Most Drastic Changes in Bathroom Designs

When it comes to home renovations, you might think of moving your furniture around, maybe painting the walls, or heading out to buy some new accents for your living room. The fact is that renovation and home improvement are about so much more than the furniture you want to have in your house.

The home improvement industry is big, and it’s only getting bigger. As more and more people spend on improving their homes and making them look fancier, the changes themselves are also becoming more drastic.

But home improvement isn’t just limited to your bedrooms and living rooms. Nowadays, bathrooms make a big part of home renovation. Renovating bathrooms can turn them around so completely that they become almost unrecognizable once they’re finished.

Renovations and remodels themselves have several benefits – they can transform the appearance and improve the aesthetic features, ambiance, efficiency, comfort, and sustainability of your bathroom. All of these can go a long way toward increasing your home’s value.

Bathroom remodeling isn’t easy, however! It’s labor-intensive and involves spending a lot of money, and you can’t have an unusable bathroom in your house for too long. From simply getting new fixtures to bathtub refinishing Baltimore companies offer, people are turning to remodel their bathrooms and living space, so they’re warm, pleasant, cozy, and suited to their requirements.

Let’s look at some of the most drastic changes you can make to your bathroom designs.

bathroom design at home

Biophilic Designs

When you think of bathrooms, you might think of small, damp, enclosed spaces with marble tiles. But things are changing for the better; bathroom designs are moving further and further away from the traditional ideas. With the immense emphasis being placed nowadays on environmentally friendly options for home redesigns, it is no surprise that bathroom remodeling can include biophilic designs.

Biophilic design is not limited to painting your bathroom in green and adding a few plants here and there. It also involves using recycled materials and fixtures that can help save water. For example, many homeowners are using reclaimed wood for flooring. It is also a good idea to have potted plants and strategically placed windows to allow natural lighting to add to the vibe.

Adding Blacks

Whites and greys were common and popular choices in the bathroom, but dark and bolder colors are now slowly taking their place. Darker tones help create the minimalist effect that many people seek for their bathrooms, and black is the number one option to achieve a unique vibe. Many homeowners now prefer lights, mirrors, and even some bathroom fixtures in black, especially if they come with a matte finish. The black often contrasts nicely with the plain colors of the walls and are not just elegant to look at, but are also low maintenance and easy to clean.


In the past, bathrooms usually only had a sink, but as more and more self-grooming and hygiene activities take place in the bathroom, we need more space than what is offered by a simple sink. As a result, vanities of all kinds are now not just common but are considered the standard for bathroom designs.

Among vanities, you have the choice to incorporate different designs into your bathroom. From floating vanities that decrease your accents’ visual weight to minimalistic designs that come with more aesthetic features, vanities can be used to completely transform your bathroom’s look and feel.

High Tech Toilets

With technology slowly taking over everything, toilets aren’t an exception. The trend of smart toilets, which started in Japan, is now spreading all over the world. We already know about automatic sinks with motion sensors, but the phenomena of smart, high-tech toilets have spread much further than that.

Now you have smart showers and even mini-fridges in your toilets! Showers are being increasingly automated to keep the stream steady at a constant temperature to give you a comfortable experience. And bathrooms can now even have Bluetooth speaker systems so you can listen to your favorite music while taking a bath.

Many bathrooms also have voice-activated features – such as lighting, temperature, and even TV installments. A bathroom like that isn’t just a bathroom anymore – it has become a personalized spa just for you, so you can wind down and relax after a long, exhausting day.


While woodwork has never been a popular choice for bathroom decor, we’re seeing a sudden surge in wood being used to add a luxurious and cozy feel to bathrooms. From wooden vanities to wooden accents and wooden walls to floors with wooden panels, more and more people choose to remodel their bathrooms with woodwork. Woodwork also makes bathrooms look more welcoming and warm, as compared to the cold sharpness of ceramics.

Standalone Tubs

While bathrooms in the past were designed for convenience and functionality, many bathroom design trends today incorporate luxury and appearance while retaining the practicality aspect. A bathroom is no longer just a place to wash off yourself, but it is a place that many people use to relax and spend some quiet time after a long day at work. The modern bathrooms elegantly incorporate this aspect into the design work.

The use of standalone tubs meant for huge bathrooms in the past is now gaining traction in smaller bathrooms. While shower-tub hybrids are still common, standalone tubs are growing in popularity as a remodel feature.

Standalone tubs are not just functional in that they are great for relaxing, but also come out as a stylish option on their own. When paired with some other designs, these can be excellent for decorating your bathroom.

Tubs are also available in unique designs and styles. Your choices are no longer limited to just the plain white ceramic tubs you were so used to. With standalone tubs, you can go for anything at all – from placing them in the very center of the bathroom to having a separate section for them – to make your bathroom look and feel appealing.

Open Showers

In contrast to the standalone tub, open showers are now another change from bathroom designs. While they started off as a means to save space in smaller bathrooms, open showers have become more versatile over time. Besides making your bathroom look more open and spacious, these showers can also add an aesthetic appeal to your bathroom’s overall atmosphere, especially if you find the right fixtures to complement it.

Of course, with open showers, you have to make sure that the rest of your bathroom is designed to avoid water damage, and your drainage is up to the mark. But the fact is that more and more people are choosing to install open showers, even if their bathrooms are large enough.

bathroom mirror


A mirror is a popular choice as a decor for any room in your house, and they have always been a common feature of bathrooms. But do you know that mirrors can also be used to decorate bathrooms, rather than just offer functionality?

A mirror can make a small space look larger, making it useful for smaller bathrooms. While regular square or rectangular mirrors above the sink are no rarity, you can find them in many shapes and sizes now. The wider options offer you the convenience to make an otherwise plain bathroom wall look much more attractive. It is also a good idea to use back-lit mirrors in place of the regular ones over your sink to add a bit of flare.

Bright Colors

We mentioned black as a popular choice for bathroom designs, but on the flip side, moving away from darker tones is also rising in popularity. Though going with this trend depends on the intensity of the color you’d like to add in your bathroom, the primary aim is to make your bathroom pop out.

You might assume that bright colors like yellow and aqua are not suitable for your bathroom, but combining these with the right fixtures, tiling, and accents can make your bathroom look colorful and bright. By using bright tones and minimalistic designs, you can add more comfort and coziness to the place.

Using proper lighting is yet another excellent way to make your bathroom look brighter. The right fixtures and the right kind of lights set up – for example, LED strips or pendant lights – are sure to transform your bathroom into a place where you’d love to spend most of your time.

Final Thoughts

In the past, bathrooms were limited to one chosen color and very limited amenities. And they were visited just to wash up. Today, more and more options for bathroom designs are popping up, and they can make your bathroom look much more exciting, comfortable, and aesthetically welcoming. And unlike in the past, your bathroom is an important room in your home where you go to relax, detox, and spend some peaceful moments. When it comes to the modern bathroom designs, the options are limitless. It’s time you should start your bathroom renovation project and implement the ideas for drastic changes discussed above or experiment with a combination of these with your own ideas.