Top 8 Best Cordless Circular Saw

Imagine you are cutting material in a shop or on a job site. The last thing that you will ever want during the process is to get entangled in a mess of wires. Thankfully there is a solution.

Today, it is possible to use cordless circular saws to solve this problem by delivering a power-pack performance that runs on mains-powered units into a battery-powered body. This way you can leverage a greater range of motion and freedom that allows you to do your cutting job effectively.

Earlier there was a notion amongst people that for linear, precise, and smoothly finished cuts, you need a circular saw. There are two different types of circular saw available in the market: corded and cordless.

Best Cordless Circular Saw

The cordless saws are becoming more and more popular as the time has gone by. Reason? You can get more convenience from a cordless circular saw than the corded counterparts.

Remember, if you do not have to worry about cords while performing your cutting job it is possible to get the task done in a quick time. Moreover, there is always a safety element attached to it.

You also do not have to worry about the availability of a power outlet since these circular saws work on battery.

You can even get an extra set to make your cutting job last longer without any requirement to charge them.

This might surprise you: Cordless circular saws are less powerful than their corded counterparts.

Now that you have understood the importance of cordless circular saws the next step is to select the best cordless circular saw from the ones available in the market.

With so many cordless circular saw available in the market, not to forget the best cordless mini circular saw it becomes important to select one that provides a great advantage when it comes to your cutting job.

If you are one of those who is facing a purchasing dilemma while getting a cordless circular saw this review blog is especially for you.

In the forthcoming sections of this write-up, we are going to cover up valuable inputs pertaining to the cordless circular saw. Through this review blog, you will be able to determine the best rated cordless circular saw of the year.

We promise once you have read this write-up, you will be able to select the best cordless circular saw for your cutting job.

Basics of Cordless Circular Saw: The Historical Importance That Should Not be Missed

The first cordless tools emerged in the year 1980s. The amazing part is they all had limited capabilities thanks to their weak batteries.

This very reason led to the emergence of the cordless compact circular saw, thanks to the improved batteries and chargers.

With every incremental rise in battery power and longevity, the virtual realities related to technology became pre-eminent realities.

Cut back to today, you can frame your entire house in an efficient manner by employing the cutting edge power of a cordless saw and a pair of batteries swapped back and forth in the charger.

We have already discussed this very fact in the earlier section: Cordless saws are not quite gutsy as corded models. But according to manufacturers, the largest cordless saws have been developed to provide 80% of the output of corded models.

This makes the cordless circular saw one of the best when it comes to handling a comprehensive range of cutting jobs with ease.

You can get 45-degree bevels with the aid of large-blade models. The question is not whether these cordless saws can provide great cutting performance but rather if they suit your style of work.

It has generally been observed that these cordless circular saw are worth the purchase especially when you consider the fact that they are accessible as kits with other cordless tools, often drills. If you are looking for something additional, these hand held circular saw can be a better purchase than the saw alone.

Historically it was observed that cordless saws were not able to perform cutting tasks efficiently. Reason?

These cordless circular saws had small diameter blades – somewhere only 4 ⅜ inches across.

With time as power increased, it was possible to manufacture larger blades. Today, it is possible to see 6 ½ inches blades on most 18-volt cordless saws. Additionally, you can see 7 ¼ inches blades on certain 24-volt machines.

In order to get the maximum cutting power, cordless circular saw employ thin-kerf blades with low-friction coatings.

Before making the final purchasing decision of a cordless circular saw it is important to consider the depth of cut and its relation to blade size. If you opt for the smallest machines it is important to note that they spin 5 ½ inches blades which is not enough to square-cut standard 2-by framing lumber.

This makes it all the more important to opt for models with 6 ½ inches or 7 ¼ inches blade if you are planning to cut thick rough lumber.

What Makes Circular Saw a Must Have for Craftsman and DIY Enthusiast?

Irrespective of whether you are a professional or someone who prefers to handle home projects on their own, there is a need to cut things.

It can be anything – pieces of metal, wood, plastic, even stone. The important thing to note is that all these things are not available in an ideal size or shape which is required for your needs.

If you are working on a home project, precision is the most important thing. This is especially true when you talk about building structures or smaller things like cabinet drawers.

Remember, we are not caveman wherein the only resort left is to employ a handsaw to conduct your cutting job. Today it is possible for you to use a saw that is not only quick and efficient but also delivers precision results. It should also have great versatility and portability.

Please note: It is not only important to look for the size of the circular saw but also portability aspect and the type of cuts it can make.

