Should You Call Plumbing Services When Things Go Wrong?

Homeowners tend to undertake do-it-yourself or DIY jobs using basic tools, such as pliers and adjustable wrench, when trying to solve plumbing problems. However, a minor plumbing issue can turn into a major disaster without the right tools and plumbing experience.

Learn when you should call professional plumbing services so that you won’t compromise your safety as well as that of your plumbing fixtures, and avoid more costly plumbing expenses.


Run Out of Water

Just imagine getting up early in the morning, ready to prepare breakfast and take a shower to go to work. However, when you open the faucet or shower, no water comes out. Of course, the first thing you’ll do is to check all faucets to confirm suspected plumbing issue. After checking all hot and cold water sources and trying basic DIY troubleshooting steps, not getting water to run is a serious plumbing problem that would require professional Winchester plumbing services.

Here are the possible reasons why you run out of water at home:

  • Severed or burst buried water pipe
  • Water meter leak

Hot Water Loss

If you frequently run out of hot water, there are some factors you have to consider, such as the water heater type, age of the heater, frequency of usage, and maintenance habits. Changing habits on how to use the heater properly can help prevent the depletion of hot water supply.

Early assessment of the problem is crucial. You’ll need to contact a plumber immediately if you experience repeated hot water loss, at least after five to ten minutes. Neglecting such plumbing problems may lead to more expensive repairs, a heater upgrade, or a full unit replacement.

Here are the possible reasons why a household may be depleted of hot water:

  • Overusing hot water
  • The water heater tank is too small
  • Tankless water heater
  • Accumulation of minerals or sediments in the water heating system
  • Damaged or worn-out water heater components

Unusual Smell Of Natural Gas

Do you suddenly smell natural gas inside your house? Well, it’s possible that someone forgot to turn off the stove that remained unlit. If you experience this situation, you have to open all doors and windows to avoid gas accumulation inside the house that may spark a fire or explosion, and contact your gas company.

It’s also a wise move to contact a plumber if you can’t locate the source of the smell of natural gas because it could be a gas leak from the gas water heater. A smell of gas around your water heater is a major plumbing problem. For the latest models of gas water heater, there’s a flame sensor or thermocouple heated by a pilot light to signal the heater, which shuts off gas when extinguished to avoid the accumulation of gas due to a dead pilot light. Leaking or malfunctioning thermocouple emits gas, which requires professional plumbing services.

Hard To Remove Toilet Clogs

More often than not, it’s easy to unclog a toilet without having to hire a plumber. You can simply use a plunger to remove the object clogging your toilet, use an enzyme product to break down hard, accumulated waste, or make a homemade drain cleaner by combining two cups of vinegar and one cup of baking soda in ½ gallon of water.

A clogged toilet is obvious if you observe a sluggish water draining whenever you flush the toilet. It could be due to a toilet partial clog or a downstream clog. Different objects may have been accidentally or intentionally dropped into a toilet bowl, such as sanitary napkins, toilet paper, or toys. While you can use a plunger and other methods previously mentioned, some foreign objects are difficult to remove, such as tank deodorizers. All hard-to-remove clogs should be handled by a professional plumber to avoid ruining your toilet fixture and costly repairs.

Unexpected Utility Bills

Any minor damage in your plumbing system may cause a spike in your utility bills, not just for your water bill, but also energy bill. More often than not, homeowners tend to overlook minor leaks or an inefficient heater. But, these things could cause spiking bills overtime.

That’s why it’s best to address both minor and major plumbing issues. If you already tried everything you can to seal the leaky pipes, but water still escapes, then it’s time to hire the services of a qualified plumber. A good plumber can even provide homeowners water-saving solutions to keep water bills low.

Here’s how a professional plumber can help you save water and on utility bills:

  • Routine Plumbing Maintenance Schedule: A professional plumber will advise you to undergo yearly plumbing maintenance to assess the status of your plumbing system. This way, any existing plumbing issue will be fixed, or any future problems will be avoided.
  • Replace Standard Plumbing Fixtures: A professional plumber will highly recommend the replacement of standard bathroom fixtures with low-flow fixtures such as a low-flow showerhead to reduce water by half of what you usually consume daily. Another example is a low-flow pressure-assist toilet, which only uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush as compared to three to six gallons for every flush for old toilets.
  • Early Water Leak Detection: A professional plumber has the technical know-how on how to assess a house with plumbing issues. Water pipes of houses built before the 1970s usually have more plumbing problems, such as hidden water leaks. Hidden leaks can cost you thousands of dollars in utility bills in a year. An expert plumber can detect obvious and hidden leaks, as well as repair or replace vintage plumbing fixtures. Just imagine how much money you’ll save when these hidden leaks are detected and fixed.
  • Recirculation Hot Water System: One way a plumber can help you conserve water is by installing a recirculation hot water system. It keeps the water hot in the water pipes at all times. The hot water circulates via the freshwater pipes, so you can use it almost immediately without wasting water.

