Water Chiller Hydroponics: The Definitive Buying Guide for Gardeners

Water Chiller Hydroponics The Definitive Buying Guide for Gardeners

If you are a fan of hydroponic gardening, you should know that oxygen content in water is extremely critical for healthy growth of plant roots.

You may not want to read this, but here we go….

There are certain people in our country that ignore this major thing while doing hydroponic gardening which results in higher temperature which results in lesser oxygen content and smaller yields.

On top of that, add the equation of ambient temperature of the surroundings and indoor grow lights.

The result?
A rise in water temperature in an indoor growing environment to a level where the oxygen content in the water is extremely poor.

If the plants are grown in soil, the plant roots are always kept in a steady temperature in the most natural way.

On the other hand, when you use hydroponics the heat from the surrounding heat sources conduct into the water.

We all know that water is a good conductor of heat hence, there is a need to use water chillers hydroponics in order to ensure that your plant roots grow in a healthy manner.

In the forthcoming sections of this guide, we have provided everything you would need to grow high-quality plants using water chiller hydroponics.

We promise once you have read this guide, it will become easier for you to apply water chiller hydroponics in your indoor gardening which will result in cultivation of high-quality roots and plants.

Let’s dive in.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Top 7 Hydroponic Water Chillers

Chapter 2


Chapter 3

Water Temperature

Chapter 4

The Top Reasons

Chapter 5

Careful scrutinisation

Chapter 6

Ideas to Maintain Optimal Cooling

Chapter 7

Select the Right Size Water Chiller Hydroponics

At Last

Wrapping Up!

Chapter 1 – Top 7 Hydroponic Water Chillers to Purchase for your Hydroponics System (A List You Should Not Dare to Miss!)

Best Water Chillers to Purchase

It is tough being a hydroponics gardener.

You need to face lots of challenges in terms of getting the plants that you want to grow in your indoor garden.

You may find this difficult to read as a hydroponic gardener…

But, the one challenge that drains you the most is the problem of overheated reservoir.

One way to counter this situation is by getting the best water chillers for your hydroponics system.

This chapter will help you learn about seven of the best water chillers to purchase for your hydroponics system.

Without wasting any more time, let us get started. 

Let’s go through the reviews of each product and select the best product which can give you adequate cooling by providing the highest quality.

JBJ is a renowned brand when comes to producing water chillers.

It provides titanium cover mostly for freshwater as well as fish water.

The product has an outstanding design which looks great when you keep it at home.

Keeping the needs of the customer in mind, the company has a website which has size options, helpful in figuring out the sizes of the water chiller.

Another great news is that the company is providing a 2-year warranty whereas other brands warranty period is limited to 1-year.

As you are buying this product you are in total profit as there are innumerable features with high quality present in this product.

There is a thermostat feature which turns off the cooling when gets the cooling up to a desirable temperature.

Temporary memory check helps to remember the last set temperature when there is a power cut.

How amazing!

It is expensive but when you need a good product you have to expand your budget.

The product is a tad noisy so if you can stay with little noise, definitely buy this product.


  • It is the most trusted brand;
  • Provides customizable size;
  • Given 2-year warranty;
  • There is an online calculator for the customer;
  • Thermostat feature helps in stabilizing the temperature.


  • The customer is complaining about the quality of the product;
  • Since it has many features, the expense is high;
  • It does not have pumps and hose so you have to buy it separately.

The Hamilton technology brings one of the unique designs which works on both the hydroponic system and aquariums so you don’t have to buy two different products for each function.

There are times that the temperature rise high and in order to maintain it, you have to close the machine.

Not anymore!

As this product comes with an anti-freezing system which prevents the freezing effect of the tank.

Because of the anti-freezing feature, there is less cold and it also saves marine species to die due to cold.

The product has an LED display which can let you adjust the temperature as per your requirement.

Anti-freezing temperature also works when you mistakenly lowers the temperature and you move out of your home. 

It will be lesser or the same when you will reach home.

