How To Maintain The Quality Of Your Mattress

Quality of mattress

Mattresses aren’t cheap, hence, to make sure you get the best out of their usage, it’s only fair to take care of them. Fortunately, there are many little tips and techniques, such as deep cleaning with a vacuum and using a mattress cover, that can help you maintain their quality without taking up too much time.

Rightly, if you incorporate the little habits outlined below in your bedding etiquette, you can keep your mattress in great shape for many years to come, allowing you to fully enjoy your investment.

Here’s how you can maintain the quality of your mattress:

Thoroughly Wash Your Beddings

According to the world’s largest sleep study ever conducted, throughout their life, an average person spends 8-hours a day in bed. Natural processes continue their organic course during this time. Every hour, the human body sheds 30 to 40,000 skin cells, alone. Besides that, your mattress is also subjected to many harmful contaminants, including body oils and pet hair.

As you’re fast asleep, these skin cells and contaminants provide a perfect habitat for dust mites, fungi, and bacteria to settle their colonies. This accumulation is a serious health hazard and can lead to a massive buildup of critters in your mattress within a week.

As a general precaution, you have to consider organizing a weekly bedding wash. Kate Barrington over at has suggested some tips to carry out an effective wash:

  • Remove pillowcases, sheets, and mattress cover and give them some rounds in the washing machine.
  • Spot-clean with a stain remover. Never soak or apply the cleaning solution directly to your mattress.

You will also have to use different solutions for different stains. There are specific cleaning solutions in the market for this purpose. For example, an enzyme cleaner will work best for biological stains, like meat stains. For urine, use a dish-washing liquid. Also, don’t spread the cleaning solution all over the mattress. Restrict its spill radius to the stain spot.

  • To break down the acid and absorb moisture, sprinkle baking soda all over your mattress. Don’t use essential oils for this purpose. Despite their cleansing properties, they are still oils that can attract dirt and form permanent stains.
  • Flip the mattress and clean the other side properly as well.

Mattress cleaning solution

Strip Your Bed To Let It Breathe

As soon as your eyes open, and you’re ready to start your day, before making your bed up, try stripping it first instead. Your mattress has spent hours catering to your comfort as you’ve slept. Stripping can give it the airing that it’s due before you’re ready to crash on it again.

This is especially important if your mattress is thicker in bulk and plays host to heavy people. Specifically, memory or foam mattresses that have a thicker foam will last longer when they’re aired regularly.

For the same effect, you can also fold down the covers, open a window, and allow the mattress to bathe and breathe in the open sunlight during the day.

Vacuum Your Mattress

Though vacuuming isn’t the prescribed medication for mattresses, like carpets and other materials, they are also prone to a cloud of dust after some time. Add to that, the various particles the human body sheds during the night, and you have some serious cleaning on your hands.

Using a vacuum cleaner can take care of this massive buildup of dirt and particles at times. You can also sprinkle rose or lavender over your mattress before a vacuuming session to keep your mattress fragrant and appealing for the long haul.

Get a Mattress Protector To Provide Maximum Cover

Mattress protectors aren’t just made for bedwetting children. Because of their ability to provide durability for longer periods of time, they are also recommended for everyday use.

As soon as you make up your bed, cover it with a mattress protector to provide an additional layer of protection. That nasty coffee and pizza stains can especially hurt your mattress’s long-term prospects if you’re not careful. Also, if you sweat profusely during the night, your mattress cover will minimize sweat absorption deep into the mattress’s fabric.

Covers come in a variety of prices and materials, and provide different kinds of protection – from shielding against dust and dust mites to waterproofing the fabric and keeping bacteria off-limits. You can also get your hands on scented encasements that give your bedding a great fragrance.

Another option to explore is mattress covers tailored to prevent bedbugs. Bedbugs can make your mattress a no-go zone, which can cause irrevocable damage.

Take A Shower Before Crashing on the Bed

When it comes to maintaining your mattress, cleaning yourself before using your bed should be an obvious solution. At work, with your friends, and in many other settings, your body is exposed to grains of sand, dirt, grime, and many other polluting particles. Showering rinses and cleanses your body of these particles, preventing them from making their way into your bed.

Additionally, taking a shower before bed also has many other benefits. Showering at night improves your overall sleep quality. It stabilizes your body temperature, which is an important driver of your circadian rhythms and governs your moods and energy levels. So, taking a cold shower is the best course of action before hitting your bed.

Flip and Spin Your Mattress

Flipping or rotating your mattress at the end of daylight savings time is a great way to give it a little extra attention. This helps prevent its surface from settling into a depressed state when it is subjected to constant body weight.

This is not something you leave for the end of the month. You have to make it a part of your daily routine. While you’re flipping your mattress, you can also remove the detachable brush from your vacuum and carefully glide it over your mattress to clean any dust particles that might’ve accumulated during the course of the day.

Get A Solid Foundation

No matter which mattress you choose, it will need a solid and sturdy foundation to sustain its structural integrity. Most companies will recommend the type of foundation or bed frame that will suit your mattress. Some even give you the option to purchase these foundations along with the mattress. Buying both products from the same company ensures that they go hand-in-glove and complement each other nicely.

Here are some reasons why a solid mattress foundation is a great addition to your mattress.

  • The right foundation ensures that your mattress doesn’t get sagged due to constant weight and pressure, providing the same natural feel it did at the time of purchase.
  • The sturdier the foundation, the more it is able to absorb the motion and weight your mattress is subjected to. This withstanding ability minimizes the chances of a structural deformity from hurting your mattress’s natural shape.
  • A foundation can add up to 15 inches to your mattress, which makes climbing in and out of your bed much easier. This addition has great benefits for seniors who find it incredibly hard to lug their aging bodies out of bed every day.

Most nightstands are designed as a foundation with your mattress so that the height is consistent with the overall height of your bed.

  • Good foundations keep the movement of your mattress restricted when someone shifts on your bed or gets out of it. This limiting activity is especially important if you’re a passionate couple and like to really go at it.
  • Raising the height of your mattress with the use of a foundation also raises it from the ground and prevents dust, mold, and dirt from penetrating its fabric.
  • Depending on your choice of foundation, it can promote the natural aerability of your mattress and help with a cooler good night’s sleep.

Keep The Bounce House Outside

Kids, especially rebellious and mischievous kind, love treating their beds like their jumpy trampolines. Although it might seem wrong to spoil their fun, this kind of behavior can spell disaster for your mattress’s longevity. The fabric can slump, or worse, if you haven’t invested in a good, solid foundation, it can crack and break due to the continuous jackhammer jumping.

To keep your kids engaged in their fun, while at the same time protecting your mattress from their springy bodies, consider placing an actual trampoline in your backyard. This will keep all mattress-hurting activity out of the bedroom.

Bottom Line

Your mattress needs your care to maintain its quality. You can protect it from stains, molds, human sweat and oils, and many other allergens that threaten to dampen its quality over time.

There are many things you can do to sustain its quality over an extended period of time. You can regularly wash your beddings, cover your mattress with a reliable cover, invest in a sturdy and reliable foundation, and make a daily habit of flipping and rotating your mattress, among other things.

If you follow this expert advice, there’s no reason to believe your mattress will deteriorate any time soon. Are you ready to take steps to ensure the longevity of your mattress?