The 11 Luxury Kitchen Essentials

In the realm of housing, a luxurious kitchen design can effortlessly set apart the amazing from the ordinary. After all, it’s the most important room in any house. Not only should your kitchen feature an extravagant design, but also uncompromised practicality. It should ideally strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality — making sure it’s beautiful and a pleasure to cook in.

A luxurious kitchen prioritizes top-of-the-line appliances, conveniences, classy finishes, high functionality, and elegant style. Whether your preferences fall in the traditional, modern, or contemporary category, there are countless possibilities to put together a luxury kitchen of your dreams. In this article, we’ve brought you the 11 must-haves for a truly luxurious kitchen experience. Let’s get into it!

#1 Drawer Dishwashers

Drawer dishwashers have countless benefits in terms of ease of use. Along with having multiple drawers, you get to use the dishwasher drawers as additional storage for your clean dishes. While drawer-style dishwashers may not hold as many dishes as a full-sized dishwasher, the ability to stack them somewhat makes up for it. This means you don’t lose out on precious kitchen space (and thus, functionality) in exchange for luxury, which is an important thing to consider with luxury upgrades.

#2 Lighting

If you’re an avid reader of our blogs, you already know that lighting can make or break an interior design venture. When it comes to luxury lighting, you’ll have to think past the typical overhead lights, recessed designs, or pendants. A luxury kitchen’s lighting checks all the boxes, making sure that every area in your kitchen is well-lit, including;

  • Inside cabinets,
  • Under and over cabinets,
  • Under the bar,
  • Task lighting,
  • Rope lighting for highlights, etc.

A distinct vibe of a cool temperature lighting source is ideal for a kitchen, which can be achieved through LED lighting. To help with functionality and easier ambience control, place lights on dimmer switches. If you’re looking to go all-out on luxurious kitchen lighting, consider getting a crystal chandelier as a star piece that brings it all together.

#3 Warming Drawers

Say goodbye to worrying about your dinner getting cold if you’ve got to put it on hold for now — all thanks to warming drawers! It’s one of the best luxe additions you can have in your fancy high-end kitchen. A warming drawer also comes in handy when you’re preparing a large dinner for the family or guests as you can keep it warm inside the drawer through the thermostat setting. Most of the latest models have convenient features like;

  • Slow cooking capabilities
  • Different available settings and configurations
  • Bread proofing
  • Removable pans and racks
  • Heating plates

#4 Beverage Section

A beverage station in your kitchen makes a lot of sense, especially if you’ve got family members who can’t start their day without coffee. Moreover, it’s also an essential section for keto green juice enthusiasts, or if you simply like having fresh juice as an essential part of your breakfast.

Beverage Section

Your kitchen’s beverage station can include as many options for beverages as you like. It mostly depends on the size you’re working. Some items include;

  • Energy drinks
  • Juices
  • Sodas
  • Tea and coffee bar, etc.

Depending on the drinks you like, you could also add appliances to this beverage station, such as;

  • Drinks refrigerator
  • Ice maker
  • Storage cabinets
  • Sink
  • Refrigerator drawers
  • Blender, etc.

#5 Rollout Shelves and Racks

Struggles, like bending over and digging around dark cabinets to try and find a pot or a lid, have no place in a high-end kitchen. Investing in rollout racks and shelves for all of your under the counter storage will highly improve your ease of access. You’ll also be doing your back a favour, so this one’s a must-have.

These rollout shelves and racks can be customized to fit pans and pots of varying sizes. They’re a perfect storage option for Items like bowls, small appliances, or even canned foods.

These shelves are available in wood or steel, depending on your preferences. They’ll hold everything from spices, appliances, baskets, or pots — all within your arm’s reach. It’s typically the same height as a low cabinet and has angled shelves for easier access. Taller roll-out racks are also available which can be placed in pantries for convenient access to packaged foods, condiments, or spices.

#6 Chef Grade Stove and Range

Chef Grade Stove and Range

When it comes to baking and cooking, every chef knows that the quality of your tools is pivotal to the results you get. If you’re looking to invest a hefty amount of money in improving your kitchen, the first right belongs to your stove! As a one-time investment item that’ll stay with you for years, make the highest-end choice of a luxury chef-grade stove set.

