Top 5 Best Wireless Home Intercom Systems

Top 5 Best Wireless Home Intercom Systems

Picking Home Intercom for Effective Family Talk

There was a time when we were addicted to landlines phones as there was no internet and other smart calling facilities.

Today we have smartphones but even then we often find the need of intercom system in the home.

Imagine a situation: You have a huge home and it is difficult to ask your children to get down from their room. One thing you can do in this situation is shouting and calling them.

You can simply make a call on their mobile phone and what if the phone is also switched off?

You have to step up in their room…

That is not happening!

There are also some of the emergencies when old age people at your home can slip due to wet tiles. During those moments they won’t be able to email or text you. The only option is calling.

If you have an intercom in your house, it becomes easy to call and tell other family members if you are in any such big damn trouble.

The good news: You can also use this system in your office so that there would be clear and sound communication between the staff in your office.

Now, you will be able to give a command to your intercom system like Alexa call Jerry!

Currently, this system has wifi intercom facility so you can also make a call through Skype and WhatsApp.

Amazing, right?

If you are searching and scrolling many write-up reviews and you are still confused about which intercom system to buy, then you are probably at the right place.

In this write-up, we are going to give you reviews about different intercom system and you can choose the best smart device if you are planning to have one at your home.

We assure you that after reading the write-up, you will find one better intercom system which will be like one smart assistant for you.

Best Intercom Devices

Benefits of Modern Intercom System

You cannot deny the fact that in a small home or a huge villa there is a need for proper security.

There are chances that a thief can take all your valuables and run away.

Also during noontime when you are sleeping, some salesman can knock your door and disturb your deep sleep pleasure. We are sure that you won’t like that.

To escape from all these problems, you can install a telecom system at your home and be tension free for the rest of time.

An intercom is an easy appliance which you can use anywhere from your home to your personal office for smooth communication and vital security purposes.

If you also want tight security from the burglars and unwanted guests, you can simply install a fresh intercom system for a home.

Let’s discuss the advantages of an intercom system.

Accessible Devices

The modern intercom devices for home as well as commercial purposes are so apt that they make your life a lot easier.

There would be times when a member of the house keeps the door lock and to have an easy entry a known person can just show face and enter the home by the permission of the owner.

A person can also make a call in the intercom so that the homeowner would access the door lock and the gate would get open on its own.

The residential intercom system is just so effective that it diminishes any kind of security risk.

Make sure you choose devices wisely as per your needs.

Availing Prompt Security

The best part of this system is it is very quick so you can immediately know whoever has come to your house.

You can also make a video call with the person who has come to see you. If you know the person you can simply press the button and allow the person to enter your home.

There are many vendors who come to sell the product at the doorstep, you can also stop such people with the help of a portable intercom system.

Advancement in Intercom facility

When this technology first made its footprint in the real world of telecommunication, they just had a microphone and speakers but today they have wonders of facilities to offer us.

Today the technology is upgraded in such a way that we have video facilities, wifi and also app management system in any of the new intercom devices.

It has become a very useful weapon to make changes in inter-house communication as well as a new medium of entertainment.

Spying on your kids

Most of the parents are worried about their kids. Either they are little kids riding a bicycle in the lawn or young boys chit-chatting with friends. Parents always have little tension about whether their children are safe or do not stay in a bad company of friends.

Spying is not at all a great thing to do as it can create a huge space between your children and you.

But when your children are in some real problems, it is necessary for you to know their mental condition and help them to solve the issues like a responsible parent.

You can connect better with your kids by adopting this intercom technology.

Developing an Interactive office Environment

It is the most vital thing to install intercom system at your office.

Every employee needs a great communication facility in their office as they can share immediate communication with one another.

The Employee spends their majority of the time at their office so it becomes a family for them. Communication is a great way for the unity of co-workers.

Source of Entertainment

Due to the immense change in technology today we have a number of unexpected things happening in the tech market.

Past generation was satisfied in just making a call on the phone but today millennials are happier to make social media appearances and interacting with emojis with their friends.

Amazon Echo and Alexa lead you to creatively handle the social media sites by giving 24/7 entertainment.

Why use Wireless Intercom system?

In the current period, you do not need any system which would waste your time.

You obviously do not want a system which is complex and out of order.

In a wired intercom system, there would be a wire attached all over your phone and also outside your home to get them connected. You know this kind of phones if you are born before and during the ’90s period.

When wires are attached to the system it cannot be relocated easily to other places thus it makes the communication process tougher.

You also cannot walk while talking on the phone. Who would tolerate that in the era of instant messaging across the boundaries?

The best option is a wireless intercom system which is packed full of new technology as well as gigantic global entertainment.

You can also make group conversation by using this efficient wireless intercom system.

To make your task easy, we have arranged some of the best reviews of a wireless intercom system for home or office.

Take a look!

Researched Reviews of Intercom System

Samcom is one of the largest channel intercoms with 20 different secure channels in it.

It is the most convenient system for a huge house and in a household where many guests are welcome more often.

You also can take care of your elderly parents as this system is installed in almost every place like breakfast, bedroom as well as the entrance room.

