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Natural Light Solar Attic Fan 36Watt
Solar attic fans are environment-friendly innovations that make use of free and readily available solar energy, and therefore lower monthly costs. Why do we need one? We know that warm air tends to go up, and in a home setting, it goes to the attic. One effective way to keep the attic cool is by using a solar attic fan. It promotes good attic circulation and keeps it cool. But with many solar attic fans available in the market, how do you even know which one is the best?

There are a number of factors to consider when you are planning to buy one. Since good air circulation is of primary concern, look for a solar attic fan that has a powerful motor. This ensures proper attic circulation and prevents mold build up. An ideal solar attic fan is also easy to install and can be adjusted accordingly.

Of course, you don’t want to sacrifice design with functionality, and you can absolutely have both. They’re great products in the market that are both powerful and easy on the eyes. And lastly, what else could be better than having a warranty on your solar attic fan.

After a comprehensive research of different brands and models, we have chosen Natural Light Solar Attic Fan 36-watt – with 25-year Warranty as the best solar attic fan. With 36 watts, this top-rated product is impressively powerful and energy-efficient. It is made from the highest quality materials in any solar attic fan in the market. It’s not only powerful but also good-looking. Its sleek and neat design doesn’t hurt your eyes when looking at your roof. With no wiring required, this product is easy to install.

This amazing product is also adjustable from flat up to 45 degree angle. When it comes to warranty, this is the leading in this industry. It has a 25-year limited warranty on the entire unit. It also has an optional feature of a snap-on thermostat for use in a colder climate which is sold separately.

This product stands out in performance, design, material, and warranty.

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Solar Attic Fan 36Watt Review

These Black Solar Attic Fans offer an easy installation process on Fiberglass-Asphalt pitched shingle roofs and have been rated as the ideal product to achieve proper ventilation in areas such as attics. Natural Light is the brand for solar-attic fans and has become one of the top choices for builders and also features the highest qualities currently manufactured in the U.S.

DC motors on the solar fan are powered by a solar panel of 36-watts. The motor in the attic-fan moves moisture and hot-air out the attic space continuously. The solar panel can be adjusted from a flat position to a 45-degree angle. The Solar Attic Fan can be mounted on 3/12 up to 12/12 pitched roofs. This model is not suitable for the side-wall mountings or flat roofs. There are models for flat-roofs mounts available in the Natural Light range.

These fans have the ability to move 1628-cubic-feet every minute. It is recommended to use 1 ventilation attic fan for 2625 square-feet of your attic space (for larger areas another fan is recommended). There are also Fire-Safety Switches and Optional Thermostats that you can purchase separately. For Tile roof installations there are also Tile Roof Flashing kits and optional Turret extension that you can purchase separately.


  • Easy-to-install with no wiring requirements
  • These solar attic fans come with an industry-leading 25-year limited-warranty based on the entire unit
  • Constructed out of the highest-quality materials when compared to any of the other Solar Attic Fans on the current market
  • All the needed installation hardware is included
  • An optional Snap-On thermostat that can be used for colder climates

Customer Reviews

The Solar Attic Fan 36-Watt Black has an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. The majority of customers are extremely satisfied with this product with most customers commenting that the unit arrived well protected and packaged. Other customers mention that the installation instructions are easy to follow from the unpacking, the set-up, cutting the hole, the installation, followed by the caulking to the clean-up. Other customers also mention how quiet the unit operates and that they notice that their A/C’s kick in a lot less.

Out of the 3-star reviews, one customer does mention that the fan is fantastic during daylight hours, but as soon as the sun sets the fan stops working. Another 3-star rating review includes a customer stating the solar panel is very sensitive when it comes to sunlight, meaning that the panel has to have direct sunlight, or the fan is unable to operate at max wattage. Overall, this product comes highly recommended, especially for its high-quality materials and an impressive 25-year warranty.

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HQST Solar Powered Roof Mount Attic FanThe Solar Powered Adjustable Roof Mounted Attic Fan has a Poly-crystalline Solar Panel that is the perfect solution for lowering the temperature in your attic and preventing moisture damage. This all-in-one unit with 39 watts of power maintains a steady quiet airflow operation that makes it ideal for proper attic ventilation. With easy installation on asphalt shingle or pitched fiberglass roofs, you can attach it to the roof and enjoy the convenience of having the hot air drawn out of your attic, and the benefit of saving on your electricity bill as it the fan only works when there is light.

