Easy Steps To Grow Hydroponic Cucumbers

You can’t resist the temptation of an English cucumber sandwich, with a touch of tomato and lettuce! Hence there’s much to a cucumber than mere cucumber than just a face back or beverage drink. Similar to an apple, cucumbers’ too can be consumed every day. For that, you have to purchase the same from the supermarket almost every second day.

After a while, it might seem like a laborious task or might not! But just in case at some point in time, you feel the need to grow cucumbers indoors, in your own garden, you can do it the hydroponic way. And if you choose to grow cucumbers indoors pairing them up with other vegetables, you can have your own supply of vegetables as well.

Do you want to grow cucumbers indoors than outdoors?

If yes, then using the hydroponic systems is a smart call. When you grow the cucumbers hydroponically, there’s no need to worry about mildew and bugs issues. So have you planned the way you will develop your hydroponic system this year for growing cucumbers?

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If you’re still wondering, keep reading and this article can provide you with an interesting idea.

Grow cucumbers indoors hydroponically

Do you have an idea about using the hydroponic systems for the given purpose?

If no, don’t fret! I’ve got you all covered. You can start by making a personal hydroponic system that is simple and fun. And unlike a few misconceptions that exist, it’s not a difficult task at all. And once you’ve mastered the art of growing cucumbers hydroponically, you can use the system to grow other vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers as well.

But for now, let’s return to growing cucumbers.

You can opt in for a system with two net pots. Here in one you can place the cucumber. You might want to place tomatoes in the next pot. Here’s how you need to go about it.

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Go and create your hydroponic bucket

Go ahead and clean the bucket with a soap solvent. Make sure you rinse well to do away with all kinds of dirt. Once you’re done with that, go ahead and paint the outer surface. After that, you can even paint the cover of light or clear colored bucket using black paint. It’s done so that sunlight repels. Furthermore, it also averts algae growth inside this bucket.

After that, invert the netted growing container and place it at the cover center. You may also trace close to the container edge using a permanent marker. Now remove the container. And after that, you can make another circle of ½ inch on the outside of the first circle.

Go ahead and cut the inside circle atop the lid. Use a sharp to do this and then discard. You might also want to cut slashes close to the circle from the sharp edge to marked second circle, placed at a distance of ½ inch. You may also want to bend those flaps downwards and then place the net container through the hole.

If terms of the hole, keep the diameter to ½ to about ¾ inches close to the cover corner. You can also feed one section of the air tube as well. You can also attach a long air stone towards the tube end having a length between 4 and 6 inches, inside your bucket. You may also want to create an air pump outside your bucket. After that you can simply attach the external end of an air tube inside the air pump.

Last but not the least; fill your bucket with water to a point where the netted pot gets completely submerged close to halfway. Going forward you might want to pause filling the bucket. After that you can place this lid on the top to ensure that the water level is perfect.

cucumber salads

Implement adequate cucumber plant care

First and foremost go ahead and mix the hydroponic nutrients inside the bucket making use of all package instructions for a certain water amount. For instance, when you have about 5 gallons of water in the bucket, it’s actually about 4 ½ gallons water. It means that almost half of the container is completely submerged.

You can fill that netted plant container approximately half full along with a hydroponic medium without any soil. You can do away with the cucumber seedling that’s contained in a growing container it comes in. Go ahead and rinse the cucumber roots using water at a room –temperature to eradicate the soil

After this, you can plant the cucumber plant inside the netted container along with a soilless medium. Make sure that you verify this container and make sure that it remains completely submerged.

The majority of the container should stay submerged almost completely in water, that’s inside the bucket.

After this simply shift the bucket at a brighter place. Make sure that this place gets sunlight for about 10 and 20 hours. Also, ensure that the air-flow is sufficient. If not you can suggest an alternative of having lights placed almost 6 to 8 inches on top of the plants. Don’t stop at that. Place a fan close to the bucket when you are growing the cucumbers indoors to avert all kinds of issues even if the plant becomes too heated up.

Last but not the least, you can add even more water to the bucket. Make sure that you add the extra water where the water line goes down very low, where the container gets submerged for only a quarter. You can then add all the hydroponic nutrients in the water. You can do this every time you want to refresh the water.

Here’s an added bonus! You can start to use nutrient supplements the moment you see the initial stage of development. Additionally, you can also make use of at least 4 ml of supplements on every litre of water. Use it during the phase of vegetative growth. Ensure that you mix and blend the supplement well and then make use of it.

Following these pointers, you can easily grow cucumber using hydroponic systems successfully.

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