The Best Home Security Systems for 2020

When it comes to the security of your family and house, procuring the best home security system should be non-negotiable. Even if you are a resident of the safest country in the world, Switzerland, you are not safe. Statistics show that as many as 170 burglaries happen every single day in Switzerland. What’s even more alarming is the investigation of Swiss Police Crime Statistics which indicates that burglars were successful in breaking 90% of the safes installed in the houses. These horrifying statistics beg the urgency to give precedence to home security systems because, if even the safest country in the world is being victimized by these many home burglaries in a single day, the statistics of your country will definitely be frightening.

This is not the time to slump into the dilemma but to take action and ensure complete security for your home. This is the time to reap the benefits of technological advancements and comprehend a modernized security system. Research has found that homes that have a good security system installed are significantly less prone to burglary. These security systems save you from the burglaries in two ways. First, it has been found that burglars are reluctant to target homes with smart security systems. Second, even if the burglars are determined, the security system will ensure tremendous struggle for them to break into the house. This further leads to greater time consumption for the burglars which gives more time to the authorities to arrive at your doorstep.

Benefits of a home security system

Benefits of security system

These two benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. There are a plethora of benefits that a home security system offers apart from the protection against burglary. For instance, home systems that are equipped with heat sensors safeguard your home against fire. They can also come in handy to manage electricity usage and their installation lowers the premium of home insurance. Modern home security solutions also come with gas detectors to provide comprehensive protection. Above all, the peace of mind and the liberty to feel safe in your own house possible with a home security system is priceless.

However, the extensive list of benefits and the increasing possibility of home burglaries are not the only driving factors behind the popularity of modern home security systems. The past decade has witnessed the addition of lucrative features such as infrared detectors, automatic sirens, HD recordings, sensor, and connectivity with voice assistants (Google and Alexa). These features have instilled the realization about the comforts of a home security system.

But your problems aren’t going to end just with this realization. You still need to choose the best home security system – and the market is absolutely flooded with options! Therefore, it becomes imperative to conduct extensive research before choosing a system. But how do you research about something that you are not fully aware of? Well, that’s what we are here for. Mentioned below are the top 6 home security systems that we deem fit for your security needs. This list has been curated by our experts after comparing multiple solutions based on multiple parameters.

Top 6 home security systems

top 6 home security systems

1. Frontpoint Security

Frontpoint is a splendid example of modern DIY systems. Home security systems already takes a toll on your pocket and costly installations add to it but the DIY system by Frontpoint is easy to install yet as robust as possible. Smoke, CO monitoring are two features present in all plans. They offer remarkable customer support along with the availability of mobile apps. Another reason to install Frontpoint security is smart home integration which is a must-have feature of today’s world. Furthermore, Frontpoint is among the few solutions that provide a contract-free service.

In addition to these, Frontpoint offers holistic control over your surveillance. Even if you are not available or your mobile is switched off, the Frontpoint team can call the police in your area if your system detects an incident. Another key factor is the Frontpoint hub. Assumed to be smack-proof, this hub has the ability to shift between a wireless network and cellular network as per the requirements and acts as central controller for all other devices.

2. Brinks Home Security

As one of the solutions offering flawless integration with your smartphones, Brinks home security system is quite popular amongst the tech-savvy people. Their monitored home security system uses a wide array of sensors such as motion sensors and door censors. It is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa which is why it is also one of the favourable solutions for people inclined towards complete home automation. The high standards of encryption used between the devices is another added plus.

When you install the security system by Brinks, you get a cellular backup, cloud storage for video streams, and a live assist feature.

3. Vivint

Vivint is the epitome is the modern home security systems that offer complete set of services. Apart from the traditional features such as garage controls, video doorbells, cameras, and smart locks, Vivint security solutions provide much more. The video recordings are of high-definition – 1080p – which gives unbelievable quality. The cameras indoor are also equipped with a two-way audio recording.

It offers storage of videos for up to 30 days. As a key feature, Vivint has a one-touch button which, when pressed, instantly puts you in contact with the person who pressed it. The flawless mobile app is the cherry on the top. It also gives you voice control functionality with added support for Google Home and Alexa.

4. SimpliSafe

If you are looking for a flexible option and want to avoid getting pressured into something you don’t want by a salesperson, SimpliSafe is your best bet. SimpliSafe shifts the paradigm of homes security retailing from sales to a customer-centric approach.

Without employing any sales reps, it allows you to choose the features you want. Moreover, it also offers a contract-free service. It also comes with cellular backup, Power outage backups, and environmental sensors. The presence of voice support for Google and Amazon’s Alexa is another added plus.

5. Nest Secure

Nest secure system comes in the category of premium solutions. It requires a fee of $399, but the high price comes with high-quality. Nest secure is one of the best alarm systems on the market and therefore gives you the worth for your money. A typical Nest solution comes with a base station, two Nest Tags, and two sensors. What is a Nest Tag? The arming of the system is determined by the Nest Tag and its proximity to the base station. You can also arm your system through a passcode, voice assistance, and through the Nest App.

Sensors in the Nest system are also one of the key features. They can be applied to windows, doors, or even stationary objects as they detect motion. With sensors available at $49, you can buy as many as you want for complete motion detection.

6. Adobe

Being a recognized brand in the space of information and technology, Adobe brings the same standards to the home security world. Adobe’s home security solution comes with unprecedented features but still comes out to be an easy to install solution.

The starter kit comes with a gateway, a mini door/window sensor, a remote key fob, and a motion sensor. The basic price is $299 but there is the need for a keypad which comes at an additional $79. As a total, it comes out to be a pricey solution but will prove its worth over time.

You might want to consider the $329 plan if you go for Adobe’s solution as this plan comes with a year free cellular backup along with a 50% off on the keypad.


Security solutions for your home are a necessity but you need to make an insightful decision before finalizing any solution. The need for such a decision arises due to the fact that every home has its own unique requirements and needs a unique set of features to ensure complete security. The huge number of security solutions can leave you astray which is why the curated list of 6 top security solutions by our experts can be your salvation.

Even though modern solutions can be DIY, the touch of a technician can ensure that you are able to harness the true power of your security system. The right location for the motion sensors, the perfect place for the cameras, and the positioning of door sensors are just a few things that are better left to experts. If you need some pointers on how to identify a professional electrician, head over to this website by clicking here. Although they’re based in Albany, WA, it’s a great example of a credible electrical company. Like this website, be sure your electrician includes an electrical license in the footer, an active social media, and a clean and coherent homepage – this will guarantee you a professional and clean security installation (instead of a faulty one).