What is a Kitchenette and how to make the most out of it?


What is a Kitchenette?

Kitchenette — not quite a word we hear every day. Is it just like a kitchen?

Well then, let me tell you precisely what it is. A kitchenette comprises a smaller cooking area as compared to the kitchen and usually consists of a microwave and a refrigerator but sometimes also includes other appliances.

The term Kitchenette refers to any secondary kitchen in the house. It can be found in the children’s room to prepare any quick meal for the kids.

The term kitchenette is primarily used in hotels and motels as it is a common feature of these places containing a coffee maker and a bar refrigerator.

Difference Between a Kitchen and a Kitchenette

Well, if we come to the point of customization and creativity, then obviously, as the kitchen can vary in size, so it is customized in whatever way you want it to be. But as far as a kitchenette is concerned, it does not have such a big space, so there is less room for customization and personalization.

If you come to the organizing part, the kitchen is well organized, consisting of the pantry, lots of storage with a whole lot of cabinets, etc. Kitchenette, on the other hand, are not so much organized, but they are very much practical due to their less occupying space.

Kitchen design

What Does a Kitchenette Include?

As it does not have all the space required for all the appliances, a kitchenette mostly includes a small fridge, freezer, microwave, etc. In short, less space-occupying appliances can be found here to prepare quick and delicious meals. But these appliances cannot be used to cook big meals just as in the kitchen as the kitchen is well equipped with all the necessary electrical kitchen appliances from a stovetop and a sink to a dishwasher and several other appliances.
Now, after knowing what a kitchenette is, let’s come down to the part of making the most out of it.

Kitchenette Design Ideas

Who doesn’t love to decorate their house in the most engaging style? I could say the same for you. But when it comes to decorating Kitchenette especially when you have a limited budget, things get a bit difficult as you have to organize big in less and limited space. So here we have some great tips to help you do the job in the right way. So let’s get to it.

1. Storage Spaces

Unique storage spaces are a must to have quality in your Kitchenette. Taking advantage through the bin style corner drawers or Susan style shelving can help you maximize your Kitchenette area in the most efficient way possible.

2. Separate food storage

Storing your food alongside your Kitchenette might not prove to be handy. A separate pantry to store food in the room can help you add much space in the Kitchenette. You can read more here about separate food storage space. It will also help you to the most professional interior kitchen items with stupendous designing ideas. Highly recommended for our readers.

3. Kitchenette mobile cart

A wheeled cart is one of the most elegant ideas to create fantastic space. Choosing a cart as tall as your kitchen countertops and can get you instant counter space for preparing food. The best part of this mobile cart is that, once you have reached the job done, you can carry it elsewhere.

4. Hanging things

In case you don’t have much shelf space, hanging your mugs and cups can prove to be handy as well as give your Kitchenette an exquisite look.

5. Shine bright

How to make a small space more open than it is? The answer is simple. Illumination and bright color will do the right job. Colored cabinets with white tiles along with a well-illuminated area can make the room elegant more than ever.

6. Tiled backsplash

Tiled backsplash can liven up your kitchenette. Especially when you’re putting a designed one, you will wholly transform your kitchenette for real. And it won’t even cost you much load on your wallet.

7. Easy exchange

You can replace your solid cabinet doors with glass doors instead. It will help in easy exchange that will provide you even better open shelving look along with conserving the time and energy that open shelves require.

8. Workspace

Of the essential parts of the Kitchenette is the workspace. Where are you going to mix egg batter to chop salad or to make a milkshake? Counter space can be a whole lot useful with less space when you also count in sinks and stovetops.
To maximize your work station, you can use flush mount inserts for stove tops and sinks. You can now cover your stove and sink with an instant countertop insert whenever you need counter space for Kitchenette.

Let’s sum it up all as Kitchenette might be small and occupy less space, which might seem to be inefficient at the first look. Still, with a little creativity and well-planned personalization, they can be customized into efficient cooking rooms.

9. Add an Extra Layer of Cabinets

Skyhigh cabinets provide extra storage space for your tiny kitchen. These are the kinds of cabinets that touch the ceiling. If you can’t add another layer of cabinets in your kitchen, then use the space above your existing cabinetry. As a bonus, we also suggest putting reflective mirrors on those cabinet doors to make the space in your tiny kitchen look and feel larger.

10. Add Statement Lighting

One way of preventing visitors from realizing how small your kitchen is, is by adding statement lighting. The best part about statement lighting is that it doesn’t need to be oversized to be appealing to visitors. You can get yourself a pair that features striking colors, or a sculptural, antique or industrial design. You may find a couple of designer statement lights that will easily have your kitchen trending on social media.

11. Wood Floating Shelves

Another way to add more space in your small kitchen is by including wood floating shelves. It’s a good option to consider especially if you have attractive dishes or glassware that you can show off to your family and guests. But if your kitchen isn’t neat or tidy, then this is a bad idea.

12. Get a Wall-Mounted Dish Rack

Why keep the counters cluttered up with a regular dish rack when you can get one that’s mounted on your wall? What’s more, is that each of the utensils will be more organized as well as accessible, providing better convenience. We suggest getting a wall-hung stainless steel Indian dish rack for the best results.

13. Opt for Underseat Storage

Having a built-in bench seat in your small kitchen is convenient as it perfectly utilizes the empty corner of the room. In addition, the recess underneath the bench can be used for storing dry goods and oversized pans.

14. Install a Slide-out Prep Station

If your tiny kitchen is short on counter space, there’s a way for you to get around it by installing a slide-out prep station. You can do this by following how designer Jenn Feldman did it by building a butcher block board into a drawer and including a hole right above your trashcan to easily dump pits and peels.

15. Include a Folding Kitchen Table

Folding kitchen tables are excellent solutions in offering you extra space for your tight-spaced kitchen. It’s also a clever way for you to both prepare as well as eat without taking up essential floor space. It can even double as a desk that we can tuck away once we’re done with the kitchen. To get an idea about where you need to start, just do exactly what Tiny Box House did over here.

16. Use Nearby Rooms for Extra Kitchen Storage

if there still isn’t enough space in your tiny kitchen, in spite of everything you’ve done with the steps mentioned above, then you need to improvise using a closet or a nook from other rooms for extra storage, preferably those that are closest to your kitchen. For kitchen tools that you use occasionally or pantry items that are nonperishable, we suggest a recessed niche.

17. When in Rome, Use Small Appliances

Since there isn’t enough space for regular appliances in your tiny kitchen, then it’s time for you to even the odds a little. We’re talking about getting yourself compact appliances that take up less space. Fortunately, it is possible for us to purchase compact microwaves, stoves, dishwashers, refrigerators, microwaves as well as dryers and washers from retail stores or online.

18. Kitchen Carts Are the New Islands

If you’re a small kitchen owner, then you can just forget about holding a kitchen island as there isn’t one that can accommodate tight spaces. Fortunately, kitchen carts are an excellent substitute. If there’s just enough space, then you can get yourself a prefab kitchen cart to give you that much-needed counter as well as extra storage space.