Top 5 Best Waterproof / Water Resistant Deck Storage Boxes

Imagine a situation: You have your gardening tools, children toys, pool supplies, cushions, grilling utensils, or any number of items lying all around your backyard. Don’t you think that everything looks a bit too cluttered? Isn’t it time to have a type of equipment that would help you to keep your backyard neat and clean? This is where outdoor storage box comes into your rescue.

The best outdoor deck box can enhance your lifestyle and give your backyard a new look and feel. But, the concern is that these large outdoor storage containers normally do not have a long shelf life. The reason being, they are prone to damages due to over-exposure to water. This is where weatherproof deck box/water resistant deck storage box can be of great help.

The positive aspect of waterproof outdoor storage deck boxes is they are made up of the everyday plastic storage container. This gives them the necessary endurance to different elements which stop them from getting faded, cracked, or peeled. The amazing part is that these waterproof/water resistant deck storage boxes can be used to store just about anything, from pool supplies to your children’s toys.

They can even be used as waterproof outdoor storage deck boxes with seats in case you have a few more guests coming for a backyard party.

In case, you are resident in an area where your basement is prone to flooding or leaks, water resistant, waterproof storage boxes can give a good amount of protection to your valuables.

There are a wide array of waterproof deck boxes/water resistant deck storage boxes which gives the problem of selecting from number of choices.

But, don’t worry as we have solution to this problem.

In the forthcoming sections of this write-up, we have provided some useful information pertaining to the best waterproof/water resistant deck storage boxes.

We promise that after reading this piece of information you will be able to make informed purchasing decision related to waterproof/water resistant deck storage boxes sold in our country.

Best Rated Waterproof/Water Resistant Deck Storage Boxes for your Backyard

Basics of Deck Storage Boxes

It is sometimes difficult to leave your outdoor furniture at the mercy of outside temperature especially if you are residing in diverse and seasonal climates. This is where an outdoor deck storage box can aid you in your needs. With its help it is possible for you to maintain a clutter-free porch, patio storage containers, or gazebo decks. All this without compromising on the stylish decor and furnishing of your outdoor space.

The amazing part is, it acts as a waterproof outdoor storage cabinet where you can keep important things like pool supplies, grilling accessories, lounge chair cushions, and much more.

With the help of an outdoor deck storage box, it is possible to store your pool towels in such a way that they become accessible in the summer. It will assist you in storing your beach cruise in case you do not have a garage or if it is too full.

Keep your kid’s soccer pads, umpire mask, and football in the outdoor deck storage box. You can get all this and much more when you get an outdoor deck storage box.

Now, that you have understood the basics of deck storage boxes, in the next section we will look at the different types of deck storage boxes.

Different Types of Deck Storage Boxes

There are a wide array of deck storage boxes available in the market which are based on your personal preference, storage needs, and of course the available space. For example, you are unlikely to invest in a jumbo-sized deck storage box if you are simply looking to store certain utensils in a safe place.

Determine the size of your outdoor living space. Once you have evaluated that the next step is to invest in a storage box that will comfortably fit in your storage needs.

Let us now look at the different types of deck storage boxes.

Get Deck Box Benches if You Wish to Double Up Your Deck Box as a Bench Since it is Equipped with Arms and Padded Cushions

Deck box benches are quite stylish in design. The peculiar thing about them is the fact that these boxes can be doubled up as a bench. Reason? It consists of arms and padded cushions to get the desired results.

This type of deck box is appropriate for the gazebo, front porch, and garden where it will be more visible. You can alternatively keep it in your backyard to ensure comfortable seating for a limited number of guests.

Get Built-in Cubbies if You have Limited Space and Wish to Develop It into a Deck or Porch

In case, you are restrained due to space constraint, one perfect solution for that is to get built-in cubbies that can be built into a deck or porch. It would provide a safe storage space that does not take any additional space.

