Clever Ways to Dustless Home Using 6 Simple Vacuum Cleaner Tricks

Are you among those who think vacuum cleaning is a simple job of plugging in the device and sweeping your room with it? It isn’t just that. There is a whole science involved in effectively cleaning your house by it. Just like there are tips of growing lettuce in your lawn faster, keeping your dog healthy in rainy weather, and preparing delicious cookies for the guests, there are for making your home dustless through a vacuum cleaner. These don’t involve the use of any special tools or skills so, anyone can utilize them. Let’s discuss then:

1. One may not be enough

A famous saying goes, “When you are truly in love, one is enough.” That’s entirely the opposite for a vacuum cleaner. Even if you are in love with your vac, you would need to sweep the room with it multiple times before getting it cleaned properly. vac cleaning tips That’s because of the tiny size of dust particles. They have a “great” power of getting trapped in hidden places. That includes the intersection parts of the floor with the furniture, fibers of carpets, and curtains. No matter how powerful your vacuuming machine is, it just can’t pull in all the dirt in one go. A helping tip is to sweep the wiping blade in a to-and-fro motion or in a crisscross pattern. Especially if the room contains a rug, this strategy is the most effective. What happens is that the fine dust particles get settled in between the aligned fibers of the rug and only if you disturb their alignment will they be pulled out. That can’t happen if you are sweeping it in one specific direction. Crisscross pattern maps out a large area within less time as well. That would save effort too.

2. Empty the bag after every vacuuming

How often do you empty the cannister of your vacuumer? If you haven’t answered this question in a jiffy, that’s calling for trouble. Because the longer you take to dump the dust collector bag of the cleaner, the weaker will it’s sucking power become. vacumming The rule of thumb is to empty the bag when it is three-quarters full. If you take longer than that, the efficiency of your machine would decrease rapidly and in some extreme conditions, the pipe might become blocked. You all would have heard about the process of diffusion, its basic school knowledge; this is the process by which particles from a higher concentration travel to a lower concentration region and greater the difference is, higher will be the rate of transfer. The same applies to your vacuum cleaner. The lower the concentration of dust will be in the internal bag, the higher will be the concentration gradient and with more speed will the dust particles be sucked in. Ensure that you empty the bag after every vacuuming process or otherwise, remember to empty it before the start of vacuuming.

3. Use the right type of vacuum cleaner and settings

Do you consider yourself to be a pro at selecting the most suitable vacuum cleaner? Let’s find out if you are. vacuum cleaner There are assortments of vacuum cleaners in the market; some with beater bars, some with scrubbing accessories, while others with multiple suction power settings. Make sure to purchase the model which matches your needs. If you have a fluffy carpet, beater bar cleaners would do wonders. These are actually rotating brushes that go deep inside the fibers of the carpet and pull out the hidden debris. It is particularly great for people who have pets because their hair tends to stick with the fibers of the rugs, carpets, and couches. You need to be careful however because beater bars can damage soft rugs like Barber and Persian by disturbing the alignment of their strands. Also, you shouldn’t consider using it on wooden, vinyl, and marble floors as it can cast brush marks on them. If you can get a vac with a removable beater bar, that would be ideal. Now, we come to the settings. It is recommended to start the vacuuming process at low suction power and gradually switch to higher levels after each iteration. You obviously have to clean the carpet two to three times so why not dedicate each suction speed setting to each round. Then, there are the accouterments that can be attached to your existing vacuum cleaner. It may include nylon brush, squeegee, wiper attachments or vacuum duster attachment. While the first few accessories can help clean different surfaces like sofas and curtains, this attachment can get into hard-to-reach places like circuit boards of electronic equipment, room crevices, and underside of the furniture. Another advantage of the vacuum duster is that it wouldn’t pick up small objects along with the dust. You don’t have to remove objects from the tight corner first and then turn on the cleaner – it’s convenient and saves time too.

4. Follow a routine

We all have routines for our pet walks, kids playing time, car-washing and grocery shopping so why not apply that to vacuum cleaning as well? A measurable amount of dust or breathing uneasiness must not be a signal for us to vacuum clean the room. Right? Following a proper cleaning routine will ensure that every corner of the room is dustless and dirt-free. You are certain to ‘miss’ a part of the room or furniture on one week but having this schedule would cover that up in the coming weeks. Once a week or every two weeks is recommended but the high-traffic parts of the house would require more attention. Rooms which are more likely to become dusty like kids room, mudrooms, and lounges may need vacuuming after every other day depending on their usage. Kids love to throw their food remains on the floor and we as parents, have to live with that. Pets are the messiest of all the family members and while “kids threat” is limited to only one room or part of the house, the “pet danger” extends to the whole house. Their hair and dander scatter everywhere and must be cleaned otherwise it would result in throat infections and breathing difficulties.

5. Remove the clutter before vacuuming

It’s only reasonable to remove objects from the room before sweeping it with the cleaner because as it will make it easier for the machine to work its magic. If small items like toys, keys, coins or marbles remain messily on the floor, the vacuum cleaner will exert an effort to suck them in too. This would take a portion of vacuuming power which ultimately would reduce the overall efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. Also, chances are that these small things can clog the opening of the vac or even damage its internal parts. It can ruin your machine overall which is not something you would approve of. Better to be careful than to be regretful.

6. Don’t be harsh on the vac

Neither is the vac a wet mop that it will stick all of the dirt with it nor is it a detergent that assures that the carpet gets cleaned wholesomely. Don’t pressurize it with high expectations of cleaning everything. Keep in mind that it won’t scrub off stains or oil spatters. The only thing it will be omitting form your room is dust. harsh on the vac Also, don’t make it harder for the cleaner to do its job. If you are allowing everyone to come in the room with muddy shoes or don’t have any protective booties for your pet puppy, you are compiling a considerable amount of work for the vacuum cleaner. It might work fine for the first few sweeps but if you keep overburdening it, it will lose its effect soon. Don’t go about criticizing the company or the manufacturer in that case because it would be your own mistake. Machines are a group of components and they need care and respect just like humans do.

How to vacuum according to the surface

Let’s now discuss briefly how you can clean different parts of the house. 1. To vacuum the curtains, attach the brush accessory with the cleaner and run it from top to bottom on low power. Take proper care of the top 10-15 cm as this is the part where most of the dirt will be accumulated. 2. For cleaning of rugs, if it is small enough to be taken out, do that and give it some strong swats. Then, bring it in and run the sweeper over it gently going form low to high setting gradually. 3. To clean the stairs, take care of the large debris first. Then, attach the crevice add-on to the cleaner and work the edges of the stairs. After it, switch to your main attachment and run over the step and riser respectively.

Concluding thoughts

We have reached the termination of the article so here are our concluding thoughts. Integrate these tips in your vacuuming procedures, and you would see for yourself how effective these are. Make sure to use the cleaner according to its recommended setting in the overall process.
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