Top 5 Best Walk Behind Mowers

Top 5 Best Walk Behind Mowers

Take the Best Move with Electrical Lawn Mowers

Gardening is an art which needs a lot of hard work and planning too.

Every homeowner dreams of getting a big garden near the home. But the only problem is it becomes difficult to maintain the garden.

During the olden days people used to graze the sheep and another animal to carry out the task of trimming the garden as well as farms.

Today, we have robots and hovercraft to make the garden look neat and tidy.

Typically all the modern and old machines have a rotating blade and motor.

You will be shocked!

Walk behind movers was originated and even used by people before World War II but they were called reel mowers.

Reel mowers have cylindrical blades which are to be run by a person.

Now there are products in the market which can cut the grass with sharp blades very swiftly.

The only thing which is important in this tool is an efficient motor that keeps the glass stuck and a rotating blade which can cut the grass.

Walk behind mowers are modern machines made for cutting down the grass by giving it a desirable shape.

You can cut the grass in various shapes to make your garden look extraordinary.

Some homeowners also appoint designers to design their home garden to make it look like a cafe where they sip their evening tea. But not everyone has that extra money to call a designer for designing the garden.

Do you like shaping your garden?

Is maintaining the garden time-consuming?

Not any more!

There are hovercraft lawn mowers which work with air and not by the wheels.

If you too are struggling in maintaining and redesigning your garden or farm, these modern-day mowers are what you need right now!

In the forthcoming section, we are bringing reviews about a wide range of electric lawn mower which will definitely help you in choosing the best product to ease your grass chopping techniques.

We assure you that after reading these reviews, you are surely going to thank us, other than that you would get the idea for choosing the right lawn mower for your home.

Whether you want to redesign your old garden or want speedy equipment for cutting down the grass your final need is the lawn mower.

There is these list of 5 best walk behind mowers.

Have a look!

Top 5 Best Walk Behind Mowers

If you have a garden and that too a full unparallel grass then you must not adopt push mower

techniques and go for some modern lawnmower.

Popular Types of Walk-Behind Mowers

Lawnmowers are mainly of 3 different types. That is one which works on the gas, another which is automated, and the last traditional mower which runs with human effort.

First of all, let’s discuss the gigantic gas mowers.

Gas Walk-behind Mowers

Gas Walk-behind MowersThere will be times when you have to cut down the entire grass which has grown in heaps, the best solution is you can use gas mowers which work on gas.

Gas lawn mowers are generally used in large spaces which has vast and big greens.

These mowers are also durable giving results for good 8 to 10 years.

The only thing that you have to keep in mind is to drain the oil after finishing the cutting process.

You should not keep the oil in winters in mowers for a long time as that will make the oil solid and thus your machine will not work properly.

The expert technician says that you must use gasoline instead of any other oil to keep the machine working in a great condition.

Make sure that the gasoline you are using for this machine must have 10% ethanol and 15% MTBE( methyl tertiary butyl ether).

These self-propelled lawn mowers are not environment-friendly but when comes to efficient working, you can say they are far better than the electric mowers.

Also, these mowers do not make noise so you can happily do your gardening on Saturdays without disturbing your neighbors.

There are many advantages of using these gas mowers but people do not adopt this machine because of the higher maintenance.

You need to change the oil, air filters and also spark-plug check-ups.

Seems tiring!

If you hate maintaining this machine, you can also make the mechanic to do this task for your machine.

Electric Lawn Mowers

As humans, we have always made everything automated, grass cutting has also become fully automated and there is no need of human efforts.

Cutting the long and thick grass consumes your whole day.

What if the lawn is too big? You are going to get exhausted for the whole weekend.

If you do not wish to bring pain in your life, there is this invention called electrical mowers.

These mowers are generally for small areas with less space.

The only fault is, these machines have is a loud noise.

They are also eco-friendly, and does the work fast.

Moreover, you just need to charge the batteries after doing the process as it works on electricity.

Some people find the charging process of electric mower useless as gas mowers work very efficiently in less fuel.

Managing the chord of this mover is again a very irritating task and because of this reason,  people wish to buy simple reel mowers.

Reel Mowers

Any garden lover would suggest reel mower as the best tool for gardening.Reel Mowers


They are flexible. They neither need fuel nor battery for carrying out the designing process.

These real mowers are very simple and you can use with little effort.

The only thing you have to do is to push this machine and the sharp blade of this machine will cut down the unwanted grass.

Reel mowers are traditional equipment which can even be used by kids in your house.

You can get the same cardio workout feeling while working in the garden.

That’s really cool!

Benefits of Walk Behind Mowers

There are lots of medical benefits of moving a lawn mower which has been discussed by various researches.