It has a heat exchanger which produce up to 25% BTU watt which is better than any other product of the market.

You will definitely get attracted by the powerful quality of the product which is made up of titanium, making it one of the durable products.

Now, you can save lots of energy with Hamilton technology as it is energy efficient. So there are no excessive light bills.

Here, you will get eco-friendly Dupont ozone refrigerant which removes the ozone particles from the water.

It also has an LCD display which helps in selecting the desired temperature.

It consists of a horsepower which comes in various different sizes.

You can use up to 50-gallon tank for your day-to-day water usage.


  • It is easy to use and set up this machine;
  • Gives a powerful performance;
  • It has many distinct features;
  • Eco-friendly in nature;
  • Consist of a powerful LCD display.


  • A bit expensive;
  • It is noisy.
  • Require extra-cost to buy more features.

IceProbe thermoelectric chiller is one of the best chillers in the market due to its marvelous design and compact size.

It can be used in small aquariums up to the size of ten gallons.

It is powerful in small aquariums but when comes to a huge aquarium, this product is of no use.

The components which are used in this product is of high quality and it is one of the quietest aquariums in comparison to its competitors.

It has thermoelectric cooling technology which keeps adequate cooling in freshwater.

One more factor which attracts the customer is the price of the product which is relatively very less.

It does not provide cooling more than 80F so when you have a huge aquarium, you have to go for coolers from other brands.

There is no temperature controller to stabilize the temperature as per your needs.


  • It is a budget-friendly product;
  • The chiller comes in a compact size;
  • It is not at all noisy;
  • There is no need for a water pump.


  • Only suitable for small aquariums;
  • The design is not up to the mark;
  • An absence of temperature controller.

Active aqua chillers are popular among hydroponic growers as well as commercial production.

The product is eco-friendly, not harming the nature and on top of that giving good care to the species living in the water.

You can also check the temperature, as this product comes with an LED display.

It also consists of a temperature control system which turns off the fan after the machine reaches the desired temperature.

There are tubing sizes available as per the size of your chiller.

It has various sizes from 1/10hp to 1hp so you can store water up to 250 gallons.

It has a powerful microcomputer control system which is convenient to make the set up really easy.

The reviews of this product are different for every individual.

Some people appreciated the quality and others found many faults in the product.


  • Comes with large refrigeration capacity;
  • It has anti-corrosive titanium design;
  • It is freon-free;
  • User-friendly compact model;
  • It is budget friendly;
  • Provides large refrigeration capacity to use in the huge water system.


  • It has a leakage problem;
  • Some products have sensor problems;
  • No customer support available for this product;
  • Tubbing seems fragile;
  • Unavailability of water pump and hose.

Happybuy comes with a lot of different features to ease the work to cool down the aquarium water and the fresh water.

This model is efficient to save energy so you can expect minimal electricity bill. It also consists of a microcomputer and semiconductor, which does the cooling in less time.

It has a huge LCD screen, LED lights so that you can know the temperature and balance it as per your requirement.

Furthermore, it has intelligent temperature control which is required to stabilize the temperature.

You can adjust, start, and stop the temperature as per your cooling needs.

It has aluminum alloy evaporator which increases the durability of the product.

The best part: It is anti-corrosion so it can survive for a longer duration. 

This model is silent in comparison to other manufacturer’s product.

It has amazing heat depletion design suitable for all types of tanks.


  • Heat depletion design;
  • It is one of the durable products;
  • Have Intelligent temperature control feature;
  • Suitable for all types of tanks;
  • Minimal electricity bill.


  • Temperature change is not efficient;
  • The pump is compact in size;
  • Poor customer service.

Coralife is a top rated company that sells aquarium chillers but they have now catered to hydroponic environments too.

What makes them different from their competitors? Their online customer rating is better than Active Aqua.

On top of that, their water chiller provides accurate temperature control with quality construction and durability.

It also has an added air filter that keeps the contaminants away and ensures high efficiency and longevity to the motor.

The air filter can be easily removed for cleaning.

