Elements to Inspect In a New Home Before Moving

More often than not, relocating to a new home can be fun and refreshing. This is especially true if you have a professional mover assisting you with the process. However, before you decide to make this big life transition, what should you look out for in your new home?
Exterior and Systems

This is a broad area that you must inspect, and for you to check on all areas, you will need a checklist. Keep in mind that you are responsible for the outside as much as you are for the inside. Check out the lighting fixtures, drainage, gutter system, stains, leakages, cracks, and other forms of damage. Ask the landlord (or home seller) to have a professional fix any damage you spot on the home’s exterior before moving. The structural appearance of the home should be sound, so do not ignore any alarming signs.

Electricity and Wiring

For an assured result, you have to ask a qualified specialist to come with you to do a certified assessment. You may not be in a position to spot wiring mishaps like a professional can. Maybe the previous tenant had an electrical issue, and they performed some DIY shortcuts that could be unsafe and short-lived. An expert electrician will help identify any such problems to ensure you are moving into a safe home. Ensure that all the burners, sockets, and the hot shower are working.


Remember, if you sign the agreement form, that means that you have agreed to the terms and conditions of your landlord. If you are not careful, you will move into a house with furniture defaults. Check the pantry, kitchen cabinets, bookshelves, loose table legs, torn upholstery, and drawers. Look out for scratches, cracks, tear and wear, wetness, and rotting. Take your time to examine every furniture fixture before you decide to move in.

Hidden Horrors

We often concentrate on the ground and forget that the roof and the ceiling are a part of the house. However, many nightmares among homeowners come from the attic, gutters, roofing, and ceiling. For instance, issues like excess humidity in the attic or leaky roofs can cause indoor air quality problems, putting your health on the line. Remember to have a professional to come and inspect these areas to ensure there are no hidden problems.

While you could feel a little pinch paying for home inspection services, it is worth the investment, especially when buying a house.
Also, ensure there are no pest invasions that may affect your stay once you move in. If it’s a rental or used home, ask the landlord to fumigate the house so you can be assured that the house is pest-free.

Interior Systems and Room Features

Look at the state of natural lighting, the ceiling, AC, and the floor. Shaky doors and loose locks are some of the little things we ignore when house-hunting. Check the rooms for any cosmetic cover-ups to ensure that you are getting into a good deal.

pack and upack

Packing and Unpacking Challenges

Finally, when moving, it is essential to work with a professional moving company. According to the pros at Rainbow Movers, an experienced moving company provides full-service moving, which includes packing services if you need some help. They conveniently help you get prepared and organized for a stress-free move. In addition to this, other services may include loading, transportation, unloading, and sometimes even unpacking. This makes it easier for you to get organized so you are not frustrated when settling into your new house.

Moving into a new home can be refreshing, but only if you are careful about the process and the property you are moving into. Thankfully, the few tips above can help you do just that.