How Can The Best Kids Mattress Help Your Child Sleep?

Setting up an appropriate and healthy sleeping environment is essential in helping children get the right amount of sleep during the night. Aside from regulating the temperatures with the best air conditioners, it is also crucial that their beds provide comfort and support for their growing bodies. Excellent quality of sleep is not only vital to a child’s physical development but mental development as well. Choosing the best quality of the mattress is essential in ensuring that their bodies get much-needed rest and time for proper development to occur.

How Mattresses Help Provide Quality Sleep For Kids

Choosing the right mattress is essential for your growing child’s needs. Here are the ways how a good quality mattress can help your child get the best sleep needed for development:

1. Provides Comfort And Support During Sleeping

Just like adults, children also need the best mattress to help spinal alignment and support while they are sleeping. The best mattress for kids is the kind that does not sag or leave body impressions when they lie down on it. One of the qualities that you need to check to ensure proper support is the mattress’s firmness. Mattresses are usually made of a series of layers. One of the most important parts is the support core, which holds the shape of the mattress and supports the weight of the child as they lie down on it.

Below are the different types of mattresses that are best for children:

● Memory Foam

One of the most common mattress types is memory foam. The memory foam does not have innerspring components, and it is made of 100% layered soft foam. For children who are lighter or aged lower, memory foam is the most appropriate type to provide enough support for their light bodies.

● Innerspring Mattress

The innerspring mattress offers more firmness as compared to the memory foam. Strength and durability are the best features of the innerspring. If your kids love to jump on the bed, the innerspring is the best choice to ensure their comfort and safety while they sleep or play. Another best feature of this kind of mattress is that it will not trap body heat. You can be sure that the kids will sleep comfortably even on a hot summer night.

● Latex Mattress

If memory foam is too soft for your child’s preference, the latex mattress is another good option. The latex mattress can offer better support and durability as compared to the memory foam. It is essential to check is the mattress is made from all natural-latex so you can be sure that it is safe for your child.

● Hybrid Mattress

Just like the name suggests, the hybrid mattress is a mixture of two or more mattress types. Typically, a hybrid mattress is a combination of innerspring and memory foam. The foam layers of the mattress will provide maximum comfort, while the innerspring ensures its firmness and durability.

● Air Mattress

Some kids might find it fun to sleep on an air mattress. Air mattress is a good option for children’s playroom where they can lie down, read a book, or take a nap. There are air mattresses available for kids that ensure their safety, so they don’t fall off when they roll over during sleep.

2. Provides Enough Room To Grow

During the sleeping time, children’s bones and muscles develop and start to grow. A right quality mattress will give enough space for your child’s body to develop while they are taking a nap or sleeping during the night. This is the reason why parents should also take note of the appropriate mattress size that is suitable for your kid’s age. Aside from that, mattresses are not cheap, so you need something that they can grow within a year or two.

kid mattress

For mattresses for kids, there are three recommended sizes, Twin, Twin XL, and Full sizes.

● Twin Size

Twin-sized mattresses measure 39 x 75 inches and are recommended for younger school-aged children. Another advantage of this site is it is suitable for smaller bedrooms. However, you might need to change mattresses once they hit middle school, and the growth spurt begins.

● Twin XL

The Twin XL has a similar width as the Twin bed but longer. Although parents don’t usually get this size, many still think that it is a better investment because they can use it longer. The size is also a better option for children who have bigger or taller built as it provides more comfort and support for their growing bodies.

● Full Size

If space allows it, a full-sized mattress is the best choice for growing children. Although it has the same length as a Twin sized bed, the width is much wider to give them ample space for movement. A full-sized mattress will not only provide enough support but also offer the appropriate space for the kids to grow and move during the night.

3. Provides Safety During Bedtime

The best mattresses do not only provide excellent quality of rest for kids but also ensures their health and safety while they are snoozing. To those children who have allergies, synthetic mattresses are recommended because the fibers are less likely to attract dust, bacteria, and mites. Cushions made from natural latex, cotton, and silk are also usually hypoallergenic. Open sprung, and pocket sprung mattresses are not suitable for children with allergies. You must choose that has anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic features to ensure the health of your children.


As parents, you must ensure that your children get the quality of sleep that they need to grow in order to develop, not just physically, but mentally as well. Mattresses can affect a child’s sleep because it is the primary support given during bedtime. Mattresses must be firm enough to provide spinal alignment and support. Aside from that, beds must be large enough to provide them with enough room to move and grow. It is also vital that mattresses are safe to use, especially for kids who have allergies. Choosing the right kind of mattress for your child should be your top priority.

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