The great thing about circular saws is that they are great when it comes to making cross-cuts, rip cuts, and very less used plunge cuts.

Remember, a conventional circular saw does not require a lot of space. There is always an option for you to store it in your house.

The amazing part is that there is no need for lots of expertise or additional types of equipment to operate.

Three Main Types of Circular Saws Found in the Market

Although there are lots of different types of circular saws available in the market, we have covered the three main types that are commonly used for home and craftsman use.

Sidewinder: A Compact Cordless Circular Saw with Spinning Ability at a Higher Speed

This circular saw is often called as an in-line saw. It is perhaps the most popular circular saw available in the market.

Sidewinder is ideal for DIY woodworking.

It is one of the most compact cordless circular saws available in the market.

The great thing about sidewinder is the fact that it is compact in size when compared to other circular saws. This particular thing makes it the best option for cutting materials overhead.

These circular saws are available in the cordless form. The great thing is that they do not require regular oiling. They provide great convenience and speed for cutting performance..

Worm Drive: A Longer and Narrower Corded Circular Saw that Easily Cuts Wider Boards

The amazing part about this circular saw is the fact that its motor is ascended towards the back of the tool. This amazing feature makes it longer and narrower than a sidewinder.

It is ideal for plunge cutting.

The only loophole is that due to this configuration, the speed of the blade decreases. But, the positive part is that it does provide more torque.

Due to the length of the saw, it is possible to cut wider boards. You can even make plunge-cutting effortless. You also need additional maintenance like adding oil to the saw every now and then.

Hypoid: An Ingenious Designed Circular Saw that Enhances Blade Contact Thereby Improving Power and Efficiency

These type of circular saws are similar to worm drive saws which generally makes them mistaken from time-to-time. One notable difference is that hypoid saws have different transmission and gearbox.

This circular saw employs hypoid gear.

The great thing is, the hypoid design enhances blade contact. It also enhances the power and efficiency. Not to forget, it reduces the motor size and noise.

This circular saw has a secured motor system which ensures that there is no need to add oil to it.

The hypoid circular saw is heavier compared to other circular saws available in the market. This makes it an ideal choice for cutting large pieces of wood especially when the wood is moist.

Now, that you have gained basic knowledge pertaining to 3 main types of circular saw available in the market in the next section we will look at some of the critical circular saw features to watch out for before getting one for your cutting needs.

Most Critical Circular Saw Features to Watch Out For Before Getting One for your Cutting Needs

The best circular saw for the money should have the following features:

Always check the Available Power to Get Requisite Cutting Power

The most critical aspect of a circular saw is the amount of power it is able to generate while performing the cutting task. Remember, amps are employed with corded saws while volts are employed with cordless saws. Also note that higher amps and volts means more cutting power.

Select a Circular Saw That has a Larger Blade to Ensure Deeper Cut

Blade capacity of a circular saw aids in comprehending the maximum depth of a cut offered by a saw. Always opt for a larger blade as it gives the deeper cut. Mostly it has been observed that blade diameter of a circular saw is 7 ¼ inches.

Opt for a Circular Saw That Consists of Electric Brakes That Stop the Blade in Matter of Seconds

The role of an electric brake in the circular saw is to ensure that there is a reverse flow of electricity in the motor of the saw whenever the trigger is released.

With the help of these electric blades it is possible to stop the blades at a swift pace of as little as two seconds.

Get a Circular Saw That Consists of Spindle and Shaft Locks for a Quicker Blade Replacement

Thanks to the spindle and shaft locks, it is possible to get a quicker blade replacement for a circular saw. The shaft lock aids in disabling the shaft and blade.


Now that you have looked at the most critical circular saw features as promised it is time to look at the top 8 best cordless circular saw for this year.

Milwaukee 2730-20 M18 Fuel 6 1/2″ Circular Saw is one of the most potent circular saw available in the market. It comes with a Powerhungry Ruthless engine.

The amazing part? This amazing Milwaukee cordless circular saw has been found to consists of a motor that outperforms all the other engines in 18V cordless circular saw category.

This makes it one of the best when it comes to performance especially for construction workers who need to make most of the cuts on a regular basis.

Also known as Milwaukee M18 circular saw, it is one of the best portable circular saws available in the market.

You will also be impressed with the design of the unit. It consists of cast-magnesium shoe and guards. The base of the model is extremely durable and lightweight. This ensures that the circular saw does not undergo any damage or user fatigue.