Get Bike Sheds in Case You are Looking for an Extra-Large Deck Box Space

This type of deck storage box is bigger in size and provides an extra-large box space. Alternatively, if you do not have bikes, it is still possible to employ the shed deck box as a space to store garden and lawn supplies without any problem.

Get Traditional Deck Boxes if You Wish to Get an Additional Seating for your Outdoor Space

A traditional deck box essentially assists you to store the small trivial objects of your household. It comes in the form of a flat and chest-like appearance. This gives you enough space for seating in your outdoor space.

Now, that you have looked at the different types of deck storage boxes, in the next section we will divert our attention to the different materials that make a deck box.

4 Essential Materials that Make Up a Deck Storage Box

Just like the ingenious use of a deck storage box, the material that makes it up is also not one size fits it all.

Let us now look at the essential materials that make up a deck storage box.

Plastic in the Deck Storage Box Maintains Water Resistant Property

Since this deck storage box is made up of plastic it works best in those outdoor areas which are prone to moisture, for example; near a pool. The positive news is that the plastic present in the storage box aids in keeping it water-resistant if it is properly cared. Apart from this, it is extremely lightweight and easy to move.

Wood in the Deck Storage Box Makes for an Alluring Look with an Amazing Finish

It has generally been observed that wooden deck storage boxes are made out of water-resistant woods like cedar and teak.

Regardless of the wood it is manufactured from, wooden deck boxes always have an alluring finish that fits perfectly with the aesthetics of your house.

The only drawback of wooden deck storage box is that it is a bit pricey.

But, when you look at the overall value it provides a rustic feel and can be used as an outdoor patio, front porch, or terrace.

Resin in the Deck Storage Box Add Style to your Backyards since it Comes in a Wide Array of Colors

These deck boxes add style to your backyard as the resin in the deck storage box comes in a wide array of colors. The added advantage? Resin is also cost-effective. It is perfect for people who are looking to invest in something larger.

Wicker in the Deck Storage Box Makes your Deck Porch or Patio More Sophisticated

A wicker deck box adds both texture and color to your backyard. It is a perfect solution to make a more sophisticated deck porch or patio.

While looking for the best deck boxes, it is important to invest in a lockable outdoor storage box. After all, safely storing is the key objective of best outdoor storage box.

If you are a person that likes to switch things very often, consider getting a deck storage box on wheels. Last but not the least, for best safety needs it is important to get a deck storage box that is labeled as waterproof / water-resistant.

Benefits of Getting the Best Outdoor Deck Storage Box

There are lots of benefits of getting the best deck storage box for your backyard. Let us look at some of them given below.

Helps You to Keep the Valuable Stuff Systematically in the Storage Box

If you get one of the best outdoor storage containers it will aid you to keep anything that you usually keep outdoor. The amazing part? You do not have to worry about bringing the stuff into your house.

Now, whenever you perform the gardening tasks, straightaway head to your garden and take out the gardening tools from the storage box.

Aids Yotu to Keep the Outdoor Stuff Safely in the Backyard Very Easily

You do not want to bring in each and every outdoor equipment in your house. Do you? This purpose can be resolved with the help of ingenious outdoor pool storage containers.

With the help of an outdoor deck storage box, it is possible for you to store any outside stuff outside your house. The great news? You can do this without developing any permanent structure.

It is very simple to install as storage box which makes the entire process quite easy.

Keeps the Outdoor Items that Might Prove to be Dangerous for Health Out of Immediate Reach of Humans and Pets in the House

There are certain outdoor stuff or materials that are harmful to your health and pets in the household like fertilizers and pesticides. In order to keep them safely in your backyard, it is important to get the best outdoor deck storage box.

Now, that we have looked at the benefits of getting the best outdoor deck storage box it is time to look at the criteria to choose the best outdoor waterproof storage box.

Criteria to Choose the Best WaterProof Deck Box

When it comes to waterproof deck box there are a wide array of options available in the market. This makes it difficult for you to choose the best one that meets your storage needs. To help you in this endeavor, we have provided certain criteria that will help you to choose the best waterproof deck box for your backyard.

