at your home.

Like professional do you want to create furniture with a handful of amount?

Want to upgrade your woodworking skills?

Then, in the forthcoming section, we are providing you knowledge of some effective woodworking tools which will simply take you one step near to become a skilled artisan.

We affirm you that after reading this write-up, you will be more like a trained artisan and would be able to enhance your creative part.

There is no surprise that even a fantastic artisan once was a failed trainee. So, keep practicing. Try to understand more about the techniques and less about the tools.

Choosing the right tool is not difficult when you have experience.

If you are new to the business you need to work extra hard and research as much as possible.

Internet, as well as television, can be a primary source for you.

Whatever woodworking you do, do not leave it on half, as completing and giving a fine finishing is again a very important aspect of craftsmen skills.

Let’s jump to our next segment and get required knowledge about different tools.

Here we present 15 clever woodworking hand tools To magnify your artisan skills.

1. Enhance your Measurements with Combination Square and Try Square

Combination Square

The problem with the hand tools is, sometimes they make the work more difficult when you start the process of measuring certain wood cuttings or furniture.

The measurement has to be precise. So, most of people use dividers, rules, square and what not! That’s too confusing.

Keep a note of this important thing: Do not buy a poor quality tool which will remain in the last corner of the cupboard for years. Instead, buy a small product which is of high quality and makes your work easy.

If you are working on a tight budget, cut down the number of tools for the process.

Select specific tools which will make your measurement process easy and effective.

Squares are not new to you and even your grandparents might have used it for measurements.

It has always been an important tool for any artistic wooden carving.

You can quickly start the process by using a combination square or metallic try square.

After purchasing the tool, test the squareness by putting it across the edge of the board.

You can also scribble a line on either side of the blade to test its squareness.

If you find that the line is lining up, simply take the tool to the home.

2. Begin Woodworking with Steel and Fibre Claw Hammer

Steel and Fibre Claw Hammer

There is no household that does not have a hammer. Reason? It is one of the basic tools we all have.

The first type of claw hammer has a rounded edge, while the other kind is waffle head. As it is mostly used in the construction of the building.

There is a chance of fracture in the hand when you are handling such hammer as it is heavy in weight and not properly balanced from both sides.

You normally have to hold the hammer and hit the target slowly.

Make sure you don’t lose the grip and focus on hitting the nail to get it fitted properly.

The claw hammer comes in various sizes but the preferable size is 16 to 20 oz.

Always remember: The hammers which are of steel handles or fiberglass are considered to be the strongest.

Before buying this claw hammer make sure that it has a rubber grip so that it is comfortable for you to do any task.

3. Avoid Taking Chances and Use Moisture Meter for Exact Wood Installation

Moisture Meter

If you want to make most of the woodworking process, use a moisture meter.

Every wood has different moisture and you have to use a moisture meter to analyze how much moisture a wood is having.

It also depends on the climate of the country that which kind of moisture it will have in the specific area.

Whether you are making kitchen cabinets, wooden flooring or bedroom furniture ensure the moisture on the meter to get the exact idea of the wood.

This will give you a view of the type of wood you have to use in a certain area.

There are pins in some moisture meter which are seated in the surface of woods.

You can also use moisture meter which are without pins so that it can automatically give the result without being placed into the woods. No holes, no marks and you get the finished wood.

There will be a time in your woodworking process where you will use two types of woods hard and the soft so during those times you can check the meter by making settings in the meter.

4. Get the Finest Edges by Using a Sharp Chisel

Chisel is again an essential asset when you are starting a woodworking exercise.Sharp Chisel

Every woodworker needs a chisel to give the finished and clean out joints to the wooden objects.

You must choose the high-quality chisel which is an alloy of carbon steel or the chromium vanadium.

Hardwood grips are the finest as it is surrounded by metal caps.

There are various chisel sizes from ¼ to 1½ which you can use in your project.

To get the perfect edges, sharp corner, and smooth notches chisel is the best tool for you.

5. Dodge Your Formation Queries with Right Type of Plumb Level

Most of the time you don’t get the exact idea of the level whether the wood piece is vertical or horizontal. In order to differentiate that and get the exact analysis, the level is used.

For different projects, you will need different types of levels. 24 to 36 inches of levels are generally used for huge spaces while 6 to 12 is used for smaller projects.

Torpedo level (8 inches) is used more often for a variety of woodworking practices.

The brass and the metal material in the level gives the desired result.

It will solely depend upon the artisan that which different level he needs for the particular project.

When you will work on many projects and get the expertise it will be easy for you to choose the right type of level.

6. Function Your Screw Efficiently with Handy Screwdrivers

handy Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers can be differentiated in two types: one is flat-headed, and another Phillips.

You can also use the electric screwdrivers but most probably manual screwdriver performs the same function effectively.

It is also beneficial when you have two to three types of screwdrivers used for different purposes.

