How to Clean HEPA Filter?

Proceeding with the Cleaning of HEPA Filter

We all like to buy many products which make our life easy, and we can spend that extra time in enhancing our hobbies.

Every electric appliance eases the work and along with that, some appliances are our priority that we cannot function without it…like water filters and air purifiers.

We can avail lots of advantages by purchasing any of this product but when comes to maintaining the product, we take a back seat.

That’s sad!

Air purifiers and water filters consist of very powerful filters called HEPA filters which are used to remove the toxic particles.

For more information about HEPA air purifiers you can visit this page.

According to research data, the HEPA filter removes almost 99.9% of dirt and dust from the air that you can have a healthy life.

HEPA filters are also trending in the market as it removes 0.3 microns particles which is an almost impossible thing to do by any other filters.

The only concern about these filters is cleaning and maintaining it in the right way.

Want to know how to clean the filters to keep the purifier running for a long time?

Is cleaning filters becoming a tough task for you?

Most of the time you will get the right guidance by watching a Youtube video or surfing on the internet.

You can also get an exact idea by reading the manual which has a step-by-step procedure to do the task.

In the forthcoming section, we have provided all the necessary information about cleaning the HEPA filters in order to make your cleaning process stress-free.

You would get the best HEPA cleaning tips only here, so just follow this write-up right now!

There are numerous ways through which you can clean these filters. You can also replace the filter when it is been used for a long time.

Replacing the filters can be costly, so it is a great idea to clean the filters at home if they are washable filters.

When it comes to non-washable filters, you can use a blow dryer or any natural tool which can clean the filter.

Cleaning the Washable HEPA Filter

The foremost thing you have to do here is to turn off the switch of your filter and unplug it carefully.Non-washable HEPA Filter

It is a huge benefit to you in terms of cost when you have washable HEPA filters.

The only thing you have to perform here is to take the filter out, keep it on a solid base area, and then put it under the running tap.

After washing the filter, dry it down for 24 hours. Make sure you dry the filter carefully and when it is dried properly only then reinstall it again. If you will keep the filter without drying then it will ruin the whole appliance.

In case, you are in a hurry use your hair drier or the heated pad.


Do not put the cleaner in the clothes drier.

Cleaning Non-washable HEPA Filter

Cleaning Non-washable HEPA Filter

When your appliance has a permanent filter, it cannot be washed. Before doing any cleaning task refer to the manual which has come with the product. If like many you have also not kept that manual, simply open Google for help.

Vacuum is the best option when comes to cleaning the non-washable filter.

You have to follow the same task of turning the switch off and take out the filter from the machine. If you do not have that knowledge ask one of your family members to do it for you.

Get your floor vacuum cleaner and get started by holding the hose and cleaning both sides of the filter.

The filters are fragile so do not use the vacuum more than a few minutes. As soon as the filter is cleaned, stop vacuuming it.

Once it is dried attach the filters into the machine so you can use it. Make sure you clean other filters too as that will give an overall cleaning to the entire machine.

You can simply start using it once it is reinstalled.

Sustaining HEPA Filters for Smooth Working

Non-washable HEPA Filter
Every filter needs maintenance and that is what decides the age of your purifier.

There is dust and debris in the machine when it is kept for a long time. Even when you use it, there will be minute dust particles which will be there on the filters as well.

If you want to get away with this, clean your purifier or just dry it whenever it is needed.

It is recommended by the manufacturer that you must clean the filters every 2 to 3 months.

When your purifier filters do not give you the same result, you can simply change or buy new filters. In this way, you can totally increase the longevity of your purifier.

Do not worry if you have a good habit of cleaning. Clean HEPA filters as many times as possible. But take care that you don’t break the filters while removing the dirt or don’t put a heavy material on this HEPA filter.

It is also advisable to use the purifier more often. If you will not use the purifier there are chances that purifier might get rust and it might not operate properly.

You must replace the whole machine on a timely basis as old filters, and the slow machine will probably give you a poor result.

Everything Falling on a Right Place

HEPA filters are the talk of the town and now you can see many people demanding HEPA filters for both air and water purifiers.

We hope the cleaning methods given in this write-up would be helpful for you.

Moreover, you just need some guidance as well as patience to deal with these filters as they are fragile in nature.

It is totally dependent upon an individual, his/her cleaning techniques, and his/her mood to maintain the machine.

Do not worry!

Cleaning the filter is not rocket science that you cannot do it by yourself. You just need some time and practice to crack this nut.

Finally, you can also take the help of YouTube videos as they are the best option in the time of difficulties.

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