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Never be caught unprepared by a cold day again. Seasons change too fast and autumn comes like a cool wind on a hot summer day.

If you enjoy spending time on your patio, reading or drinking your favorite drink while getting as much fresh air as you can, you need to be ready when the cold weather comes.

Patio heaters allow you to stay longer and enjoy your time on your patio. If you love backyard parties or spending more time outside the house, these patio heaters will serve you well.

You will not run out of options to choose from when it comes to almost anything these days. You can have patio heaters that work well with your patio decor and others that serve more than one function.

We’ve selected the best outdoor electric patio heater in the market today and reviewed them for you! Keep reading our guide to know the best outdoor electric patio heater to get for your home.

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The Best Outdoor Electric Patio Heater in the Market Today

Patio heaters are a great way to stay warm in the winter. They are a good alternative to traditional fireplaces, gas stoves or electric heaters. Patio heaters typically come in gas or electric models and can be purchased at most home improvement stores.

The use of patio heaters is not limited to winter seasons. They can also be used in summer when it is too hot outside to sit on the patio or if you have a pool and want to cool off by sitting around it.

Patio heaters are used for warming up the outdoor space. They warm up the patio, deck, and garden area. Patio heaters are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. There are two types of patio heaters: forced air and radiant heaters.

Radiant heaters produce warmth by heating surfaces with infrared radiation from an electric element or hot object such as a halogen light bulb or an incandescent light bulb. Radiant patio heaters have the advantage that they can be used without obstructing your view of the outdoors because they emit no visible light. Forced air patio heaters use heated air to keep people warm and to make it more comfortable to be outdoors in wintertime when it is cold outside.

The electric patio heater can be plugged into an outlet and used in any outdoor area. Some people might think that it is not as efficient as other heating methods, but the truth is that the electric patio heater has been shown to be more energy-efficient than other heating methods.

The use of an electric patio heater will help you save money on your energy bills, while also keeping you warm during the cold winter months.

Check out the best brands below:

BrandSizePowerHeating ElementFeatures
Briza Electric Patio Heater35.5 x 4 x 4 in1500 WattsInfrared9-hour timer Automatically shuts off when tilted over
Star Patio ZHQ1566-C-S Electric Patio Heater17.32 x 17.32 x 78.35 in1500 WattsHalogen Tube12 Square feet heating capacity Adjustable height
MUSKOKA MUS1525 Electric Patio Heater22 x 6 x 5 in1500WInfrared, Gold coated Quartz crystalHas remote control

Our second pick for our review of the best outdoor electric patio heater is a great addition to your outdoor space — the Briza Electric Patio Heater.

Briza Electric Patio Heater uses carbon infrared technology to generate heat. The infrared rays are easily absorbed by the objects around the heater, thus warming up your room and increasing the ambient temperature.

Carbon infrared heat produces medium infrared waves. These waves are easily absorbed by the human body, making it perfect for the heater. It has an ultra-low glare and will not hurt your eyes.

You’ll love how versatile this electric patio heater is! It comes with hardware to be mounted on walls or even ceilings. You can also set it up on a tripod. The 7-feet adjustable legs tripod also comes provided.

The heating elements are covered with a good layer of metal sheath. Your children, pets, and stray animals can touch the cover of the heater without their fingers getting burned.

This heater will shut down automatically when tripped over. This is a great safety feature to avoid accidental fires. It also boasts of a 9-hour timer. You can set it to run from between 1-9 hours and it will shut off automatically.

This Briza heater comes with an IP 55 rating. It is weather-roof and will withstand weather elements like rain, sand, snow, and other elements brought by harsh weather.


  • Great safety feature
  • Has a 9-hour timer
  • Weatherproof


  • Tripod stand needs to be opened wide for stability

Next on our list of the best outdoor electric patio heater is the Star Patio ZHQ1566-C-S Electric Patio Heater.

This electric heater requires minimal set up. With just pulling a string switch, you will have instant and consistent heat from this 1500 Watts source. It operates quietly as well.

This heater comes with great safety features. It is equipped with automatic shut-off system when tipped. The body is safe to touch. This will be a safe option to add into any of the rooms in the house and a great tool to add in your patio.

The body is also made to be durable and its base has an anti-skid design. Designed with portability in mind, this is compact enough to be placed at different parts of the house where you will need it. It is perfect as an addition to your outdoor decoration with its hammered bronze look.

This is a certified IP44 weather and dust resistant device, perfect for outdoor use. It also comes with a year of manufacturer warranty.


  • Weatherproof
  • Portable


  • Could have added high and low heat settings

Our last pick for our best outdoor electric patio heater is the MUSKOKA MUS1525 Electric Patio Heater.

MUSKOKA MUS1525 Electric Patio Heater uses infrared technology to produce heat. Infrared is a type of energy that closely resembles that of visible light.

It has a remote control option for its three power settings. Its highest heat setting reaches up to 5000 watts. It can reach its full heat output within seconds from turning it on. This outdoor patio heater can distribute heat to an area up to 20 square feet.

The heater has an IP65 rating, making it perfect to be used outdoors, in the patio, the decks, and even barns. The product has also earned CETL and UL certifications.

When you buy this product, it comes with the adjustable wall mount brackets, remote control, and the gold coated Quartz crystal heating element.


  • Not innovative on the design of the heater.


  • Pricey.
  • No other specific cons.
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A patio heater is a great way to make your outdoor living space more inviting. It can also be a good way to keep the area warm during the cold months. There are many different types of patio heaters that can be used for this purpose, and they vary in price and effectiveness. Other heaters focus on the heating mechanism thus they become a powerful heater and energy efficient. Actual heat is more important.

Others are more modern with tip over protection and automatically shut. Some focus on size so they become portable heater like tabletop heater with aluminum housing.

Never let the cold hinder you from spending your time outdoors. We have reviewed the best outdoor electric patio heaters in the market today to help you choose the best patio heater for your space!

Make sure to pay great attention to how you intend to use the heater. This will help you most in choosing the best one for you.

Here’s to great coffee times at your warm patios and outdoor spaces!

Now, here’s our verdict:

  • Best Outdoor Electric Patio Heater for Hanging: DONYER POWER HCH502 Electrical Patio Heater
  • Best Outdoor Electric Patio Heater for Compact Design: Star Patio ZHQ1566-C-S Electric Patio Heater
  • Best Outdoor Electric Patio Heater for easy control: MUSKOKA MUS1525 Electric Patio Heater

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