Get a Waterproof Deck Box That is Big Enough to Hold the Items That You May Not Need for a Very Long Time

It is extremely vital for you to determine the storage space that you need to keep your items in the backyard. Always get a waterproof deck box that is big enough to hold all your outdoor accessories so that you do not need another one in the near future.

Get a Waterproof Deck Box that is Easy to Assemble and Gets Functional Within Minutes of Arrival

You need to select a waterproof deck box that is very easy to assemble. Get a deck box that takes minimal time to set up for assembling. Remember, you need the outdoor box to be functional within minutes of arrival.

Get a Waterproof Deck Box that is Made Up of Durable Materials Which Lasts Longer

Since the deck box will be used for outdoor setting, it is important to select one that is made up of durable materials. The reason being, this will ensure that the box is protected against rotting, rusting, dents, and other challenges associated with an outdoor setting. Always opt for a durable storage that lasts longer so that you do not have to change it very often.

Opt for a Waterproof Deck Box That is Portable

There are times when you need to get outdoor deck storage box for holding beach stuff, gardening tools, gaming instruments among other. While getting a box for storing these things it is time to get a waterproof deck box that is portable. This makes it easier to carry things along without rearranging them. If you want your storage to be movable, get a unit that is portable so you can easily move it around whenever required.

Get a Waterproof Deck Box that is Versatile to Serve Multiple Needs in your Backyard

It is important to select a waterproof deck box that serves multiple needs. For example; it should provide room for seating. If that is not possible, get one that is at least tall enough to be used as a serving table. All these options make your waterproof deck box versatile while using it in your backyard.

Get a Waterproof Deck Box that Provides Utmost Safety and Security in the Form of Being Lockable When Left in the Backyard

You need to opt for a waterproof deck box that is highly and secure when left in your backyard. Get a deck box that is lockable and provide utmost security to the accessories.


As promised, let us now discuss the top 5 best waterproof/water resistant deck storage boxes, arranged in no particular order:

Suncast SSW1200 Mocha Resin Wicker, 22-Gallon Storage Seat is a miniature, alluring, convenient storage solution for your patio or garden.

The amazing part is that it is extremely well-designed and stylish by nature that will fit perfectly into your garden, patio, or even inside your home. It has a capacity of 22 gals. with high-quality resin construction that is not only easy to maintain but also durable to withstand the extreme outdoor temperatures around the year.

Due to its small size, you can tuck it away in nearly any room of your home. It is completely weather-resistant and waterproof. The amazing thing is the ease with which it is possible to assemble the box.

The seats of the storage box have been designed in such a way that they stay dry all throughout the year. The benefit? There is no dew or frost soaking in the humid days which enhances the durability aspect of the product.

The box measures 15x15x20 inches which makes it most compact in terms of design. It is possible for you to set it up in the corner of your bedroom or patio without making it look out of place. Over a period of time, this product increases the overall value of your patio or home.

This storage box contains an ingenious water flow system that redirects the rainwater thereby preventing any scope of the product through water damage.

All in all, Suncast SSW1200 Mocha Resin Wicker, 22-Gallon Storage Seat provides a great value for money.


  • Cost-effective in terms of pricing;
  • Recommended for indoor and outdoor use;
  • Comes with a sleek and stylish look (15x15x20 inches);
  • It provides a great capacity of 22 gallons;
  • Can be used as a comfortable seat;
  • Very easy to assemble in 5-minutes;
  • Build-up using all-weather durable resin supporting a maximum of 250 lbs.
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty period;
  • Designed and manufactured in the US;


  • Some people have complained about poorly designed lid which closes too tight.

Lifetime 60103, 80 gallon Deck Storage Box is an ingenious storage box that features a hard dual wall and is made up of polyethylene material. It is extremely safe in use and does not expose your hands to danger when opening. The great part? It consists of spring hinges that enable the lid to open at 90 degrees. It consists of a lockable feature which ensures complete security to your outdoor items by disallowing anyone with unauthorized access.

