The Biggest Home Tech Trends of 2020

Home tech has been a huge trend for many years, with no signs of slowing down any time soon. Ever since the introduction of devices such as Amazon’s Alexa, people have started to recognise the appeal of technology as a way to simplify home life. While voice-controlled devices are still a major home tech trend that has continued into 2020, many people are seeking new and even more innovative ways to incorporate the use of technology into their homes.

With many of us spending a lot more time at home due to lockdown restrictions led by the Coronavirus pandemic, more and more people are utilising home tech trends. If you’re wondering what exciting home tech developments to expect during 2020, take a look at this guide to some of the biggest tech trends of the year.

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Smart Furniture

Ever wanted a coffee table that plays music or a chair which changes shape? With the help of smart furniture technology, you can introduce weird and wonderful uses of everyday furniture pieces into your home. Smart furniture is a relatively new concept which is set to take off in 2020.

Some of the most notable items include the movement responsive sofa system by Immersit, which allows your sofa to move in response to video games and movies, making the experience a lot more interactive. Another popular piece is the Nuvia Bluetooth Speaker Futon. This guest bed features a comfortable design along with two concealed Bluetooth speakers. Perhaps most impressive of all, the Smart Sleep Nightstand by Curvilux actually improves sleep quality and wellbeing by simulating the sunrise each morning, helping owners wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Smart Kitchens

Smart kitchens have been rising in popularity over recent years, and in 2020, certain smart kitchen appliances are said to become even more popular. One particular device that was named one of the best kitchen tech products of 2020 by PC Mag is the Tovala Steam Oven. This smart oven allows the user to cook food in a range of ways, being able to choose between steaming, baking or broiling by controlling the app and using QR codes. Larger appliances like refrigerators and ovens are also being developed to become larger and include more features.

While smart refrigerators and ovens are notoriously pricey, 2020 has also welcomed the arrival of some more affordable kitchen tech appliances. The Smart 12-Cup Coffee Maker by Hamilton Beach, for instance, is available to purchase for less than $100 and allows users to brew their morning coffee with voice commands. If having your coffee ready and waiting for you without even having to get up out of bed sounds like a dream, this is the tech gadget for you!

Other more affordable kitchen appliances include automatic pan stirrers, which will stir your food for a set length of time while you sit back and relax. Perhaps the most perfect tool of all right now is the Otto Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser, which disperses soap through a sensor. We all know that washing our hands is one of the best ways to limit the spread of Coronavirus, and so ridding the need to touch the soap dispenser makes the process a lot easier. While not the most advanced piece of home tech compared to some other huge devices, automatic soap dispensers like these are certainly fitting for 2020.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is another home tech trend which has been around for a number of years, with many property experts like UK-based RWinvest utilising smart lighting within many of their buy to let apartments. Not only does smart lighting offer more ease of use in the home, but they’re also more eco-friendly due to limiting energy use/waste.

For 2020, expect to see an even more eco-conscious focus for smart lighting, with lighting that has been upcycled from organic products and waste materials. As for the style of smart lighting for 2020, trends are looking towards more geometric, architectural shapes, such as the Nanoleaf shapes listed in the Independent’s smart lighting guide. This lighting choice features contemporary colourful shapes which can be customised to create a design of your choice. They also feature mood lighting, touch-enabled experiences and a music visualiser for forward-thinking lighting.

In-Home Smart Healthcare

2020 has had a huge focus on health, and more and more people are becoming more conscious of their physical and mental wellbeing following the Coronavirus outbreak. As a result, in-home smart healthcare is set to be one of the years biggest home tech trends. In-home healthcare technology aims to limit contact with healthcare professionals and reduce some of the strain put on hospitals or healthcare surgeries.

Devices which allow people to connect with their doctor remotely, and enable alerts to be sent to carers when an elderly person falls are likely to grow more prevalent throughout 2020 and beyond, as we adapt to a ‘new normal’. Some devices may even be used to help diagnose people of certain conditions or illnesses.

The current Apple smartwatch, for instance, can perform an ECG check on users and monitor for irregular heartbeat patterns. Tytohome is another gadget which can be used to perform a self-check due to its ability to measure temperature and examine the throat and ears. This device even includes a stethoscope which allows users to check their lungs, heart and abdomen following any unusual symptoms. Those who are particularly at risk from developing Covid-19 will benefit from this type of technology the most due to the ability to limit certain unnecessary contact with their doctor or avoid hospital settings.

Robot Companions

Many years ago, it was common that when asked what they believed the future would look like, people would see robots and technological advancements becoming the norm. While 2020 may seem a little early (and potentially scary!) to be introducing robots into the home, recent inventions such as robotic lawnmowers and vacuum cleaners have normalised use of robots and led to the development of new devices.

One of the ways that robots are now being used within the home is for the purpose of companionship. Those who live alone, such as the elderly, can benefit from a robot companion who can provide them with important information and even cook and clean. This has led to an exploration of how robots can be utilised within the home, and while we may not be able to purchase such advanced robotic assistants just yet, this remains a huge trend for 2020. Until then, expect to continue seeing sales of robot vacuum cleaners continue to grow, despite their hefty price tags.

Smart Security

We all want to feel safe and secure in our own homes, which is why smart security is another home tech trend that’s set to continue thriving throughout 2020. Smart home security operates as outdoor or indoor security cameras allowing homeowners to monitor and record any potential trespassers or break-ins. What sets smart security cameras apart from regular security cameras is the fact that users can view camera footage from their smartphone, which offers the perfect way to check in on the home while out and about.

2020 will see the release of new smart home security trends in the form of smart locks. Smart locks are used to allow people to enter their home by using just their smartphone, eliminating any need for a key. One handy feature of smart locks is that users can give other people access to their home by sending a virtual key. Smart keys also log access and can provide information on the length of time a visitor has been in your home. This kind of technology is perfect for those who require outside guests coming into their home, such as babysitters or dog walkers, without the need to get numerous keys cut. Using smart locks in the home can also be safer for those who are often misplacing their keys, and eliminates the need to get locks changed if a key is lost or stolen.

Smart Heating

Heating systems have evolved massively in recent years thanks to new advanced and sophisticated technology which makes controlling your home’s temperature a lot more efficient.

This year has welcomed the arrival of a number of new smart heating products which are being used to simplify home life. The Google Nest home heating system remains one of the most popular and affordable options on the market, and its latest model, the 3rd Generation Nest Learning Thermostat, includes the typical feature of WiFi to allow users to remotely control the temperature of their home while also offering a larger display and extra sensors. Many of the latest smart heating appliances are also compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit, which allows users to give voice commands for their heating rather than turning it on manually.

What smart home tech trends are you planning to incorporate into your home for 2020? We’d love to find out! Let us know in the comments below.