Organizing Your Kitchen? Start by Having These Items

The kitchen is considered to be one of the busiest places in our homes. It is where a huge chunk of your time is spent at least three times a day to prepare food for the family. For some, it is where they bond with their children. Others would consider it a venue to try out a new recipe, either to destress or fulfill their culinary interests.

Whatever you use your kitchen, it is important that it is kept organized. Going around the kitchen looking for misplaced cooking tools and spices would only take up so much of the time you are supposed to give to your family, not to mention the stress a messy place would cause.

If you are still thinking about how to begin, this article rundowns the basic and ingenious items you might need to jump start organizing your kitchen.

kitchen cabinet

Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are very important pieces to have in your kitchen. They come with either drawers or shelves or both. It makes arranging cooking tools, dining wares, and cutlery and separating them from spices and other food possible. You will easily know where to go when you need to grab a spoon. Aside from that, it will help in maximizing your small kitchen space.

While its purpose is quite obvious, not everyone has it built-in beside their sinks or under their stoves. But it is not an excuse because there will always be cheap kitchen cabinets available.

Boxes and Baskets

Boxes and baskets are ideal compartments for items in varying sizes and purposes. They also enable cabinets and drawers to hold more than it can and makes minute items such as utensils, peelers, knives, measuring cups and spoons, easy to spot. You no longer have dive into a pile of them. Cleaning supplies such as solutions, detergents, sponges, and trash bags inside bigger boxes or baskets before neatly tucking it in the cabinet under your sink.

If you don’t want to buy boxes and baskets, you can be resourceful and create makeshift compartments from cardboard or shoe boxes and the like.


Storing opened food products directly on the shelves while still on their packaging can become messy and out of control. A smart way to solve this is to put them first on containers. Bottles, jars, and plastic canisters can be used to hold food products and dry goods like oatmeal, pasta, spices, coffee, tea, salt, and pepper or even utensils for convenient stowing or grabbing when you cook.

It also makes stacking them possible. They are more pleasing to look if you place them atop your cooking area. Putting food in containers prevents them from being contaminated by insects and dust and protect them from spoilage.

It is best to check if you have any available containers in your house first that can be used this way so that you can decide if you still need to buy them on your next grocery schedule. Doing this will save you extra space and dime.

organizing modern kitchen

Hooks and rods

By installing hooks and rods, you are able to create more space in your kitchen. Hang towels, sprays, aprons, pot holders, chopping boards, and other items that need to be reachable from time to time. Attached hooks and rods to your walls or at the back of the cabinet and kitchen doors and you are now free to hang almost anything there. It is even possible to hang a basket instead for much bigger storage.

Office Fillers

Office fillers have been taking another useful role in the kitchen other than what it is initially made for – to keep piles of documents intact. If you have unused fillers sitting inside your room, bring them out and use them as racks for your wine bottles, condiments, canned foods, and even fruits and vegetables. You can also insert rolled towels on them. They usually come in different shapes, so make the most out of them. It can be a substitute for metal baskets although it is not recommended to buy fillers just for this.

Cork boards

If you have no fridge to pin instructions for your family, your personal errands and grocery list, bills and receipts, and reminders, you can transform your cabinet or kitchen doors (or just anywhere possible) to serve this purpose by pasting a corkboard on them. Cork Boards are also good as mats in shelves or in the storage below the sink.

A kitchen that is clean and put together makes your home look at ease and spacious amidst its busyness. It gives you the feeling of control and comfort especially in doing your usual household chores. Organizing your kitchen need not be expensive, aside from the fact that it is extremely easy and fun. You only to be resourceful and creative or have a knack for cheap items.

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