The necessity of caster wheels for your furniture

People all over the world only think that caster wheels are for bookshelves and home entertainment centers. They dot seem to know that they can make even their couches, chairs and many other objects in their homes mobile.

There are many reasons why you will need to put a caster, a small assembly with a wheel at the bottom of the furniture. It is not just to help the furniture move easily, but you will also be able to spend less energy and move the items easily and quickly from one point to another. This post looks at why it is necessary to have caster wheels on your furniture.

Why should you consider adding casters to your furniture?

There are several reasons why choosing to put casters on your furniture is a good decision. Below are some of them;

To easily move furniture from one point to another

If you are the type of person that likes to rearrange his or her house from time to time, then you know the difficulty of moving the furniture around. This is especially true if you have very heavy furniture in your home. Moving the furniture alone can be quite hectic, as you will be moving from one corner to another, and if it doesn’t fit there, you have to move it again. And it is not just when rearranging the house, as you will have to move them even during cleaning. This will allow easy maneuver of vacuum cleaner when cleaning the floor.

In such cases where the furniture is heavy, and you are all alone, having caster wheels on the furniture will do you greater good. You will be able to push the furniture from one corner to another with a lot of ease, as they will be moving easily.

It is good to note that when you have furniture with caster wheals in your home, you can get helps to rearrange them from anyone, whether the young children around or even the elderly.

Unlike having furniture without these wheels where it becomes too heavy for the young and elderly to provide any help, they will be glad to be part of rearranging the house. It is easier to simply push or pull the furniture for anyone, irrespective of age.

You can avoid scratching your floor when moving furniture

We all agree that every time you move furniture from one area to another in your house can easily scratch the floor of the house. This is especially true if your house has a hardwood or linoleum floor. To protect your floor from scratches, you can put casters for furniture hardwood floors to protect your house.

And while many people think only know one or two types of caster wheel for furniture, which might either be expensive or do not meet their taste, the truth is there are various types from which to choose from. You can choose caster wheels made of softer treads if your floor is made of tile or hardwood.

But it is also important for us to know that each floor type is best suited for a particular type of caster wheels. If yours is made of hardwood, then choosing caster wheels made of hard treads will be most ideal. But if your floor is made of soft treads, having caster wheels with softer treads will be more ideal.

But come to think of it, if you choose the wrong cater wheel for your hardwood floor, then it means you will also have to shop vac for woodworking. This will enable you to clean the floor with ease. All in all, you have got no option but to buy high-quality caster wheels for your furniture.

Caster wheels can help add a modern touch to your furniture

Caster wheels come not just in one form, but a variety of them. You will be able to get these assemblies in different shapes, colors as well as designs. As a furniture owner, you can easily enhance the touch of your furniture by buying caster wheels that have the best design and shape.

Note that you don’t need the wheels to be fitted at any workshop. All you need is to spend a little time and fit them by yourself. You will be able to add a quality touch to your dining room by having these wheels fitted on the dining chairs. Your family shall then enjoy rolling back and forth across the table during meal times. Also, you will notice that as they sit on these chairs, they will insert little pressure on the floor, which makes the floor last longer.

Things to consider when buying caster wheels

As we have already mentioned, the market has all sorts of caster wheels for furniture. And for this reason, one needs to know how to select those caster wheels that best suits his furniture. Remember that when you know what you want the caster wheels to do for you will help you know which ones to put your money in. Below are some tips to help you select the best caster wheels for your furniture;

Maximum capacity of your furniture

The very first thing to consider when buying caster wheels for your furniture is the weight of the furniture. Usually, the caster wheel is categorized as either light-duty, medium-duty, or heavy-duty. Light-duty can comfortably carry furniture of up to 500 pounds, making them suitable for your furniture needs. But if you have furniture that exceeds 500 pounds, then you might have to think of buying medium-duty caster wheels. The medium-duty caster wheels are designed to handle up to 1500 pounds of load.

Knowing the amount of weight that will be loaded on the wheels is critical, as when overloaded, the caster wheels will hardly love. At the same time, when overloaded, the caster wheel can be damaged, reducing their efficiency in moving around the furniture.
Type of floor that you have

The type of caster wheels you buy for your furniture will depend on the type of floor you have. It is vital to know that different caster wheels are designed for particular floors. Thus choosing a caster wheel to be used on one type of floor, which is not meant for that floor greatly reduces the efficiency of that floor.