It is easy to install this product and also there is nothing much to do when comes to the maintenance of the product.

The only negative point of this brand is that it does not come with a water pump or tubing and is more expensive compared to other brands.


  • Most trusted brand in aquarium water chillers;
  • The quality of the product is high;
  • Provides accurate temperature controls;
  • It has great customer reviews.


  • Do not have a water pump and tubing;
  • It is more expensive than its fellow brands.

This brand again one of the most popular amongst hydroponic gardeners and aquarium owners.

The product comes with an LCD display and a reliable compressor that optimizes energy efficiency.

Where they need to improve: The only loophole is that these water chiller hydroponics do not come with pumps or tubings so you need to get a simple 100 GPH water pump to run the chiller effectively.

Amazing feature: Anti-corrosive feature increases the durability of the product.

It has a pure titanium heat exchanger which absorbs the heat and gives a cooling effect to the machine.

Its internal memory remembers the last temperature settings and will reset the same temperature after a power cut.

This machine can fill up to 132 gallons of water.


  • Easy to install;
  • Powerful internal memory;
  • Consist of the titanium heat exchanger.


  • It is quite noisy;
  • Not effective thermostat.

As you have the right information to select the right size water chiller hydroponics for your indoor garden. In the next chapter we will focus on best water chillers to purchase for your hydroponics system.

Chapter 2 – Water Chiller Hydroponics – Fundamentals (The First Pillar to Success)

Water Chiller Hydroponics
Want to keep your indoor plants healthy while adopting hydroponic gardening techniques?

If yes; try water chiller hydroponics.

Now: You might be wondering: What is water chiller hydroponics and how does it help in keeping your indoor plants healthy?

Read this chapter to get an answer.

People were using aquarium water chillers earlier to stabilise the water temperatures and provide an optimal environment for aquatic life living in these chillers.

Today, hydroponic gardeners like you are using water chiller as an effective way to keep a check on the reservoir’s temperature.

Wish to learn more about water chiller hydroponics? It assists in keeping the temperature of the environment stable which ensures that the plants and roots you are growing can take the advantage of oxygen-rich, consistent nutrient temperatures.

It has mostly been observed that water chiller hydroponics cost you a few extra dollars but this is the best option available in summer months when the outside temperatures rise.

There are two types of water chillers available for hydroponics:

  1. Refrigeration unit
  2. Solid-state thermoelectric cooling system

Let us look at each of these types in details:

Refrigeration Unit which Helps in Cooling the Roots of the Plants for Healthy Growth

Did you know?

Refrigeration unit works with the help of a water pump which is located inside the reservoir.

The pump transmits the nutrient solution with the aid of tubing to the unit, where the liquid is refrigerated through cooling coils before being recirculated back into the reservoir.

Solid-state Thermoelectric Cooling System which chills the liquid by getting rid of heat and radiating it away with the help of a low-speed fan

We will tell you the complete truth about water chiller hydroponics. This type of water chiller hydroponics is best for small reservoirs.

It has a probe that is thrusted into the reservoir, leading to chilling of the liquid by getting rid of heat and radiating it away with the aid of a low-speed fan.

Now, that you have gained basic information about water chiller hydroponics it is time to look at the next chapter which discusses about the ideal temperature required by plants to grow healthy with the help of water chiller hydroponics.

Chapter 3 – The Ideal Water Temperature Required by Plants to Grow Healthy with the Help of Hydroponics (Your Driveway to Successful Indoor Gardening)

The Ideal Water Temperature Required
Do you want your indoor plants to grow in a healthy manner?
Are you worried that the summer heat will have a negative effect on your indoor plants?

If your answer to these questions is yes; we have a solution for you.

Continue figuring out new things about water chiller hydroponics: With the help of water chiller hydroponics it becomes easier to maintain the ideal water temperature to grow healthy indoor plants.

But, for that you will have to get to learn about the ideal temperature required by indoor plants to grow healthy.

The reason being, if you are unsure it can have negative effects on your entire indoor gardening.

