How to Create the Ultimate Kids Bedroom

Do you still remember your childhood room? You probably do. These are some memories that stay with us forever, and that is because they have influenced us greatly.

Our childhood environment can shape us in a lot of ways that we cannot imagine, so if you want to help your child grow up to be a happy and healthy person, start from their bedrooms.

A bedroom is a place where your kids spend most of their time, so giving them a perfect room can make their playtime much more enjoyable. Here are some tips on how to create a dream bedroom that any child would adore.

Make it comfy

ultimate kids bedroom

What makes a house feel more like home than the comfort it offers? The same goes for our kid’s bedrooms. There is nothing better than having a cozy playing or reading nook. If you see that your kids love playing on the floor, maybe a warm and comfy rug is a better option.

Another thing kids adore is a colorful lazy bag. It is a perfect thing for all the kids that spend hours playing video games or reading.

Another important thing is to get the right bed. The proper mattress can really make a lot of difference in the sleep quality of your child, and we all know how important sleep is for kids.

Do not be afraid of bold colors

If you are afraid of experimenting with the design, you may be tempted to go for neutral colors for your kids’ bedroom, but we encourage you to be adventurous and try something different.

Although adults are not huge fans of bright colors in their bedrooms, kids are. Colorful surroundings stimulate their brains, which may make your child more creative. But just make sure not to overdo the colors. If you want to use bright and bold colors, always use a bit more natural tones to balance it out. For example, if you go for colorful wall paint or wallpaper, it would make it more balanced to go for neutral furniture.

If you are still uncertain about your design skills, there are so many color pallets to inspire the interior designer in you. Who knows, you may find out that you have a perfect sense of the color wheel.

Think ahead

kids bedroom ideas

Designing a room for your kids is going to put a huge hole in your wallet, but if you make every purchase count, it won’t completely damage your finances. Here are a couple of tips on how to actually save up some money in the long run.

When you are buying the pricier furniture, always think a couple of years ahead. For example, if your child grows, you do not want to go and buy another bed for them and invest more money in it. Or when they grow up and change their interests, you want to make sure to still be able to use their costly furniture.

That is why buying expensive neutral furniture is the best solution. When you are buying a huge piece, think about if it will be reusable even after ten years, or if your child changes their color preferences, or even their interests altogether. If the answer is yes, then that is the furniture you want to buy.

Neutral colors and design fit perfectly with pretty much any color or shape combination you can think of, so that is precisely the kind of furniture you want to buy.

Leave the creativity for the accessories

Just because the bigger and more expensive furniture should be neutral, that does not mean that your kids cannot have a colorful bedroom they want. When it comes to wall paint and accessories, that is where your creativity is ready to be used. Any accessory can be as colorful as you want. Have fun and experiment; there is nothing to mess up, even if you do not have the exact plan in your mind. You can add any little detail that would give the room personality and a sense of childhood in it.

Make it a theme

bedroom creativity for kid

If you are not sure how to decorate the bedroom, you can always go for an excellent old shortcut called “themed room.” Although it does not require much effort to put up, it is a guaranteed success because there is no doubt that your child will adore it.

What is one thing that your kids are really passionate about? It can be sports, video games, books, nature, or it does not even need to be a single thing; it can be multiple hobbies all mashed up into a beautiful room. Whatever it is that your child loves doing, decorating the room in that theme can spark their passion even more. It is always a great feeling to know that your parents support you in your interests.

Keep in mind that kids are known for changing their interests and hobbies pretty much daily, but that is normal for children, so it is not a good idea to invest in pricey decorations if they are known for changing their minds soon. But if your child has that one hobby that they are passionate about, it would make it even better to invest in their interests, even if it is not something that you are very fond of as a parent, like video games, for example (did you know that video games can be beneficial to the children’s developing brain?)

Ask your kids for their ideas

What is a better idea to make your kids’ bedroom unique to them than to ask them for their thoughts? It is their room, after all. Not only will it make a perfect room for them to enjoy, but it will also allow them to express themselves. Including your kids in the project can even have benefits for your relationship with them. That way, you are letting them know that their opinion matters to you, which will make them feel more accepted and free to express their thoughts and personality.

Plus, decorating with a company can be much more fun than doing all the work by yourself.
Another great idea is to decorate the walls with their drawings or let them paint the wall with you. Having something made by your kids in their bedroom will add a perfect personal touch that will tie the whole room together.

Storage is the most important part

Just like every kid, your children probably tend to leave a mess after they are done playing for the day. A functional storage area is practically a lifesaver here. If you are not a massive fan of mess or stepping on loose Lego parts, investing in perfect storage is the best way to keep the mess out of your kids’ bedrooms.

Another great thing about teaching your kids to put away their toys is that it will encourage sleep because there will be no toys and mess to stimulate their brains at night, so the only thing they are left to do is sleep. We all hated going to sleep when we were kids, but this way, you can encourage them to create a nighttime routine that will teach their bodies when it is the time for sleep.

Let the creativity in

Kids are very creative, and we should all try to cherish that creativity by making space for it. For example, all kids are really huge fans of markers, and the best place for unleashing their creative potential is on your newly-painted walls. Well, there is another solution to that problem – chalk paint. It is becoming very trendy among parents because it allows your kids to write on the wall, which will not result in your anger. You can paint the entire wall with the chalk paint or just one section of it, and your kids will love it! Seeing your kids’ drawings on the wall puts a lot of uniqueness in the room.

Another great way to encourage creativity in your children is to give them enough materials for some DIY projects. For example, buy a lot of pillows and blankets and watch them make a different tent every day. Or if they are interested in experiments, invest in a good set of experiments for kids and watch their curiosity come to life as they make countless soda and vinegar volcanoes in their room.

But do not forget about the art set! All kids love to draw and paint, which also makes a great playdate idea.

When you choose to decorate a perfect bedroom for your kids, it will be one of the most significant projects that you will do. Thinking like a child again requires a lot of energy and creativity, but it is also extremely fun. Seeing how your kids are enjoying their new bedroom will be the best reward that you can get as a parent because your kids will have many fond memories from their childhood room, just like all of us do.