Plumbing Issues While Renovating the Bathroom?

While renovating, many people aren’t sure what to do with a toilet. Most small bathrooms are not designed well, as they have fixtures that aren’t in the ideal places.

Maybe you want to maximize the space or relocate the toilet to a better location in the bathroom. Whatever the reason may be, changing the location of the toilet can be very challenging and messy. You may want to contact a plumber Los Angeles to get this job done. Otherwise, you might have to go looking for new toilets.

Moving a Toilet

Before you consider moving, check the costs. The toilet is fixed in a particular spot in the bathroom, and changing its position can be costly, as it requires a considerable amount of work. Here are some things you need to consider before moving a toilet:

Why Is Moving a Toilet Expensive

Bathroom remodeling can cost a pretty penny, and relocating the toilet might just make that penny prettier. There are many problems with moving a toilet, and the long list of things that need professionals increases the costs. You may need not only a plumber, but also a builder, a carpenter, electrician, and many more experts to help. The reason for this is the complications that arise while moving the vertical drain line, which was fixed when the house was built, and changing it can require a lot of work. Repositioning the water supply, on the other hand, is a much more manageable task to handle.

moving a toilet

What Are the Things Involved

When you are moving a toilet, you should keep in mind that there are many things involved in the process. The supply and the waste line are the essentials that will also need to be moved.

1. Moving a Couple of Inches

If you are planning to move the toilet only a couple of inches, then there may be some chance to adjust the water pipes. The water supply is most likely connected with a flexible line, making it easy to move by installing a slightly longer pipe. That can be very beneficial in saving costs as you would not have to reposition the water pipe’s access point.

There is also the issue of the waste line. You might think the vertical waste line might need to be closed up to make a new one. But that may not necessarily be required. An offset flange might allow you to move the toilet a few inches.

2. Relocating To Another Spot

The water supply is essential to fill the tank with fresh water after each flush. When changing the location of the toilet, you will need to get a new water pipe access point installed. That will be very costly if there are no access points around. If there is, then a plumber can take a pipe from there.

The drainage pipe is a sensitive issue too. It might not be best to move the drain, like many other parts of the house share one. It will need to be re-routed, or its length will have to be changed.

Complications with a Concrete Slab Floor

If your bathroom is fixed on a concrete slab, you will have to bust open the concrete to relocate the toilet. It doesn’t matter if you are changing the location by a few inches or feet; the concrete needs to be broken up to install new drains. After demolishing the existing concrete, you will have to rebuild the foundation and replace the subflooring, flooring, and fixtures. That will no doubt, be very costly. You should consider repainting exposed pipework elsewhere in the home too.

Complications with Having Space underneath the Bathroom

You might get lucky if the foundation is raised. You can simply run the pipes under the floor joists, in that case. A plumber can access it through the crawl space or the basement. However, you need to make sure they are capable, and the plumber might cause flooding otherwise.

It will be much more complicated if the bathroom is on the second floor as it will require a complete demolition of the ceilings and walls. That is because you will need space to move the water lines inside the structure of the house.

What Could Go Wrong?

Well, quite a lot of things. But the main concern would be damaging the toilet itself. Since these are generally fixed in the ground, removing the toilet from its place might cause it to break. Making it completely useless. In that case, you might need to buy a new toilet.


Buying a New Toilet

There are generally two kinds of toilets you could look into in that situation, smart or the usual. While most people are going for a smart toilet these days, you might want to consider going with the rest of your house. If you have no smart devices what so ever, then it might be better to go with a general toilet.

If you have smart systems all over the house or simply want to get a high tech experience in the bathroom, then go for a smart toilet. Since it might be something entirely new for you, it would be best to look at some tips that can help you make this purchase.

Why Are Smart Toilets Better?

There are many benefits of buying a smart toilet, other than the fact you get to show off about it. A smart toilet can make your bathroom more hygienic and make it much easier to clean. Not only that, but it is beneficial for saving money in the long term.

Here are some details on the primary advantages:

  • Hygienic

Since there is no need to ever touch them, theses toilets are incredibly clean. Not only that, but it also has impressive sensors. Some of these can be very useful in keeping water levels low. That is especially helpful when a toilet is clogged, and you try to flush, in which case a regular one will overflow while the smart one won’t.

  • Saves Space

If you are looking to maximize space in your bathroom, then a smart toilet is an excellent option. These are usually smaller than the traditional toilets, even with all the buttons and extra features.

  • Saves Water

These toilets are amazing in the fact that most of these save water. They use less water on every single flush while still doing an excellent job. It can be great for saving money on water and also for taking the initiative towards having an eco-friendly home.

  • Excellent For Certain Groups Of People

These smart toilets are great for disabled people and elders. As it is effortless to use, these groups of people have an easier time maintaining a certain level of hygiene.


The Features You Can Expect To See

The smart toilets come with a wide range of fascinating features that you and your family can enjoy.

  • Automated Lid

This is a primary feature that you can find in almost every smart toilet. Many of these have a sensor that will automatically open the lid when you come close to the toilet. This is one of the features that can keep the toilet very hygienic.

  • Seat Warming

The seat warming feature is something of a luxury that you might not even know you need. It can make it much more comfortable to use the toilet during those cold winter days.
While many of these toilets come with an unchangeable setting, some allow you to set the temperature. Where you can set the heating according to your preference.

  • Warm Water Spraying

Using toilet paper can surely make the activity much more hygienic, but wouldn’t it be better to not use anything at all? Many smart toilets come with an excellent feature that will spray warm water in the area when you are done. To avoid any incidents, this feature is ordinarily manual, and you will have to use the remote to do it.

  • Warm Air Drying

After getting sprayed with water, you will be wet. Getting wet will make the floor and your clothes wet as well. That’s why many of these smart toilets have a built-in air drying feature that shoots warm air to properly dry the area of your body. This feature is usually automatically activated after the water spraying is done.

  • Automated Deodorization

Everyone has probably had at least one day in their life where they ate something bad and had to spend a long time in the bathroom. After that visit, the bathroom would generally be a little stinky. To prevent this from happening again, these smart toilets have an automatic deodorization feature. That will automatically spray a lovely fragrance when you get up.

  • Nightlight

When nature calls you in the middle of the night, your mind might not be entirely open. That is why you might forget to turn on the lights and then have trouble getting on the toilet seat. To make things much more comfortable, these smart toilets have a night light that is amazing when you have to go at night.