So, without much ado let us concentrate on understanding the concept of ideal temperature for flourishment of your indoor plants.

There is no single temperature that can be considered best for growing indoor plants using hydroponics.

It depends on the root zones of different plants.

There are certain tropical plants that prefer warm temperature.

The best thing to do is to keep the nutrition solution to a level that works best for the indoor plant you are growing.

If you are a beginner in hydroponics, start with a range between 20-22 degrees Celsius. This temperature is ideal for growing lettuce and other leafy greens.

But, there are certain hydroponics experts who propagate temperature up to a maximum of 24 degrees Celsius or even a bit higher to cater to the needs of wide variety of plants.

Remember, straying outside the temperature outside the temperature range will not completely destroy the indoor plants. But, it may harm them in the long-term.

The basic learning that you can get from this is: Never allow your indoor temperature to go below 16 degrees Celsius or above 27 degrees Celsius to achieve positive plant growth through indoor gardening.

Now, that you are aware of the ideal water temperature to grow indoor plants using hydroponics the next chapter will cover the top reasons that makes water chiller hydroponics a bumper reward for indoor gardeners.

Chapter 4 – The Top Reasons That Make Water Chiller Hydroponics A Bumper Reward for Indoor Gardeners (An Instant Gratification!)

Water Chiller Hydroponics A Bumper Reward for Indoor Gardeners
Have you ever wondered what makes water chiller hydroponics a major necessity for indoor gardening?

If your answer is no and you would like to learn about it, this chapter will give you all the relevant reasons that make water chiller hydroponics a bumper reward for gardeners like you.

So, without much ado let us get started.

  • In hydroponics it is extremely critical to avoid high water temperatures. This makes it extremely important to opt for a water chiller for DWC systems because they tend to heat up quicker than systems that circulate the nutrient solution.
  • In case you are using a drain and flood system, it is important to chill not only water but also air in order to maintain healthy root temperatures.
  • Water chiller hydroponics is extremely important especially in summer seasons where your reservoirs are small as smaller volumes of water dry up quickly than larger volumes.

Continue learning more about water chiller hydroponics: If you get a water chiller hydroponics it will benefit a lot in your indoor gardening and ensure that the roots of your plants get enough oxygen to grow healthy.

In the next chapter we will cover the positive and negative points of water chiller hydroponics.

Chapter 5 – Careful scrutinisation of positive and negative points before getting a Water Chiller Hydroponics for your Indoor Garden

 scrutinisation of positive and negative points

Do you want to know the various pros and cons associated in getting a water chiller hydroponics for your indoor garden?

If yes; then this particular chapter will help you get a fair idea about it. This will ultimately make you sure of whether you need to opt for a water chiller hydroponics for your indoor garden or not.

Let’s get started.

Positive Points Associated with Water Chiller Hydroponics: A Positive Way to Look Ahead for your Indoor Gardening

Water chiller hydroponics can hold high level of dissolved oxygen quantity which ensures healthy growth and high nutrient intake by the indoor plants

Since the water chiller hydroponics provide a cooler temperature it helps in generating high level of dissolved oxygen quantity ultimately resulting in healthy growth and high nutrient intake by the indoor plants.

Water chiller hydroponics ensures that your plants are protected from the harmful effects of dangerous pathogens

The positive thing?

Due to the cooling effects of the water chiller hydroponics, dangerous pathogens that deter cold environment cannot pose any threat to your indoor plants.

Water chiller hydroponics absorbs and cools the heat generated in the surrounding environment which helps in regulating an ideal temperature for the plants to grow indoors

Water chiller hydroponics is renowned for absorbing and cooling the heat generated in the surrounding environment which ensures that the indoor plants get an ideal temperature to grow in a healthy manner.

Negative Points That Showcase Some Loopholes with the Water Chiller Hydroponics : A Careful Scrutinisation

Water chiller hydroponics are prone to heating which makes it important to create a custom duct to exhaust the heat in the surrounding environment to ensure healthy indoor plant growth

Like all operational equipments, water chiller hydroponics create heat. Here’s the deal: Due to this reason, it is important to place them just outside the grow room or creating a customised duct to exhaust the heat in the surrounding environment.