Main types of screwdrivers are square, tox, Phillips and the star drivers.

You will need a long screwdriver with a square blade essential for fixing anything on the top of the walls.

Use a huge force so that the wholes are evenly formed in cabinet furnishing.

7. Give a Better Grip to the Nail with a Nail Setter

Most of the woodworkers do not use this. But, it is the most useful tool when you are in the process of Nail with a Nail Setterhitting the nail.

It helps the nail to get better positioning in the woods and they are flushed properly into the surface.

The surface of this nail setter is either concave or convex and it prevents the nail from sliding from inside the woods.

Thus, you can stick some of the nails in the woods for a longer time.

8. Adjust your Angles with Sliding and T-levels

Adjust your AnglesWhen you commencing measurement of some spaces in your bedroom or carving a wooden object, sliding bevel is the thing that you will need the most.

If you are heading to measure a lot of angles then sliding bevel will be used. In case, you need simple angles then T-bevel will be used.

It all depends on the requirement of the angles. When you have to make a complex design of the furniture you will need a more specific sliding bevel.

Here, you can lock the angle you want to mark.

It makes the marking procedure to comfortable for the artisan.

9. Take the Perfect Measurement with Layout Square

A layout square is a tool which we have used during school days. Obviously small size!

There are two sizes available in the square, i.e.; 6” and the 12”.Perfect Measurement

Don’t you think 12” is too big? If yes, it is possible to choose 12” size.

That is what all craftsmen do.

As the small square is easy to carry and handle.

Once you measure the board you can make a line which will give you exact measurements.

The best part is you can also measure angles with the help of layout square.

The plastic square is breakable so make sure that you choose the convenient square made of metal.

The plastic square is just useless and buying that is a waste of money

10. Cut the Surfaces of Wooden Objects by Using Utility knife

Woodworking is a definite process where cutting is also an inevitable part.

When you are talking about the utility knife, the blade must be sharp.

Mostly disposable blade knife is used by most of the woodworker.

These types of blades are mostly used for the cleaning of the mortise joints and giving a proper shape to the wood cuttings.

11. Measure Tap – A simple Tool Used for Quick Measurement

Measure TapThe measure tap is another important tool when you have a long day of woodworking activity.

In any kind of furniture activity, a manufacturer cannot work without the help of measure tap.

The retractable tap is 25 feet long and it is perfect for all kind of measurements.

Any wrong measures in the pieces of furniture can create an entire mess in the entire formation of woodworking furniture.

Make sure that the hook is fixed to the stock.

Always try to keep the hook attached to the item you are measuring.

12. Block Plane- Stylishly Carving Wood Product

Block Plane

Another very useful and necessary tool is block plane. This traditional woodworking tool is used for eliminating thin shavings of wood.

It is also useful to create great finishing of the wood product.

Make sure you are not compromising on the quality. Why? You will get the best result by using a block plane only it is of high quality.

It is a bit expensive than other tools so make sure you are maintaining this tool and using it judiciously.

13. Mallet – A Tool Used for Striking the Chisel

There are different types of mallet used for striking the hard chisel.

MalletA metal mallet or hammer is generally not used to strike the chisel.

In that case, one has to use wooden handles to strike the chisel.

Surprisingly: The whole mallet is made of wood so it is easy to strike the chisel with the help of it.

Most of the woodworkers use this type of mallet to make striking work more accessible.

The mallets must be made from the hardwood as it can last for many years and also performs functional activities.

The mallet is suitable for the chopping of the mortise and cutting the dovetails.

14. Spokeshaves – Modern and Traditional Tool

Spokeshaves were used in olden times for horse carriages.Spokeshaves

But in recent times, it is commonly used for making chairs, cabinets, and another wood furnishing.

It is also used in cartwheel spokes and chair legs.

A spokeshave is one of the tools which is developed for smoothening the woods and giving a great shape to it.

It also molds well by bevels on the edges of vertical portions.

15. Coping saw- Employed For the Scrolling Work

Coping sawCoping saw is one of the impressive tools that is used to scrollwork, removing waste, and coping the moldings.

The frame is light in weight an artisan can balance the saw easily.

The structure of the handle fac functions in such a way that it is easy to handle and you can grip it tightly.

The blade can move freely into 360 degrees and it also helps to maintain the pressure.

It is one of the desired tools for all types of scrollwork.

Finishing on a Sharp Note

Woodworking is probably a tough task.

But, if you have interest and desire to furnish your home on your own, simply follow the tips given in this content piece.

When you are fond of using different tools for your woodcraft, take inspiration from our write up and do amazing wonders with the woods.

Take precaution while using any one of the above tools as they are little tough and the blades are sharp so you can get hurt.

Be creative while doing the wood crafting.

There will be a time when you will not succeed at first.

But, once you start watching YouTube videos and follow our tricks, the end result would be great.

Keep working hard and make most of your creative skills.

Bye Bye!

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