Simple small backyard landscaping ideas

Just because you have a small backyard plot doesn’t mean that is impossible to organize it into beautiful landscaping. There are actually many creative ideas to not only beautify this outdoor space but also make it seem more spacious.

Here are some simple small backyard landscaping ideas for you:

1. Everything starts at a green, thick lawn

Proper mowing on a regular basis is an opportunity to beautify your small outdoor spaces. Out of many benefits, an orderly and well-manicured appearance is the most immediately noticeable.

It limits bare spots and weeds while supporting healthy grass growth. Furthermore, regular mowing practice can let you make catchy patterns on the lawn.

If this is your very first time trying this chore, this tutorial video might be what you’re after.

The secrets to proper lawn mowing are very simple:

  • Choosing the right lawnmower
  • Ensure sharp blades
  • Adjust suitable mowing height

You also should equip yourself enough safety gear such as appropriate clothing, eyewear, boots, and gloves.

2. Create some curves

After renovating your backyard lawn, it’s time to restructure it.

As your garden is relatively small now, let’s find some ways to make it look/seem bigger. Adding dimensions and depth is an orthodox way to turn a blunt, straight outdoor space into more satisfying.

You can create a landscape edging, garden path, or other curving and winding lines to draw the eyes. That will make a sense of opening up your yard.


A height perspective is another sufficient way to trick the eyes.

You can try stacking many planters into a half-moon-shaped organizer and create a combination of height. Start from the ground, stack them gradually a bit higher and higher while keeping the remaining space still available.

Ending with some colorful flowers added into each planter for nicer and more interesting look.

3. Break up to small zones

Sound a bit of conflict, right? But trust me, by breaking up a small outdoor space and decorating them with appropriate items, it will feel much well-organized and roomy.

In each zone, you should carefully consider and pick a few décor items as an emphasis to avoid causing bulk and clutter.

Make a creative combination of paths and different furniture groupings like small BBQ table set and restful seating nooks.

Meanwhile, limit as least big stuff as possible, such as storage bins and clunky sheds because decorating a small space with many big kinds of stuff just makes it look narrower and airless.

Things like children’s toys, outdoor equipment, and stashing yard tools should be stored in the garage or hang neatly on a rack.

4. Make a child’s playground

If you have kids, why not transform your little backyard into their wonderful playground after schooling?

Sandbox is the best idea to go as it lets children play whatever they want while their parents can sit and enjoy their day-offs as well. Not to say that they don’t have to keep an eye on kids as when being outside the house.

When preparing timbers to build a sandbox, you should calculate meticulously the length and wide to ensure it isn’t oversized to the total area of your backyard. At least, there should be some space left for 1 or 2 chairs for parents or kids to sit and chill.

5. Small garden and how to play with color efficiently

Many homeowners think about planting flowers or creating simple greenery look to their backyard but rarely of them properly know how to use colors efficiently.

Is it really necessary? Why?

Let me explain it! By arranging bright, bold colors smartly along with space, they will catch people’s first attention. Therefore, it creates a good impression on the viewer and on the other hand, making the rest of your backyard beyond receding.

This is another trick to eyes that makes a small outdoor space look bigger.

To create a nice emphasis on your garden, you should pay attention to two majorities:

  • Where to locate the garden
  • Which are the main colors of it?

It not always must be flowers of all the time. With too narrow gardens, plant a tree or growing some shrubs and bushes will make a good bold point to the garden without breaking your bank.

Apples are the most common tree to plant because they’re easy to grow and take care of. Not to mention the 4 different shapes it delivers throughout the year.

6. Walkway lighting

Walkway lighting is the most versatile idea that matches to the rest in this list, even just a green lawn, and paths. This add-on not only provides safety to your family and guests when visiting the backyard at night but also enhances its visual appeal.

But not all types of walkway lighting are suitable for your garden.

It depends on how you intend to install them and the brightness requirements. Improper installation with the wrong lighting might make your eyes dazzled while too dark lights take risk of unexpected falling off or stripping because of lacking vision.

From my experience, solar-powered walkway lights with motion sensors or timers are the best go-to.


Owning a small backyard is much beneficial than bigger ones in some aspects, especially less treatment and money-saving.

If you know what you’re supposed to do and meticulously plan it, changing your outdoor space into beautiful landscaping isn’t a feat at all. I hope the list of ideas above is a good inspiration source for you to décor yours. Thanks for reading!

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