Water chiller hydroponics require a minimal investment to get started with indoor gardening

Water chiller hydroponics are available today in the market at a reasonable price. But, still you are required to make an investment.

The hard part: Sometimes it becomes very difficult as a gardener to justify the additional operational expenses incurred to maintain the equipment.

Water chiller hydroponics create noise which gets magnified when placed outside the grow rooms

It has generally been observed that the equipments that gardeners use create noise and vibration.

The hard truth: Water chiller hydroponics is no different.

Their voice gets magnified when placed outside the grow rooms so always be careful where you are using them in your house.

Now, that you are aware about the positive and negative things associated with water chiller hydroponics in the upcoming chapter we will look at the breakthrough ideas to maintain optimal cooling temperatures to grow strong hydroponics plant roots.

Chapter 6 – Breakthrough Ideas to Maintain Optimal Cooling Temperatures to Grow Strong Hydroponic Plant Roots (Must Read)

 Breakthrough Ideas to Maintain Optimal Cooling Temperatures
There are various options available to you when it comes to maintaining optimal cooling temperatures of indoor plants.

These options can be used in conjunction with the water chiller hydroponics.

So, let us get started.

Select a reservoir that meets the needs of your indoor plants

You need to choose a large reservoir that can help you get enough coverage for your indoor plants.

Be always on the watch: Always opt for a light-coloured reservoir.

You can alternatively spray white paint to reflect the heat.

The reservoir needs to be placed in a shady location where there is no direct sunlight

Keep the reservoir in a shady location.

You can even select a tent that has aluminium foil or cardboard.

The interesting thing that you should know: In case the room temperature is high, consider keeping the reservoir outside the room in such a way that there is a larger diameter tubing that helps in increasing the flow rate.

In case your hydroponic garden is outside, dig a hole and place the reservoir in the ground.

Insulate the reservoir to preserve the coolness effect in the indoor plants

Get a specially designed hydroponic nutrient solution reservoir, a large picnic cooler or an insulated container made up of food-grade material.

By insulating the reservoir it is possible for you to preserve the coolness effect in the indoor plants.

Use other methods to cool down the reservoir and ensure good growth of indoor plants

Keep frozen ice or other containers filled with ice in your reservoir and swap them out as soon as they melt. This way your nutrition solution will cool down without diluting.

The positive aspect?

You can also use swamp coolers to lower water temperature.

Now that you have grown through these ideas it is time to look at the criteria to select the right size water chiller hydroponics in the next chapter.

Chapter 7 – Factors Helping You To Select the Right Size Water Chiller Hydroponics for your Indoor Garden (Do Not Miss This At Any Cost!)

Right Size

The major function of a water chiller hydroponics is to cool down the environment to such a temperature that the plants get enough oxygen intake to grow in a healthy manner.

So, if you are wondering what are the factors that will help you to select the right size water chiller hydroponics for your indoor garden this chapter will put all your doubts to rest.

First of all, note that the size of your water chiller hydroponics will depend on how large is your reservoir, how hot is your grow room or garden gates.

You also need to look at the optimal water temperature needed to maintain your reservoir.

Continue learning about water chiller hydroponics: Alternatively, you can look up at the seller’s manual and check for the maximum water capacity for each unit.

The other information that will be key is the ambient temperature to which the water gets chilled and the volume of water that gets chilled.

You can also check the ratings of the water chiller hydroponics to determine which size is best according to your indoor gardening requirements.

Look for the horsepower (HP) unit listed for the water chiller hydroponics and you will be able to find your best size!

Now: that you have learned so much about water chiller hydroponics through this go-to guidebook it is time to implement the things.

Wrapping Up!

We hope you had a great time reading our water chiller hydroponics guidebook.

If you need any further information on water chiller hydroponics contact us today and we will be glad to assist you with your specific indoor gardening needs.

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