Top 5 Best Waterproof / Weatherproof Deck Storage Boxes

Best Waterproof Deck Box

Have you ever heard anyone complain because of too much storage? Exactly our thoughts! NO ONE.

Storage is always a plus for homeowners. But storage at the right place just where you needed it to be? Now that’s heaven-sent! We have reviewed five (5) of the best waterproof outdoor storage boxes for you!

Deck boxes come in gazillion sizes, styles, and functions. It is a good hiding spot for all the summer pool toys and pool accessories. Use it to keep things dry and keep your deck neat and clean.

What you don’t want to do is to buy what seemed to be the best waterproof deck storage box only to find out you could have bought a better one for less the price! We’re here to make sure you don’t have a panic attack when you get the best waterproof deck storage box for your home.

Deck Storage BoxSizeMaterialFeatures
Suncast SSW1200 22-Gallon Small Deck Box22 GalPlasticPortable. Easy to Clean. Adds extra seating
Lifetime 60103 80 Gallon Deck Storage Box80 GalPlasticMolded Handles, UVProtected lid and panels
Keter Circa 37 Gallon Round Deck Storage Box37 GalResinRound design
Suncast DB12000 127 Gallon Deck Storage Box127 GalResinLarge capacity
Rubbermaid 2047053 Storage Deck Box75 GaResinExtra seating for 2 adults

Best Waterproof Deck Storage Boxes

Deciding which deck storage box to get is not rocket science. You should not lose a night’s sleep over this.

You only need to ask yourself a couple of questions. Your answers will lead you right to the best waterproof deck storage box for you.

Question 1: The Purpose of the Storage Box

This is the foundation of every element you will look for in the best waterproof deck storage box for you.

Are you going to use the storage box mainly to keep pool accessories dry, like cushions? Will you be storing garden tools and maybe garden fertilizers? Are you going to store heavy tools?
Do you want a storage that works as a table? Or extends to function as a small bed?

Knowing the answers will keep you from heartbreak and will ensure you get the best waterproof deck storage box for your outdoor space.

Question 2: Size of the Storage Box

This is the next key question to consider. Getting the biggest product out there might not be the best waterproof deck storage box for you. You also need to consider the size of the deck or even the overall aesthetics of the deck for you to get the best waterproof deck storage box for your home.

The best step to take is to make a simple sketch of your deck. Measure it out and try to visualize how it is going to fit in your space. Once done, you will have an idea on the maximum size you can fit in your deck.

Another piece of the puzzle is to know which items will go into your storage box. Sometimes, if you can extend a place horizontally, you will be able to add storage vertically. You can get the best waterproof deck storage box for your home this way.

Question 3: The Material of the Storage Box

Some materials tend to be cheaper than others. This is the case in almost all the products we buy/consume.

The components of a storage box go beyond the cost for the buyer. Each material is designed to meet a certain goal. Resin deck boxes and plastic deck boxes are obviously cost less. Plus, they last longer and are resistant to accidental bumps and knocks.

But once you break them, as almost always the case, you have to buy a new unit.

Another option is the wooden deck boxes. These could be the best waterproof deck storage box for you if you are looking for a stronger, more sturdy deck storage box. Wooden deck boxes score the best in aesthetics. They simply look classic on whatever theme you add them to.

However, these benefits come at a cost. They cost more to keep them in style and to maintain their looks. They cost more upfront as well as they priced higher than plastic and resin ones. The only reward is, if you know how to take care of the wooden storage box, they will probably outlast you.

There are different types of wood used for lockable outdoor storage boxes and you have to take note of them. Some woods are easier to maintain compared to other woods.

Your Options: We’ve prepared a list of the best waterproof deck storage boxes for you!

Now that you have a concrete idea of the best waterproof deck storage box for you, you can now go through the list we have prepared for you!

Out of the thousand options out there, we’ve carefully picked the top 5 best waterproof/water resistant deck storage boxes for you! With bonus for large outdoor storage containers.

Best Outdoor Storage Box Reviews

Our first pick for the best outdoor storage box is Suncast’s 22-Gallon Small Deck box.

It is designed to keep your tools, boots, gloves, cushions and other belongings dry and free from mold, mildew and rust. It is the perfect size at 15″L x 15″W x 20″H.