The main benefits of riding lawn mower are;

  • Burning the calories: You might not know this fact but when you are riding lawn mower you have to push it at that needs a lot of strength. If you have a huge garden at your home, it is again one of the best forms of exercise.
  • Meditation: These would seem a little weird that cutting grass is a kind of meditation but it is no lie. When yo do the repeated process for more time, your mind gets relaxed and you totally feel more immersed in that activity by resting your mind.
  • Saving money:  A human mind is trained in a manner that they are happy by saving money,  which is quite obvious in the real world. You can save lots of money if not hiring a servant for creating a new garden design.
  • Healthy heart: When so ever you are doing any kind of physical activity it increases your heart pump rate and thus make your heart strong. Many heart patients are advised by the doctors to do lawn moving activity once a week.
  • Sharp eye-sight:  From olden times people know this fact that walking barefoot on the grass can improve the vision of eye. Mark it!  By riding this mower you are benefitted in two ways, cleaning your garden as well as improving your eye-sight.
  • Beautiful garden: Ultimately, your goal is to redesigning your garden and it can be achieved by regularly cutting the greens and giving it an extraordinary look.

If you are planning to buy the best walk behind mowers, it is necessary to know their pros and cons. To know the quality of this walk behind mowers just scroll down!


The model gives an efficient charging facility so that you can charge whenever you want with ease.

When it comes to the functioning of this lawn mower, you can manually prime and choke this engine.

The sharp and cutting deck design gives high-quality cutting which even cuts the close trim easily.

No matter what type of land you have in your garden, the wheels are so fast that it does the task very quickly.

There is also a height changing option in this model through which you can adjust the height as per the length of the grass.

Here, you will get a water hose connection and easy cleaning of a deck so that it becomes easier to maintain your machine and it can sustain for many years.

In short, this model is perfect electrical mower which will make your task so easy and effective at the same time.


  • Efficient charging facility;
  • Powerful motor and wheels;
  • The height of the machine can be changed as per the requirement;
  • Easy to maintain.


  • It is very noisy;
  • The model needs some improvements.

Greenworks provides this model which has all the qualities of a good lawn mower. It’s powerful 12 Amp motor leads to cut down even the longest of the grass.

This model has features such as mulching, side discharge, and rear bag, making your work more productive. Push button leads you to start the process.

You can manually drive this tool and can also make it work through the battery.

The model also has the fordable handle hence, you can store it even in a small space. You do not require much space. This machine is perfect for both huge and small garden.

It is one of the electric mowers which makes the minimal sound, that means you are not disturbing your neighbors.

It is easy to maintain this model as well as anybody can perform various green cutting functions by using this model.


  • This model is light and compact;
  • Height adjustments lead to the proper cutting of the grass;
  • One of the best electric mowers in the market in terms of quality;
  • Require less storage space.
  • Makes a minimal sound.


  • Hard to chop down huge grass;
  • The product is not durable;
  • Chords are short, only can be used in small yards.

Worx is a brand which is popular to give quality products with exclusive features in a small budget.

The company gives two expandable batteries which you will never get in any such product.

It is one of the best cordless lawn mowers which can extend its working capacity by covering the huge yard.

These batteries delivers 40V power which gives a boost to your grass cutting process.

You can also save battery by using its torque.

Its height adjustment is so apt that you can create thick grass without much hard work.

This model also has a grass bag features with carrying handle which makes the disposal subtle.

It covers a large area up to ⅛ acre by providing neat and clean grass cutting process.

Along with the battery, you are also getting the dual port charger which is cherry on the cake.


  • Two batteries with a dual port charger which increase work efficiency;
  • Flexible height adjustments;
  • Covers a large area of gardening;
  • Provides carry handle and grass bag feature;
  • Cordless lawn mower.


  • No cons are available.

Its grip is quite comfortable so you can effectively make your garden look beautiful.

You can also cut the tall grass with the help of this efficient mower.

The start and functioning of this model are really easy.

Its height adjustments are so flexible that you can also cut the grass in the forest.

Wheels of this mower are designed in such a way that it quickly cuts all the grass in a uniform way.

This walk-behind mower is battery powered which makes your garden looks breathtaking through best functioning.

This product can be trusted as it comes with a 2-year guarantee.

Black+Decker Impressive model with a wide handle and modular structure has a great demand in the market.


  • Provides a comfortable grip;
  • Easy to cut the tough grass;
  • Consist of flexible height adjustments;
  • Environment-friendly equipment;
  • It has powerful wheels.


  • It comes with a cord which makes for a restrictive moment;
  • There is no option for mulching.

The motor in this model is so functional that it cuts the 14-inch path like the melting of a butter.

Here you will get the options for controlling the height with 3 different positions.

It also includes the discharge bag which can easily discharge the waste of grass.

The steel blades are edgy and strong, cutting the grass with precision.

This model looks very stylish, it looks like a toy car design for children.

When it comes to the quality and looks, this product gets full marks.


  • This mower model is very stylish;
  • Available 3 options for height adjustments;
  • Blades are sharp and edgy;
  • Lightweight and compact design;
  • The handles can be folded for easy storage.


  • This design is not for huge farms or garden;
  • It needs a power source;
  • The product is not durable.

Walk Behind Mowers: Checkmate

There are many lawn mowers in the market and we have given honest reviews about the top 5 products.

Electric mowers are manipulating the gardening skills of millions of homeowners and by using these mowers you can increase your cutting efficiency by almost 90 percent.

If you also want a garden which looks like a mesmerizing cafe, do some mowing activities and get the garden of your dreams.

We hope you will be inspired to buy the best product from the above reviews.

At Comfy Home Corner we are dedicated in providing the best tips and product reviews to assist you with creating a better environment for your home.