It is build up using durable material called HDPE or High-Density Polyethylene Construction which gives enough impetus for the equipment to take the maximum load. This deck box can even be used as a bench, thanks to its rigid design. Its weather-resistant finish and UV-protection makes this outdoor box a must for the outdoor patio.

It is extremely easy to clean this deck box with a solitary swipe. Its flawless design enables DIY shelving and dividers. This feature ensures proper management of space. Thanks to its molded handles, it is very easy to open. You can even relocate it to the desired positions without any outside help. It comes with an 80-gallon capacity which is serious storage capacity.


  • Capacity to store a maximum of 80 gallons;
  • The lid creates a water-resistant seal to keep its content dry;
  • Works wonderfully well in all weather conditions;
  • Comes with an amazing 10-year warranty;
  • Easy to assemble since it requires no tool to install;
  • You can use it as a bench during BBQ.


  • A pricey option.

Keter 230897 37 Gallon Resin Deck Box comes in an attractive natural wood grain look with an exclusive circular design that looks great with any outdoor decor. This deck box comes with an extra patio seating and an extra serving place. Due to its ventilated side, it is possible to store everything in a safe and dry manner irrespective of the weather outside.

It assists in keeping your outdoor space clutter free. You can employ it as a coffee table. Set out a small meal or snack that you can enjoy with your family. Due to its large storage space, it is possible to store just about anything, from pillows, blankets, toys, or anything that can make you comfortable in your backyard space.

It is weather-resistant, waterproof, and UV protected for outdoor use. All in all, this versatile deck storage box is a perfect addition to your backyard space.


  • Comes with an internal storage capacity of 37 gallons;
  • Ideal for supplementary outdoor deck or patio storage;
  • Highly durable in build and can accommodate one adult for comfortable seating;
  • Supports weight of maximum 308 lbs.;
  • You can use it as a table or coffee table;
  • Comes with built-in handle;
  • Extremely light in weight which makes it easy to move;
  • Very effortless to assemble since it requires no tools;
  • Zero maintenance required;
  • No need for painting;
  • The storage box does not suffer from dent, rust, warp, or peel.


  • No cons.

Suncast DB12000 Deck Box, 127-Gallon is made up of durable resin material which makes it robust and long-lasting. This deck box is perfect for storing accessory items. The amazing part is the fact that it comes with a special compartment which is appropriate to store small tools.

It comes with a comfortable lid which is perfect to seat two adults. It is very easy to connect the deck. Reason? There is no need for any special tools. It comes in two different colors: light taupe and dark taupe.

The deck is alluring by nature. The lid is a great place to store things on the top if selected. All in all, it is one of the best water resistant deck storage boxes available in the market.


  • Comes with a wide array of storage compartments;
  • Developed with the help of a highly robust resin composite;
  • Provides comfort;
  • It is extremely versatile.


  • The lid is very light by nature;
  • The product is shipped only in the US.

Rubbermaid 2047053 Deck Box, Medium, Sandstone is one of the best products when it comes to garden storage. The amazing part of this deck box is the fact that it is incredibly durable. It is made up of solid construction which makes it extremely difficult to damage or dent.

With this deck box, you get the option to lock which gives you added security. It is possible for you to store the items of approximately 120 gallons or 16 cubic feet. It is even possible for you to use the deck box to seat a maximum of three adults comfortably, albeit once the lid is closed. You can even use it as a table as per your convenience.


  • A lethal combination of outdoor storage and seating in one product;
  • Provides comfortable seating for two adults;
  • Quite effective in storing patio accessories, small lawn supplies, and grilling;
  • Does not rot like wood or metal furniture;
  • Very easy to assemble.


  • No cons.

The Finale

These are the top 5 best waterproof/water resistant deck storage boxes. Before making the purchasing decision on it ensure to check the things we have mentioned in this write-up to get the most of your purchase.

At Comfy Home Corner we are dedicated in providing the best tips and product reviews to assist you with creating a better environment for your home.

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