Carpeted floors, for example, will do much better with casters made of steel, hard rubber or synthetic. These will easily move on the carpet without causing any form of damage to it. Hard rubber or polyurethane casters are best for concrete floors.

Diameter and tread width of the caster wheel

Buying casters of proper diameter and tread width is key if you want an efficient caster wheel. This is because these two will greatly influence the load capacity as well as the mobility of the furniture. Larger wheels can easily roll around, thus making moving furniture from one point to another an easier affair.

But you also have to remember that bigger wheels are hardly stable, they will be moving from one point to another even without pushing them. For this reason, it is reasonable to buy small caster wheels for furniture so that your dining chairs can be stable, especially when in use. And even as you consider smaller wheels for stability, you must remember that very small wheels mean less weight to be supported.

The correct mounting type

Sometimes you might be buying casters to replace the worn-out ones on your furniture. In situations like this, you need to ensure that you buy casters who are mounting will be the same as those on the previous casters on your furniture.

In cases where you are buying casters for your furniture for the first time, then you have to be keen on how they will be mounted. Mounting the caster wrongly will mean less efficiency when it come3s to mobility, and can easily get damaged even before you get value for your money.


Mounting caster on furniture has become the trend for many homes all over the world, thanks to what these wheels can do. Unlike before the invention of these wheels for furniture, people are now able to do various tasks within their houses without having to disturb one another to help in moving them from one corner to another. And even in the dining room, one can easily move from one corner of the table to another to pick whatever he wants, let alone adjusting to sit comfortably at the table.

And casters are not just for home; they are widely used in offices and even in courtrooms. They have made everything easy, moving from one point to another has become a one-minute thing. By reading this post, you have just enlightened yourself about the importance as well as the things you need to know when buying caster wheels.


Q: What are casters on furniture?

A: Casters on furniture are simply wheels devices that are mounted on furniture to enable easy movement of the furniture on which they have been mounted.

Q: How much weight can a caster hold?

A: The weight that a caster can hold depends on various factors. There are various types of casters, and each of these is designed to handle a specific weight. Light-duty casters can handle furniture of up to 500 pounds. This is typically the weight of normal furniture in our homes and offices. The medium-duty caster can handle weight of up to 1500 pounds. If you have relatively heavy furniture, then you need to go for this type of caster wheels. With heavy duty caster furniture casters, you can be able to move much heavier furniture from one point to another.

In general, the weight that can be supported by casters depends on among other things the diameter as well as treads of the caster wheels.

Q: Can I add casters to any chair?

A: While casters are designed to be fitted to any chair, you will notice that office chairs, couches, and dining chairs are the best for these wheels. But there is no hindrance for you to fit these wheels on chairs in your home. One can add casters to any chair whose legs have been built sturdy enough to support them.

Q: How do you attach casters to furniture?

A: For you attach casters to a chair, follow the steps outlined below;

Step 1: You first have to turn the chair you want to mount caster wheels upside down. Ensure that the chair is braced on a sturdy thing so that all the four legs are upside down and flat with each other.

Step 2: Mark the center of each leg using a quick square. Then you have to drill a hole at the center of each leger, ensuring the same depth of the hole for all the legs.

Step 3: Wrap masking tape around the bit at a distance from the tip equal to the depth of each hole. Then blow dust out of the hole. Ensure that you do not force the drill, as this can make the hole to be deeper than others.

Step 4: Put the spindle sleeve into the hole. Use a small hammer to tap the bottom slowly. Repeat this for all other legs.

Step 5: The final thing is to set the caster in the spindle and lock it in place. Then attach them with a nut at the bottom of the axle.

Q: How do you remove old casters?

A: Whether you want to remove antique furniture casters or any other kind of casters, the procedure is more or less the same. You have to place the tip of a screwdriver between the caster and the furniture, then slowly twist the screwdriver until the stem of the caster begins to withdraw from the leg. This should continue until ½-inch of s exposed. You can now use channel locks to pull the caster wheels easily. If your casters are hard to remove, then you can apply some lubricants on them to soften them. Just spray the lubricant directly to the stem then give it time to sink. Wait for a few minutes before you start removing t. You can also pull it using a pair of pliers.