7 Best Tile Saw that will Make Your Life Better!

7 Best Tile Saw that will Make Your Life Better!

Choosing the wrong tile saw will cost more than what you may initially save. Depending on what needs to be done and what type of tile you are working on, you’ll need the best tile saw for the job.

If you are planning to do tile work on your house or are looking for tools to use, keep reading this post to know the best tile saw for your project and to avoid unnecessary costs and wasted efforts just because you’ve taken a shortcut and skipped on knowing what you need.

The Best Tile Saw Characteristics

Do not be overwhelmed by the plenty of options available. To narrow down your choices, use the qualities listed below for the best tile saw as your guide:

Size of the Blade

Deciding early on which size you want the Blade of the tile saw to be, you will be able to eliminate choices you don’t want to spend time researching on. The size of the blade will be the determining factor for the performance of the best tile saw for your need. Naturally, the larger the blades are, the deeper it can go into cutting the material you are working on.

Rotations per Minute

The power of different tile saws range from 3500 rpm to 6500 rpm. Based on the jobs you will usually handle, you can determine which among the options makes the best tile saw for you. According to most users, most residential projects require at least 3500rpm. For heavier loads, you’ll need a minimum of 4000rpm and can still go higher.

The Best Tile Saw this Year

In this review, we have put together a list of seven (7) of the best tile saw that will make your life better. Here’ the list we have come up with:

Tile SawHighlights
SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch Wet Tile SawThe best tile saw for small projects. SKIL is a recognized brand in the world of power tools.
HYCHIKA MS-85C Mini Circular Saw TileThe best tile saw for if you are looking for great build quality. However, the blade sizes are small.
Makita 4100KB 5″ Dry Masonry SawPowerful motor for its size. The best tile saw for comfortable to use.
SGQCAR Mini Circular Saw Set Its Soft leather handle with three blades for different types of work. Best tile saw for DIY projects.
Chicago Pneumatics 2.5 Horsepower 10″ Industrial Tile/Brick SawBest tile saw if you are looking for great power output and generally sound build quality except for the cheap plastic knobs and water pump
Metabo HPT Masonry SawHas a high power output but is light weight. Great tile saw for longer use in projects.
158 Mini Circular Saw Offers six blades that come with the package. Has a double protection switch. It feels like it compensated for what it can’t reach with power with a lot of features.

Skil focuses on providing power tools that are efficient and affordable. Among them are different kinds of tile saw models designed for various uses. We have included the SKIL 3540-02 Wet Tile Saw in our best tile saw list.

The SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw comes at an affordable price. We were amazed at its 3600rpm electric motor that is paired with a 7-inch of a blade. It does belong in the best tile saw category indeed. Its stainless steel top is also something to be impressed with. This ensures resistance to corrosion. The top is strong enough to support tiles that are up to 12×12 inch in size.

The SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw also comes with an adjustable rip fence. You are in for straight and accurate miter cuts for your tiles. It is capable of bevel cut tiles from 0-45 degrees. With its 7 inch blades, it is capable of cross cutting up to 7.75 inch and a diagonal cut capacity up to 7.25 inch.

To keep the blade cool while cutting tiles, the SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw is equipped with a water reservoir. It also functions to keep the dust and other debris from tile cutting minimal.

Why is the SKIL 3540-02 included in our list of 7 Best Tile Saw?


  • Smaller in size and weight. Ideal for home use.
  • Great tool for small projects
  • SKIL offers great warranty
  • Has a water reservoir included


  • Pretty low RPM for heavier workload
  • The water reservoir has to be frequently refilled

Hychika boasts of the many years they have produced power tools for professionals. They have spent more than 20 years in research and development that has benefited the power tool manufacturing industry. One of their products made it to our best tile saw list.

HYCHIKA Compact Circular Saw Tile is equipped with a 4500 RPM motor. It has three blades designed to cut tile, plastics, wood, plaster boards and PVC.

Its base has a heavy gauge iron wraparound while its top cover is made of aluminum. Both of these ensure safety and add extra durability while using the tile saw.

We are stunned to see that Hychika was able to produce versatility to this product with the 3 blades that come with it. The 1x30T HW blade is designed for wood cuts; the 1x36T HS blade for metal cuts; and the grit diamond blade for tile cuts. It is indeed one of the best tile saw in our round up.

Being compact in its size and weight, we recommend it for DIY projects in the house. It will be a great addition to your tool kit.

Hychika did not stop with their 3 blades! This tool is also equipped with a laser guide, making cutting on a straight line easy and simple. With the addition of its parallel guide attachment, there will be no excuse for crooked cuts! It makes cutting tiles quick and precise.

Its rubber handle can easily be overlooked. With a soft rubber handle, vibrations are reduced and your hand is protected from fatigue.

Cleaning will not be a problem with its dust port and pipe for saw dust. Attach these to your vacuum and enjoy a neat and clean working area.


  • Three blades for different uses are included
  • Powerful for its size
  • Generally sound build quality


  • The blade sizes are too small for common cutting tasks

Makita is a respected power tool manufacturer. It has produced and is continuously producing tools that have benefited professionals and DIY users.

Makita 4100KB 5″ Dry Masonry Saw boasts of 12,200 RPM powered by its 13 amp motor. With this speed and power, expect it to perform in the most demanding applications.