Chef-grade ranges can work on gas, while some come with dual fuel options, such as wood fuel, gas, or electricity. Most of them feature one or more range cookers, which are easily convertible to address different needs of the cook.

Make sure you go with a reliable appliance brand name, such as GE Monogram, Miele, Bosche, or Dacor. You could also go with AGA for a premium oven-range combo!

#7 Dumbwaiter Lift

This one’s a rare concept for houses and you may not have heard of it. A dumbwaiter lift is a small lift opening at a hip height that easily loads food (or other items) between floors. While these types of dumbwaiter lifts are commonly used in hotels or multi-storey restaurants, it’s a super-luxurious addition to a house. However, for the right type of house, it could work wonders for you, and it’s not just a gimmick.

Imagine if your dining or bedroom is on the first floor, with the kitchen right under it — a well-prepared table of dinner could rise through without the hassle of carrying everything via stairs. Not only does it look cool and futuristic, but also saves your time and effort on serving, avoiding the risk of injuries or plates breaking in journeys up and down the stairs.

#8 Pot Filler

Pot fillers may seem small and insignificant, but provide tons of value in a luxury kitchen. These wall-mounted faucets save lots and time and rid you of the tiring task of lifting heavy pots of water. They can easily be installed directly over your range too, so you can avoid the trouble of filling up heavy pots at the sink and carrying them over to the range. To get the best results and use out of faucets, they’re generally connected to cold water fittings. For aesthetics, there are countless style choices you can choose from to ensure consistency with the finishes, appliances, and fixtures in your kitchen design.

#9 Exotic Wood Countertops

Exotic Wood Countertops

There’s nothing that screams luxury louder than high-quality wooden fixtures in the kitchen. Forget about marble — exotic wood countertops is a must-have, especially if you’re working with a brownish aesthetic. Some of the most popular premium wood types include;

  • Zebrawood

It’s incredibly strong and naturally has eye-catching patterns of black to pale brown stripes striking through the stunning golden heartwood.

  • African Mahogany

The African mahogany hardwood has broken and figured wood grain, with vertical marks and bonds in a unique ribbon pattern. The natural colour range spreads between different shades of reddish-brown.

  • Caribbean Rosewood

Also known as ‘Chechen’, the Caribbean Rosewood is a beautiful species of wood that comes with several variations of grain, and colours ranging from tan to dark reddish-brown.

  • Teak Wood

Possibly the most popular among these types, teak wood is a well-known type of exotic wood. It features a diverse range of attractive colours, ranging from light yellow to an orangish-brown, with dark stripes and brown tones.

#10 Refrigerated Drawers

Just like warming drawers, refrigerated ones also have an equally important place in a high-end kitchen. It’s a luxe appliance that offers lots of utility, allowing you to expand your cold food storage.

If you’ve got enough space in your kitchen,

  • Place one of them around the height of a child for storing soda, juice, or other treats
  • Use one refrigerated drawer for dairy products and condiments
  • Dedicate one to strictly store fresh veggies and fruits

These refrigerated drawers can even be stacked inside your cabinet(s) or spread out in the kitchen to allocate different areas for each purpose. However, these drawers can’t replace a regular standing refrigerator. To look extra high-end, these can also be in-built in the kitchen to look like a cabinet.

#11 Walk-in Pantry

Walk-in Pantry

If you’re not willing to miss out on absolutely any aspect of a 2021 luxury kitchen, a walk-in pantry is something you’ll love to have. The pantry should be well-equipped with cabinets and drawers to backup and store items like kitchen tools, silver and crystalware, towels, etc.

Ideally, there should be an additional refrigerator in the pantry along with lots of shelving to store the backup of special spices, gourmet treats, or canned items. Mix things up in the pantry design with open and glass door shelves, providing easy access and storage capacity for small appliances that aren’t regularly used.

With this list of the top 11 things to look for when designing a luxury kitchen, you hopefully have a direction to follow. To ensure the top-notch kitchen experience you’re after, don’t make any compromises on these items. All the best!