You get super easy access to the tools and other things in your storage with its chest design that has a hinged lid making it easy to open. Its compact design allows you to place it anywhere without it becoming an eye sore and becomes an eye candy whenever you spot it.

You won’t have a problem carrying this around the deck. It is portable and light enough that makes it easy to carry around. You can use it in your deck, bring it to your garage, and place it on your yard.

Because it is made of plastic, you won’t spend a lot of time keeping it clean. It is resistant to rust and fading. It will definitely last years and serve its purpose well.

Plus, this storage can function as an extra seating!

Plus, this storage can function as an extra seating!


  • Compact design
  • Easy access lid design
  • Can function as an extra seat


  • Might be too small for your need

Next on your list of the best deck boxes is the Lifetime 60103 Deck Storage Box.

You have a great space saver with this one! It is made of a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material that is durable enough to stand bumps and knocks. It is also strong enough to be used as a bench.

Rust problems become non-existent due to its rust-resistant stainless-steel components. This product was created to last a lifetime!

With the external dimensions of 39” L x 24” W x 26” H and Internal dimensions of 36” L x 22.5” W x 23.8” H, these 80 gallons of a lockable lid requires almost no effort in its assembly. It is weather-resistant. You can place it on a shaded area or out in the sun.

You can also place this storage on any type of surface within your deck and not worry about the stuff placed inside. Its panels and lid are designed to protect your tools and other things from UV light. Boots, gloves and other materials are ensured to not peel or crack or fade.


  • Great space saver
  • Rust resistant steel components
  • Lockable Lid
  • Panels and lids designed to protect inside from UV-Light


  • You have to buy your own lock

The third on our list of the best weatherproof deck box is the Keter Circa 37 Gallon Round Deck Box.

This multi-function storage box is made out of resin polished to give a natural wood grain look. Its exterior dimension is at 26. 7 inches in diameter and 16. 5 inches in heigh. Internal dimensions are at 23.5 inches in diameter and 15.7 inches in height. It carries up to 37 gallons of internal space.

Because of its resin material, you can depend on its strength and durability. Resin makes it resistant to cracks, peeling, rusting, and even denting that comes from being exposed to the weather.

You can easily use this natural wood look as a table, deck box, ottoman or even as a bench. It can hold up to 308 pounds of load.

You have the perfect piece to store pool and outdoor toys, towels, cushions or even garden tools! Its wooden look won’t give you a hard time finding the perfect place or matching it to your deck or patio’s theme.


  • Great round design
  • Compact and portable
  • Can work as a table


  • Internal space is too small

Our next pick out of our list of the best outdoor storage containers offers to meet all your storage needs!

You have a versatile storage space with its 127 Gallon resin deck storage box. You can easily store your tools, furniture cushions, firewood and your sports equipment.

Its lid is designed to allow water to run off its lid, thus keeping your things dry. It is resistant to any weather damage and its strong resin component assures you of long lasting use.

This 55.1″ x 28.5″ x 27” storage box is definitely a great accent piece to your deck or patio!


  • Huge capacity
  • Can function as a bench
  • Easy to assemble


  • More expensive than the other storage boxes in our list

We’re on the last pick from our waterproof deck storage box review. Our last product to review is the Rubbermaid Medium Resin Storage Deck Box.

Designed to function as a seat and a storage, with Rubbermaid Medium Resin Storage Deck Box, you have the best medium-sized deck/patio storage to store your things.

Made from a resin material, it is constructed with a double wall resin to keep your things safe from weather problems such as leaks and moisture. Double wall also means twice the strength to handle weight loads to seat up to two adults.


  • Can seat two adults easily
  • Enough space to store your things
  • Weatherproof and durable


  • Works pretty well unless you need a bigger storage


Make the most out of the summer by spending time outdoors! We hope you now have a good idea which among our list of the best outdoor deck box is the best for your outdoor space!

If you need a compact design that is portable and easy to move around or some deck boxes with seats, you have the choice between the Suncast 22 Gallons and the Keter Circa 37 Gallons storage box. Remember that Suncast is made of plastic and the Circa is made of resin.

For mid-sized storages, your options are the Lifetime 80 Gallons storage box and the RubberMaid 75 Gallon storage box.

For huge storage needs, the best deck box we suggest is the Suncast 127 Gallon stands tall and strong. This will surely not disappoint.

See you at the poolside!

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