The best part? It consists of an ingenious handle that provides superlative grip. This ensures that there is no slippage as a result of its rubberized surface.

In addition to this, this circular saw comes with an integrated LED headlight which enables you to work in areas that do not have enough light. It also has a rafter hook that makes it easier to store.

It operates on a brushless motor spinning at the speed of 5,000 rotations per minute. This ingenious saw comes with a ⅝ inches of the arbor and the maximum bevel capacity of 50 degrees. Due to these features, this versatile saw outperforms other brands offering cordless circular saw by completing most cuts on a daily basis.


  • Comes in superlative form;
  • Consists of magnesium shoes and guards;
  • Comprises of a brushless motor;
  • Performs at 50 degrees bevel capacity.


  • There is no laser guide available in the kit;
  • Comes with poorly located hex key storage.

There are times when you feel the weight of the entire earth thanks to the restrictions of your power cord. This is where DEWALT DCS373B 20V can help you avoid this thing.

Unlike other battery-operated power tools which simply do not have sufficient power, Dewalt cordless circular saw creates a dependable workhouse like performance delivering an amazing 3,700 RPM of speed. It also has a durable construction which you can expect from this brand.

The best part is the power that this circular saw generates.

It is ideal for metal cutting.

This cordless saw is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery which is available to be purchased separately.

Due to the highly durable material used in the construction like hardened casing, a molded rubber grip, and heavy steel, it is able to withstand heavy usage for a very long time.

It is one of the most potent circular saw available in the market. It assists in cutting different types of materials like a threaded rod, conduit, plate, pan decking, strut, angle iron, rebar, cold-rolled pipe, and much more.


  • Gives amazing power to your circular saw without relying on extension cords;
  • Built using highly durable materials;
  • Comes with a comfortable grip;
  • LED light;
  • Sight-line window.


  • No cons available.

Makita XSS02Z Circular Saw employs a patented Makita-built motor which is efficient enough to spin the blade at 3700 RPM. This ultimately results in highly effective swift cutting and ripping.

It is estimated that this cordless circular saw charges up in half an hour.

There is an all-metal shoe that can be set up to 50 degrees.

There are a wide array of features available in this circular saw, including a compact design, rubber-coated grips, LED work light, and dust blower.

It weighs 7.1 pounds (3.2 kgs) in weight which makes it one of the best tools for professionals who are looking for portability and power in a compact package.


  • This cordless circular saw consists of lots of features;
  • Quiet efficient in use;
  • In case you already have a Makita battery it is the best purchase.


  • This cordless circular saw does not come with a battery;
  • Perhaps a bit too lightweight to one’s liking.

Milwaukee is one of the best brand names creating the most potent power tools since last few decades.

Milwaukee M18 2630-20 is one hell of a circular saw that uses an effective 18V Li-on battery.

The amazing part is that this best skill saw provides great value for money and puts the toughest competitors at rest in the market.

It consists of 2 volts charge storage capacity in a battery that means you can cut an additional 5 planks without plugging in the battery.

There are loads of features in this model. But, the standout one is the inclusion of an aircraft aluminum shoe that lies at the bottom of the saw. It is possible for you to cut lots of planks without stressing on the accuracy level.

It enables two bevel cuts at 50-degrees and 90-degrees. But, we observed that 45-50 degree cuts were far easier compared to the 90-degree angle. This is especially true when you need to cut it from bottom to top.

There is a 24 tooth blade in this circular saw which is available in the form of an add-on accessory.

The only problem is the weight of the saw which is 8 lbs. which pulls you down. You need to do a lot of practice with these angles before gaining perfection.

It comes with an electronic brake feature that can stop the blade from rotating. The additional semicircular guard automatically allows you to cover the blade when it is not in use.


  • You get an additional battery while purchasing a new circular saw;
  • A lethal combination of trigger mechanism powered electronic blade and the blade guard provides safety feature;
  • Highly reasonably priced providing great value for money;
  • Consists of heavy duty magnesium guards and aircraft aluminum shoes give stability and comfort to professional carvers;
  • Provides display for leftover battery charge indication.


  • No LED indicator or laser guided pointer present in this circular saw;
  • Provides 3500 RMP as the speed for a rotary motor circular saw which is less than ideal;
  • Fir, oak, and cedar wood planks provide a great cutting experience. But, if you are using any other wood type and thickness it can be an issue.

BLACK+DECKER BDCCS20C 20V is one of the most user-friendly circular saws available in the market.

