Tips On How To Cool House In The Summer

You dread it, don’t you? When you start feeling the summer breeze picking up in the afternoons, and you know it’s just a matter of time before the temperatures become unbearable. 

And while there are many elements of the summer that you and your family enjoy, you can’t help swearing at those heatwaves leaving you drained and unable to function properly.

Well, the bad news is that you can’t stop the summer from getting warm. However, you can try and make it comfortable for yourself inside your home. But now you are automatically thinking about installing air-conditioners, aren’t you? And you are probably wondering how much energy they use, on top of the installation costs. And what about when they break?

Yes, the most obvious way to beat the heat is by installing some quality air-conditioners. But if you don’t have the budget, or you don’t feel like spending a fortune on the utility bills, there are many other ways you can keep your house cool this summer. For example by installing a solar attic fan.

And lucky for you, this article is going to go through a few them. Of course, you don’t have to use all of them, and some might even sound like they won’t be very effective. But keep in mind that every little bit helps. Because if you combine some of the tips that will be mentioned, you are definitely going to feel a big difference. So, let’s get into how I can cool my house in the summer.

Things You Can Do Inside The Home

 Strategic Use Of Windows

1. Strategic Use Of Windows And Curtains

If you haven’t noticed yet, there is a passive solar heating process that goes on during the afternoons. Basically, when you get up in the morning, you automatically pull open the curtains and probably open the windows. In other words, the sunlight and heat have direct access.

What you want to do is become a little more strategic about when your curtains and windows are open. In fact, if you keep the windows closed and you keep the curtains drawn, you’ll be surprised at how little heat actually gets into the room. Yes, it will be darker than usual, but you won’t feel like your toasting inside your own living room.

As for the windows, keeping them closed will prevent the heat from circulating through. But there is a certain when you might want to keep the windows open, which is during the night.

Throughout the summer you are bound to have a few cool nights, which is when you want those windows wide open. Just make sure to close them before the sun comes up and the heat starts up again.

The Ice-Cube Fan

2. The Ice-Cube Fan

When the heat is so unbearable it doesn’t even make sense to switch on the fan. Because it’s like you are helping the hot wind to reach you quicker. But you can turn that fan into a mean little air conditioner, and all you need is a constant supply of ice.

Believe it or not, this is a trick that became popular during the days when air conditioners weren’t designed yet. So, people did the next best thing. They took the ice in a bowl and placed it in a spot where the fan blows over it. You’ll be amazed how much the hot breeze cools down with this basic trick. However, keep enough ice in the fridge so you won’t run out.

Consider to get:

  1. Box Fan
  2. Window Fan
  3. Ceiling Fan
  4. Window Air Conditioner
  5. Ductless Air Conditioner
The Ice-Cube Fan

3. Ceiling Fan In Reverse

While it’s natural to get hooked on appliances that can blow cool wind your way, what about appliances that do the opposite? What about reversing the blowing process and see what happens?

If you have ceiling fans, then you are probably at liberty to make the blades turn in the other direction. And what this does is pull the hot air from below and takes it toward the ceiling. This can be very effective and definitely give it a try when you can’t take the heat in the room anymore.

Use Energy-Saving Bulbs

4. Use Energy-Saving Bulbs

While this might sound like a tip to support a greener way of life (which it is in a sense) there is another reason why should consider low-energy bulbs inside your house.

Conventional bulbs are warm and inviting, but they also heat up the room. You don’t feel it directly from where you are sitting, but seeing as they use more energy, they create more heat. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why people are so resistant towards switching to energy-savers. The “warm” glow isn’t the same, but it’s also the “warm” glow that’s making life a little more unbearable for you during the summer. Instead, think cool and white energy-saving bulbs.

Seal The Doors And Windows

5. Seal The Doors And Windows

Homeowners don’t realize how much heat and cold they lose just because of the doors and windows. Essentially, this is a tip to keep your house warm in the winter, but it does the same thing in the summer, so here goes.

Make sure all the windows and doors are properly sealed. In other words, you don’t want any gaps or small holes where a breeze can come through. And if you consider that about 20% of the heat inside your home escapes through the doors and windows during winter, just imagine how much cool air you are losing during the summer?

The fact is that you want to keep the draft to a minimum. Unless it is nice and cool outside, like during the evening, do your best to prevent the cool air from leaving you alone with heat.

Put Up Permanent Shading

6. Put Up Permanent Shading

Not allowing the sun to bask directly on your doors and windows can really make a big difference. In other words, try to put up permanent shading for these specific areas.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or even professional, as long as it takes the “heat” off the access points to your home.

Things You Can Do To Keep Yourself Cool

When you are on a tight budget, there are only so many things you can do to keep the house cool during the summer. Now, we’ve already mentioned the most common tricks people are using that directly influence the house, but what about thinking more outside the box.

More specifically, why don’t you focus on controlling your personal temperature as well?

Stay Low

1. Stay Low

It will feel a little strange in the beginning, but consider sleeping closer to the floor, seeing as most of the hot air is near the ceiling. So, it’s basic science that the cooler air will be hovering near the floor.

If you can think of a way to bring your sleeping space down, consider using it.

2. Freezing Those Hot Water Bottles

That’s right, just because you call it a hot water bottle doesn’t mean you just have to use it for heating purpose. So instead of filling them with hot water, use cold water and leave them in the freezer.

Now, you can either use these to keep you cool while you sleep, or you can carry them around with you around the home during the day.

Additionally, you can even put your sheets in the freezer before heading to bed. Just imagine how much you are going to enjoy falling asleep on the coolest sheets in the neighborhood?

3. Consider Other Cooking Options

It’s very natural to want to avoid cooking during the summer months. As if you are not hot enough, standing in front of a hot oven or stove doesn’t help. Plus, it only adds to the heat inside the house.

This is also where you need to start looking at alternatives for cooking. For example, why not cook outside, like on the barbeque underneath some shade? This way you won’t be making things worse indoors.

You can also look at other appliances for cooking, such as a crock pot, an instant pot, or even the microwave. Basically, you want to look for appliances that won’t take ages, and they’ll keep most of the heat where it needs to be.

4. Get Those Clothes Wet

When you really can’t stand the heat anymore, think about soaking your clothes in some cool water before getting dressed. At first, it might feel a little uncomfortable, but you’ll also feel an immediate difference. Obviously, this is only an option if don’t plan on going somewhere, but you won’t be able to miss the difference it makes.

It doesn’t matter how hot the temperatures get, with wet clothes the warmest breeze will cool you down.

5. Get A Spray Bottle With Cool Water

Lastly, if you just can’t handle the feeling of wet clothes, why not take it down a step and buy yourself a basic spray bottle. Then, fill it with cold water (and some ice if you want more significant cooling), and simply sprits yourself when the moment calls for it.

While these tips might sound stupid or simple, they are practical, money-saving, and effective if you use them right.