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Importance Of Preventive Plumbing Maintenance  

As mentioned, a routine plumbing maintenance schedule can help prevent unusually high utility bills. This also helps you keep your pipes, faucets, and other plumbing fixtures in excellent working condition. But how do plumbers carry out preventive plumbing maintenance? 

First, a professional plumber can create your home’s plumbing system maintenance plan. Plumbing maintenance plans help detect issues before they become major problems, such as a clogged main line.  

For instance, a plumber can test your plumbing system’s backflow devices to ensure clean drinking water. Backflow testing also ensures the water in your home flows in the right direction to avoid contamination and pressure buildup that may lead to damaged or burst pipes. 

Plumbers have an annual maintenance checklist based on industry standards, which includes the following tasks: 

  • Keeping gutters clean and free of sludge, leaves, and debris 
  • Cleaning P-traps under sinks to prevent clogs 
  • Checking the shower head for leaks or damage
  • Check all faucets for leaks 
  • Inspecting laundry machine and dishwasher water connections 
  • Inspecting visible pipes for mold, corrosion, and damage 
  • Checking garbage disposal  
  • Checking the water heater temperature 
  • Inspecting the toilets  
  • Inspecting drains  

Most reputable plumbing companies offer affordable annual preventive plumbing inspection and repair services as part of their comprehensive services. Check your prospective plumbing company’s comprehensive services on their website, such as

Tips On Hiring The Best Plumbing Services

Not all plumbing companies are the same. For instance, there are those plumbing contractors that maintain high-quality plumbing services by offering 24/7 or emergency services. It’s a smart choice to pick a plumbing company that can offer such services because you never know when plumbing emergencies arise.

Here are some helpful tips when hiring a professional plumber or plumbing company:

  1. Choose a plumbing company that can provide foolproof evidence of excellent plumbing works in the past. Obtain a portfolio or ask at least three work references, so you can contact previous clients and ask about how the plumbing company performed their job.
  2. It’s crucial to hire a plumbing company that has a physical address to ensure legitimacy. Ask to see their business permit, license, and other certifications to prove that they are a trusted and legitimate plumbing company.
  3. Make sure to hire a qualified plumber, who has been educated and trained to do various plumbing tasks. You don’t want hiring complete strangers who have a doubtful background, risking your property and your life.
  4. Call and make an inquiry to the plumbing company’s customer service to get an idea of how they treat their customers. Ask about their available plumbing services, who supervises the job, and other plumbing-related questions.
  5. Visit the website of the plumbing company or their social media page to check client testimonials and reviews. Read both positive and negative comments to get an insight into your prospective plumbing company’s performance and reputation.
  6. It’s important to ask if the plumbing company is licensed, insured, and bonded. Also, it is best to select a plumbing company that offers worker’s compensation benefits for your protection against legalities. You’ll never be guaranteed a hundred percent safety, most especially on matters concerning plumbing systems. Liability insurance also keeps you protected against legal and financial liabilities when something goes wrong or an accident happens during the plumbing work.
  7. Make sure to read the written terms of the agreement contract before signing it. Check all the details, most especially the nature and scope of the plumbing work and the fees involved. Determine whether you’ll be paying the plumber per hour or per plumbing project.
  8. Never settle with all plumbing details you see online. Ask for referrals and personally visit the plumbing company’s office if you can. After all, you’ll be needing their services every year for your annual plumbing maintenance.

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When your home’s plumbing system goes wrong, it’s important to seek professional plumbing services than merely relying on your own troubleshooting skills. Even a simple plumbing problem can become a major, irreparable issue if you insist on undertaking the plumbing work yourself without adequate knowledge and skills in fixing bathroom fixtures, kitchen sink, or water pipes.

Hiring an experienced plumber can help you conserve water and save money from high utility bills caused by a compromised plumbing system. It’s best to entrust your plumbing system to someone who really knows the troubleshooting steps so you can use your plumbing fixtures and go back to your daily routine as soon as possible, without experiencing any kind of stress.