Additional advantage: Even If it has a wide communication channel, you also can have group communication.

In this system, you can have room to room intercom system in order to connect with every member of the family and there is no need for shouting their names.

The only shortcoming of this system is that it doesn’t have a great range in each intercom so sometimes it is hard to get connected with another intercom at your place.

You can also connect the intercom with the doorbell so that you can hear the bell in your basement too.

The company also provides walkie-talkie to make your conversation more effective.

It is has a power bank that means it will not require a Wifi.

In addition: There is a “Talk” mode where you can connect to one intercom set and “Group” mode where you can with a group of people.

This product has a lifetime quality warranty.


  • The connection relies on a two-way radio and typical handle.
  • With 20 channels this device can control a huge traffic
  • It can be mounted anywhere.
  • Advanced LCD display leads to check the station of other intercoms.
  • The microphone is loud and clear which makes the communication more flexible.


  • The electrical gadgets which are kept near this system can interrupt the conversation.
  • There is a minor fault in the reception system.

This system is a unique two way monitor intercom which is widespread into two floors including both the ends of the house.

The voice quality of this system is so good that you can have a smooth conversation standing in a kitchen talking on a phone which is on the top floor of the house.

In this telecom system, you also have designated channels so you can talk privately to a family member when you don’t want to include every member of the family.

In addition, there is a vox option which is used to have a hands-free conversation via this telecom system.

The ring is a bit loud but on the contrary, you are getting one of the most trusted and secured home paging systems.

You can also make a conference call in this system.

This system is a little dicey when comes to understanding the system which is a very common problem when you are not used to a new gadget.


  • Talk features are up to the mark.
  • Smooth installation process.
  • Provides multiple stations to connect easily


  • Ring of this system can bang your head.
  • Dicey instructions for installation.
  • It is pricey than other products on the market.

Wuloo is an FM wireless multi room intercom system which has a perfect sound quality and can expand to a greater range.

In terms of security, you can trust this system as it has 10 channels and above that, it consists of 3 digital codes which makes it even more secure.

Here you can talk to a person who has other digital code.

Golden offer: You are getting a lifetime warranty what else you can ask for!

This system is not rigid and anyone can operate it with ease. Simply follow the step-by-step procedure given in the manual.

The feature includes VOX, Group call and it functions better with the help of monitor.

It has a power bank so it becomes handy to take the phone anywhere you want to take it.

Moreover, you are getting a mounting hole through which you can settle your set into one place.


  • Voice quality is on top
  • You can talk to your best friend privately
  • One of the best intercom systems for office as it provides effective communication in different departments.
  • This system is movable, take it where you like.


  • Channel button does not light.
  • Cannot receive the message or communicate if the monitor is on.
  • There is a complaint about the unit not working which can cause if the phone is fallen or it is not placed properly on the wall.

When you are not looking for anything fancy but a regular kind of telecom system than Qniglo is one of the best options for you.

The versatile thing is that the company has launched an updated version which has 9 channels and it covers distance up to 1800 ft.

In addition: You are getting a built-in microphone along with the speaker so you don’t have held down the button while talking on the phone.

You can mount this system on the wall or you can simply put this little phone on the table as per your need.

You can use this phone at the office, home or in a meeting arena as this phone works best in the entire area with the shortest distance.

An amazing feature: The phone is automatically operated without a ring so it doesn’t disturb the old age people in your home.

It does not have a lifetime warranty but it has a money back guarantee up to 45 days and nearly 18 months warranty. Don’t worry when you are buying this telecom system as you are not compromising on the quality.


  • Simple telecom system
  • It is one of the inexpensive intercom systems
  • Multi-functional telecom system
  • Pick up the phone without a harsh ringing tone.


  • You can miss calls due to the automatic answer mode.

The new release brings a lot of changes to this product.

This system (new model) consists of 10 FM secured channel covering 1800 feet long distance.

You can also take this phone outside your home where the network is low and you want a continuous conversation.

This system is preferred by most of the people as it can be used as a walkie-talkie.

It has also the necessary features from group call to VOX. It also includes a monitor which can work up to 10 hours straight.

When you need to have a conversation with your husband who is in the garage, this system works well for a house to garage intercom.

When you are looking for something more secure and functional at the same time you can blindly trust this brand.

During picnics, you can use this system when your group is large and you all are scattered in different parts.

Dotting Advantage: You can also make a call to another company’s device having similar code.

It is a ROSH certified company so you are secured in terms of quality and lifetime warranty.


  • Covers respectively larger area for communication
  • Provides unlimited intercom system
  • Power bank allows a secure connection in different rooms of the house.


  • A monitor function is missing in this telecom device.

End with a Pleasant Ring-Ring!

There are many telecom systems which also provide the facility of video intercom so it becomes easy to see a person when you are talking with them.

For effective communication, it is inevitable to have a secured and functional telecom system.

You can simply choose one system from all the above which will be useful to have a great environment at home, office or a picnic spot.

We hope this write up has helped you to know the best wireless system and now you can carefreely buy the best product as per your needs.

At Comfy Home Corner we are dedicated in providing the best suggestions on different product in order to make your life easier with smart purchase.