Top 8 Things to Consider When Buying a TV Stand for Your Living Room

TV is a necessity for every household. It is the best source of entertainment and brings the whole family together to spend some quality time. However, you require a TV stand to safely place the television in your living room. You can easily find a collection of sleek and convenient TV stands, but you may need to consider the following essential things to make the most of your purchase:

Evaluate Your Needs

First and foremost, you are required to figure out what you are looking for and why you are looking for. It is imperative on your end to analyze the needs so that you invest in the right TV stand. It is a basic step in selecting the TV stand that can best serve your future needs. This can also help you sort out what can work well for your TV set.

If you are wondering how to correctly evaluate your needs before buying a TV stand, then you must ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the size of your TV?
  • How big is your room?
  • What is the layout of your room?
  • Where do you intend to place a TV stand?
  • What are your personal preferences when it comes to a TV stand?
  • What styles and designs are currently trending in the market?
  • And would you like to have extra or special features with a TV stand?

Taking full consideration of your needs related to a TV stand is ideal to buy the right stand at the right price tag.

Measure the Size of Your TV

When it comes to investing in a TV stand, you should correctly measure your TV set beforehand. This is needed so that you don’t end up wasting your money on a stand that cannot fit or support your TV. Besides, you must be extra careful while measuring your television. It is because you cannot measure the width of a TV set in the same manner you do with other household items.

The accurate way to measure the size is by determining the width from one corner diagonally to the opposite corner. Usually, TV stands consider the traditional width and height measurements along with the frame. Therefore, you may have to break out the tape measure, and then check how much space your TV demands to pick the right stand.

If you didn’t measure the size of your television, you would end up buying a frame that is unreasonably small or large for your TV, despite the type and style of a stand.

Consider the Usage of Your TV Set

Up next, you are required to consider how you normally use your TV. Understandably, different TV watchers use TV sets for different reasons. For instance, some of us like to plan a movie night every weekend at home. Some of us gather to watch the big football championship game. Some gang up every Sunday morning to play FIFA. Contrarily, some people rarely use their TV sets. Thus, it is essential to understand the average usage of your television.

Precisely, the estimated household use of a TV has a direct impact on the purchase of a stand. For instance, you would like to invest in a TV stand that has enough storage room to keep cables and other stuff if you are fond of video games or have an enormous collection of DVD movies, VHS tapes, etc. Similarly, if you like to watch YouTube videos on a big screen, then you would want to buy a TV stand that can ease the work of smart TV. It means the stand can easily fit in the Wi-Fi router and the power cord.

Complement the Room Layout

There are multiple types of TV stands available online and in stores. Some common types include corner stands, entertainment centers, and TV hutches.

However, you would want to select a TV stand style that can best fit with your living room layout and instantly enhance the overall interior. It doesn’t matter if you go for a modern TV stand, customary TV stand, bohemian TV stand, or an utterly classic appearance TV stand. The core ideology behind your choice is that it can bring the whole room together.

If you are struggling with a small-sized or irregular shaped room, you don’t have to sacrifice on the style and size of your dream TV. You can pick a swivel TV stand that can save adequate space in a room and offer you an optimal viewing angle. Plus, you can easily line up your seating. If you are looking to fit a big display in a compact spot, then go for a corner stand. However, if you desire more effortless movement and entertaining seating, then pick a wall-mount TV stand.

Visit Loft Design Company for modern design, comfortable viewing height, appropriate size, long-lasting material, richly-styled, and affordable TV stand. In the end, whatever you choose, make sure it can go well with your room structure and interior.

Pick the Right Material

In the modern era, you can find a number of elegant designs of TV stands, depending on the material. Wood, metal, glass, medium-density fiberboard, and particle board are common materials that are used to make TV stands. However, when you are buying a TV stand for your living room, you should pick the right material that can guarantee durability and reliability. You can consider a TV stand that is made of wood, metal, or veneered plywood, as these materials are known to be long-lasting.

Wood stands are moderately heavy and can offer great support when your kids or pets are running around living space. Similarly, a metal TV stand ensures better reinforcement. But, you might have to spend a lot of time cleaning and maintaining it. You can even opt for a beautiful glass unit TV stand if you have a low-traffic household. Moreover, if you are looking for a cost-effective option, then consider a particle board and medium-density fiberboard. These are suitable alternatives for wood and promise strong support for daily use. It is sensible on your end to select the TV stand material, depending on your budget, preferences, and requirements.

Look for Additional Features

When you are buying a TV stand, it is best that you opt for a design that has to offer extra features. Generally, these features include glass doors, shelves, and drawers. These additional features are required in a TV stand so that you can conveniently put all the necessary devices that are needed to be close to your TV—for instance, speakers, DVD player, PlayStation, etc.

Additional features allow you to beautifully fit the whole media library in a single stand. You wouldn’t have to invest in added stands, tables, and shelves. You can easily use adjustable shelves in your TV stand to put different items in an order. Moreover, glass doors and drawers come in handy to store or hide other stuff like a clutter of cables, chargers, magazines, controllers, and multiple electronics. Therefore, you must choose a TV stand with closed cabinets, open shelving, and considerable drawers.

Size of the Stand

One thing you must understand that size matters a lot because it is ultimately going to set the entire look for your living space. The size of a TV stand can help you evaluate if the size of your television fits well with the stand. It ensures both safety and aesthetics.

In the contemporary era, the size of the flat screen is quite heavy as compared to old-fashioned box style models of TV. The modern-day models required more support for delicate screens. Thus, it is important to carefully check on the size of a TV stand.

You can easily find a number of shapes and sizes of a TV stand. If television is a part of your daily leisure routine, and you love to play video games or watch seasons, then you must invest in a full-fledged TV stand that can work well to fit other entertainment devices. This way, you can surely place gadgets at a single storage space. On the other hand, if you don’t want that a TV stand dominates your entire living space, then you must look for a hutch style piece with sufficient storage space. The size of this TV stand rises typically 40 to 50 inches off of the floor.

Make sure that you invest in a TV stand that exceeds the width of your TV set by at least 2 to 5 inches. This can guarantee that the size of the stand is in accurate proportion to the TV, and there are fewer chances that it will fall off.

Placement of the Stand

Before buying a TV stand, you must have a clear head on where you do like to place it in your living room. If you have purchased a stand without knowing its proper placement space, then it would be challenging for you to decide on the area where a stand will look appropriate and beautiful.

However, it is highly recommended to thoroughly inspect your living room. Then, find out which is the ideal place to accommodate your TV stand. It is wise on your end to opt for a compact stand if you have restricted living space. It is not reasonable to put massive stands and place big screens in small rooms. This can strain your eyes, shoulders, and head for continuously watching the TV from the same angle. On the other hand, if you have a large living room, then it is best to invest in big screens, and large TV stands to beautifully fill the available space, complement the furniture, and enhance the overall home décor.

Therefore, it is crucial to carefully weigh your options when it comes to placement of a TV stand. Your buying decision is going to be based on this point and along with other factors mentioned above.