The amazing part is that it comes in the form of a bare tool without any battery. But, it will work like a frenzy with any of the Black & Decker 20V Max systems.

There are a wide array of features available in this circular saw, including bevel adjustment with detents at both 45 and 90 degrees. This feature ensures that you get the most precise angled cuts.

It consists of a very swift 5.5 inch of cutting blade which makes it possible to have different types of cuts in a short span of time without any trouble. You can easily make the necessary adjustments to have an in-depth cut.

The manufacturer provides a 2 year warranty period.


  • Comes with bevel adjustments;
  • High torque motor;
  • 5.5 inch of cutting blade;
  • Tool-free depth of cut;
  • Compact design.


  • No cons available.

It is a very well-known fact that Ridgid Gen5X tools comprise of state-of-the-art brushless tool that is extremely impressive.

There is an LED light present in this circular saw which aids in cutting.

This circular saw comprises of user-friendly paddle locks which aid in providing depth and bevel control.

But, it is not short of limitations. This circular saw is quite heavy in weight. But, if you look at it positively this ingenious product comes with decent power.

In terms of cutting performance, this circular saw is one of the best.

Sometimes it becomes tiresome to carry the saw and climb due to its heavy weight.

All in all, it provides great value for money!


  • One of the most multifaceted circular saws available in the market;
  • Consists of an LED system which gives increased visibility especially while working in dark areas;
  • Comes with a very comfortable handle;
  • Long battery life that enables you to make hundreds of cut before your 4 AH battery runs out;
  • The manufacturer provides 3-years of limited warranty period for the buyer.


  • No cons available.

If you are looking to cut something small in floor vents or make fast cuts through 1x material then Makita SH02R1 12V is the best mini circular saw for you.

This small skill saw is an upgrade to Makita LCT208W 12V Lithium-ion Combo Kit.

It comes with 3 ⅜ inch blade with the capacity to cut through ¾ inch plywood.

There are lots of amazing features in this circular saw like LED light that illuminates the cutting area.

This is especially critical when you are cutting indoors to ensure high precision of cutting.

It comes with a Makita 12V 2.0 Ah slim battery pack which is enough to carry out lots of cuts before recharging it.

It has a tilting base which ensures beveling cuts from 0 degrees to 45 degrees.

You can effectively use it on MDF, melamine, drywall, pegboard, particleboard, or plywood.

The amazing part is that it weighs less than 4 pounds and is over a foot in length. This particular property ensures that you can store it in a limited space.

There is an inherent dust blower which incessantly clears the cutting line. This ensures that you get a lot of precision during cuts.

It also consists of an integrated battery protection circuit which protects the tool from overloading, over-discharging or overheating.


  • This brand has received lots of recognition thanks to the passed test of environmental friendly equipment;
  • Consists of great strength and good blade speed that saves lots of time thereby increasing the productivity of the material being worked on;
  • Can go up to 45 degrees which assist in taking multiple uses of the saw;
  • Comes with a very thin blade which effectively cuts less bulky materials like melamine and sheet;
  • Manufacturer provides a warranty period of 3 years;
  • Comes with an in-built dust blower that makes sure that the cutting path is not affected by the dust;
  • Very easy to find spare parts.


  • Recommended for only light materials;
  • Does not come with a carrying bag which causes inconvenience to its owners.

Bosch Bare-Tool CCS180B 18-Volt comes with 3,900 RPM which makes it one of the potent circular saws available in the market. The amazing thing is that it provides lots of power that aids in cutting materials without much effort.

It comes with 6 ½ inch blade which is enough to cut most of the materials and objects. This includes full 2 inches of beams or boards.

You can even make a bevel cut at an angle of maximum 50 degrees.

There are couple of features in this ingenious circular saw that assist in making straighter cuts in an effortless manner.

It comes with a left-blade design which makes it easier for a right-hander to easily mark the cut line.

There is a depth-of-cut gauge that assists in cutting consistently and in a uniform line.

There is a handlebar on top of this circular saw that aids in pushing easily and more consistently.

When all these features are combined together, it results in one of the most effective circular saws with the cleanest cuts.


  • Highly powerful circular saw that has been well-developed;
  • Provides spotless and accurate cuts.


  • Comes with a safety switch but it is awkward to reach.

Concluding Thoughts

These are the top 8 best cordless circular saw for this year. Before you select a cordless circular saw for your cutting needs ponder over the points highlighted in this write-up to make the most of your purchase!

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