We give plus points to its transparent upper guard dust cover. This helps in seeing what you are working on better and making sure you are cutting at the right angle.

It is designed to work with contour blades and versatile enough for radius cutting and other related applications.

You have the guide rail as an optional attachment to make accurate and straight cutting.


  • Compact design
  • Able to eliminate dust to make cleaner cutting work
  • It is comfortable to use
  • Motor is powerful given the size of the saw


  • More powerful saws can be bought for its price
  • The guide rail is an option that has to be purchased

SGQCAR Mini Circular Saw Set offers powerful features that will meet not only your tile-cutting needs but also many other applications. It is a multi-purpose tool suited for professional use and any DIY projects.

With this power tool, you can cut tiles, work on wood floors, cut plywood, pegboard, particle board and many more!

The SGQCAR Mini Circular Saw Set has a handle that is covered with soft-leather. It is effective in handling vibrations and absorbing impact. You can work with comfort and use the saw with one hand while doing intricate cutting work.

Your working area’s surface will easily be maintained with the dust removal hose. Make clean cuts and maintain a clean surface.

This compact tool brings three saw blades, two hexagon wrenches and a dust removal hose made of silicone. With up to 3700 RPM, you are capable of cutting soft metals, aluminum alloys, plastics, marbles, tiles, wood, and cement. Just make sure you are using the right blade for the job,


  • Soft leather handle
  • Comes with a dust removal hose
  • Comes with three blades for different uses.


  • Blades are too small for a standard circular saw
  • Could have been cordless due to its size

This 2.5 Horsepower 10″ Industrial Tile/Brick Saw comes with a two-position cutting head. What this means is you’re able to adjust the blade for various bricks and tiles you are going to cut. It lets you work on standard tiles and bricks with sizes.

Its 10” blade cuts tiles up to 18” long and makes diagonal cuts up to 12” with a maximum depth of 3 ⅛”. With up to 3850 RPM, you will make precision cuts with its oversized steel frame that comes with a precision bar system.

Vibrations are managed with the cast alloy column and cutting that are heavy-duty, making operation smooth and easy. Speaking of easy, this tool is equipped with a high-impact ABS water tub and makes cleaning easy and fast when paired with the built-in water pump that works at 3-gallon per minute.


  • Easy to use
  • Compact enough for easy storage
  • Great power output
  • Good feel on the hands
  • Has great safety features


  • The water pump feels cheap
  • Cheap plastic on the knobs
  • This saw is on the heavier side

From the respected Hitachi Power Tools renamed as The Metabo HPT, this Masonry Saw CM4SB2 4″ Dry-Cut Masonry Saw cuts smoothly through tile, brick, concrete, granite, marble and other similar materials. Professionals who demand power tools to work efficiently and accurately will not be disappointed.

We are pumped to see its 11500 RPM speed powered by its really hefty 11.6 amp motor. Even the toughest materials bow down to its cutting power and efficiency. The package comes with a 4” continuous rim diamond blade that guarantees high-performance and accurate cutting.

Expect long-lasting performance and life span with its armature coil protected from debris and dust. Even with dry-cutting tasks, you can always know that your tool is safe and protected.

High temperatures and vibrations are the main cause of wear and tear in almost any power tool. To address this issue, the Metabo HPT Masonry Saw was designed with metal seated ball bearings to prevent damage from vibrations and heat.

It is also user-friendly. You only need to pay attention to its one touch lever to quickly and easily adjust the depth of your cuts.


  • Switches are dust-proof
  • Surprisingly light for its power
  • High power output
  • Well-developed motor and designed to last long


  • Replacing brushes is a tricky and time consuming

We are now at the last tool in our 7 best tile saw review! We are glad you made it here. By now, you should have an idea on what exactly you needed for your projects based on the information we have reviewed paragraphs ago!

The Circular Saw pushes its metal handle as its key feature. Its patented metal handle design will help you manage fatigue. It helps when working with one hand as it provides strong clamping force and makes cutting more stable.

You do not need auxiliary tools to install and disassemble this saw; all you need to do is to rotate the handle.

You will make precise cuts with its accurate and easy to use laser guide. Now with the 5.8 Amps motor, it functions with speeds up to 3500 RPM. This can easily compete with and do things larger saws do, without all the clutter.

We are glad to report that it comes with six (6) blades that are designed for specific uses. You can cut wood, soft metal, tiles and other materials, increasing its versatility in application.

Your safety has been secured with its double protection switch. What this does is it prevents the saw from opening accidentally, ensuring a safe working area for cutting. It is also equipped with a dust port to connect to your vacuum and avoid the stress from cleaning up your shop after a hard day’s work. This is the best tile saw to use if you would like to make the cleanup easy and sweet.


  • Comes with six (6) blades
  • Compact design and durable feel
  • Great handle design
  • Powerful motor
  • Has double protection switch
  • Has a dust port


  • Safety feature can be a bit of a nuisance

Great work on reaching this part of our seven best tile saw review. We’ve tried to review as comprehensive as we can and offer you different options for the different sizes and loads you need to address in your project.

At Comfy Home Corner we are dedicated in providing the best tips and product reviews to assist you with creating a better environment for your home.