How to Expand Your Entertaining Space Outside

Whether you’re an avid party hoster or simply looking to add some more space to your backyard, there is a whole lot you can do to really expand and amplify your entertaining spaces at home. Regardless of whether you have a backyard, a balcony or a fully-fledged paddock to work with, we have a bunch of tips for you in our post below. 

In most cases, all you’ll really need to work to do is add a few calculated furniture pieces, clean up your space and re-stylise where you can and you’ll be all set. 

Assess What You Have to Work With 

To kick off our list of tips and suggestions we will suggest that you take a look at what you have to work with and consider your pros and cons of the space you’re working with. 

This means taking a look at both the size, your potential views as well as any garden spaces that may or may not intrude on your entertaining space at home. 

One of our biggest tips here is to draw out a rough sketch of your entertaining space outside and add in a few pieces that you’d really like to have in the space. Do your best to scale these drawings as well, and this way you’ll be able to tell just how big a chair or sofa is in the space, and whether you can afford to add other items like a BBQ or a pergola, for example. 

Develop a Living Space

Develop a Living Space

Another key avenue for creating and expanding an entertaining space is to create a genuine and authentic living space in the outdoors. This will make sure that you have an area to host parties, of course, but also to live and use in your daily life at home. 

Consider either a pergola or a full-fledged roofed space that protects you from the sunny weather and anything else that might make living in the outdoors a little harder. 

Added to this, you may also want to consider integrating things such as a kitchen with an oven and outdoor fridge, for example, and you will be able to use these spaces entirely separately from the home – great news when it comes to hosting parties and not having to move the guests inside for food and drinks. 

If you have a large enough yard, segment it into multiple zones and make use of weatherproof furniture like pieces from Remarkable and you’re on your way to creating an outdoor space that isn’t only easy to navigate but also easier to make use of in large groups. 

Integrate Garden Seating 

For our readers with a lot of greenery and garden spaces that have a little too much hold over the backyard, make use of these spaces by adding in garden seating that’s designed to be used in these spaces, as opposed to encroaching upon them. 

In doing this, you will have some nice cozy places to sit between the plants and you’ll be able to use these areas to unwind or have people sitting during a party. 

On top of this, you may want to consider integrating some in-ground or a seating pit in the yard to maximise your seating space by removing a little of your lawn and replacing it with areas you can utilise. 

Create a Flow With Improved Doors

One of the smaller changes on our list which can really make a difference to the size of your outdoor space is replacing sliding doors and traditional doors with their elegant, airy French variants. 

These doors won’t typically add extra space to your home, though they will help to enhance the flow between the indoor and outdoor spaces and make it a whole lot easier to host and have fun in both the indoor and outdoor spaces.

On top of this, you can also use these doors as a design inspiration for the rest of the home, which could lead you down a more elegant and stylish route. 

Guide the Eye (and the Feet) With Walkways 

Another key change to make when it comes to getting on top of maximising your outdoor space is to work with footpaths and pathways to make better use of the space in your yard and direct the eye and your guests to these specific zones. 

Consider Ambient and Feature Lighting

Consider Ambient and Feature Lighting

For those with expansive backyards, or yards that are rather large and dark at night, you should certainly consider the integration of zoned lighting in areas of the backyard that are a little too dark for your liking. 

This will give you more use of your yard at night and also make it a whole lot safer too, and that means using all of your backyard space, rather than simply the well-lit spaces during the evenings. 

From us, we suggest going with LEDs and uplighting to highlight feature trees and greenery that you otherwise would not see during the day. Pair these lights with string lights atop furniture and other pieces to really maximise the space. 

You may also want to consider path lighting to keep these paths well-lit and easy to spot and walk on during the night too, and you can use horizontal lighting strips to do this to add an elegant touch. 

Understand the Importance of Multi-purpose Pieces

To the tip for our readers with backyards and outdoor areas that are just a tad too small, like a balcony, for example, you’re going to want to get as much use as possible out of each furniture piece you’re integrating. 

This means choosing chairs that include built-in storage as well as selecting pieces that are able to be used as both cabinets and kitchen shelving, for example. 

Added to this, for those interested in adding a sofa on a balcony, you may want to consider a coffee table that also acts as a footstool, a storage space as well as a feature piece to make your use of the space a whole lot more effective. 

In all, remember that the more your pieces are capable of the more you’re able to use the outdoor space, without taking up too much of the floor area. 

Entertainment is a Must

When it comes to getting a little more out of your space, you might also want to consider integrating electronics into space-save. 

As we know, not too many of us have a yard big enough for outdoor football, cricket or any other fun activities, and so consider digitising these on the big screen is a good idea and something you might want to consider.

You could go for a projector screen if you’re looking to really spice up the backyard and want to become the go-to guy or gal for movie nights. However, a waterproof outdoor TV set might also be the way to go. 

If you do decide to go down the TV and projector route, you might also want to consider adding in some sort of bar space for relaxing and watching a sports game, for example. 

Climate Control 

When it comes to fun in the summer or winter, a lot of us do tend to end up inside a lot of the time given that the weather might not be too comfortable, and with this in mind, considering climate control is something that is vitally important. 

If you’re not looking to install a pool, you might want to go down the roof-mounted fan route which will give you the chance to space-save and also get your cooling taken care of. 

Added to this, heating is also a must for wintertime, and so integrating heaters is a good idea here too – though, a fire pit might take care of this if you centre your entertaining space around the pit. The area where everyone is sitting will be cozy regardless of winter or summer. 

Trimming Back Trees and Bushes 

To one of the more obvious space-saving and expanding tips now, and we suggest you work to carefully tidy and minimise your garden’s size and encroachment on your outdoor spaces. 

For this tip, we don’t suggest that you simply cut back all of your trees and greenery to maximise your space, but rather cut pockets and create small indents in the garden beds and go from there. You may find that you have made enough space to add some extra seating, for example, which will allow you to move some of your guests further into the yard when you host parties. 

All of those points above out of the way and it is quite clear to see that there is a tonne of avenues you can take to really expand and maximise your living spaces in the great outdoors – or at least the backyard. 

It is imperative that you always consider your use case for the yard and go from there. All of the changes you make and things you do to your yard should have some sort of focus on use and be able to maximise these activities you enjoy in the yard, rather than detract from them. 

To end, start with a planned sketch that is to scale and you’re on the right track. 

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