The 30 watt built-in panel is adjustable to a 45 degree angle for maximum exposure to the sun, or it can be detached and mounted separately. As soon as the sun hits the solar panel the fan will start spinning automatically. The durable rust-free materials of this solar powered fan ensure a long-life and it needs no maintenance.
An optional snap on thermostat is available for use in colder climates. With this once-for-all product, you don’t have to be concerned about ice-damming in winter and your roof will be protected from deterioration.

One HQST Solar Attic Fan unit is capable of keeping an area of 2,625 square feet cool and ventilated. For larger areas more than one unit may be required. This solar powered fan may be just the solution you need to keep your garage cool as well because the panel can be detached and remotely mounted and adjusted to catch the rays of the sun. The more light the solar panel is exposed to, the faster the fan will spin, so it is important to mount it in direct sunlight.

The package includes one 14 inch HQST Fan Blade and one 30 Watt Solar Panel with a ventilator size of 20.9 x 20.9 x 9.8 inches. It comes with a One-Year Material and Workmanship Warranty.

Safety Precautions

Make use of appropriate safety equipment and attire such as gloves, a hard hat, and safety glasses during installation and operation to avoid injury. As the solar powered fan will start to spin automatically as soon as the sun shines on the solar panel, it is recommended to always approach the unit with caution. If you have fuel burning equipment in the attic it is imperative to have sufficient air circulation for proper exhausting and combustion of gases through the flue.

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Solar Attic Fan 24Watt

When the temperatures start to rise and the sun is out in full force, home owners will need some way to keep their home as cool as possible. Central air and window air conditioners do a pretty good job of creating cool temperatures in the home, but they add to energy bill costs. There’s a way to actually turn the sun into a home cooling option by installing a solar attic fan. The Solar Attic Fan by Natural Light is a good example of one of these clever cooling options.

Natural Light’s Solar Attic Fan runs on 24 watts of power provided through a solar panel module. The module is efficient enough to keep the fan running constantly without the need for any outside power source. It features a strong construction of aluminum with a powder coating, which is tough enough to match the metal found in aircraft. Although expert installation is available for those who need it, it’s not required, as all of the equipment needed to install the solar fan is included with the product, and there’s no need to run wires through the home to the fan because of the module.

The solar panel sits on a hinge so that it can be angled to get the most sun exposure. There is a lack of rotation once the fan has been installed, so it’s best to have an idea of the sun’s path before installation. The fan supports the installation of different roof types, even tile roofs using mounting hardware. Since the fan spins as longs as power is provided to it, many users opt to purchase compatible switches for fire safety and thermostats to control the temperature and turn off the fan during periods when it isn’t needed.

The solar fan also comes with a limited 25 year warranty that should cover normal usage. Due to being a solar unit, it’s possible to get a 30% federal credit from the government for the purchase of the unit.

The Solar Attic Fan by Natural Light works well as a cooling solution for homes. It can act as a supplement for air conditioning systems to reduce the load placed on them or work as a main cooling method if multiple fans are used. For over $350 a unit, it’s an affordable option as well. The lack of rotation may be a hindrance to some, but with careful planning before installation, this can be overcome.

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Broan 345SOWW Surface Mount Solar Powered Attic Ventilator

The attic is perhaps the most important area of the house in terms of insulation and storage. While there are many styles of houses that don’t have attic storage space, most are. If nothing else, most homes have a crawl space where you can store a box or two.

Heat rises, so these attics have to be well insulated. However, heat loss isn’t the only problem an attic can have. In damp, rainy climates an attic can quickly become a great place to live for mold, fungus, and pests. So keeping it well-ventilated is a must.

The Broan model 345SOWW ventilation fan for the attic is a great choice if you’re looking for an inexpensive fan that works well. It has a number of features that make it much better than the standard metal fans.

Standard Fan Features And How This Model Is Better

Ventilation fans require a certain amount of energy to run. This causes people to only turn it on occasionally, which gives it less time to do the job. No one wants to use more electricity than absolutely necessary, and rightly so.

The model 345SOWW surface ventilation fan from Broan comes with solar panels so it can power itself. You won’t have to worry about a higher electrical bill with this fan!

Most attic ventilation fans are large, metal objects that don’t always hold up. They’re generally made of sheet metal, which stands up to weather fairly well but has a great deal of space. Screws can get rusty, and it’s easy for water and animals to crawl in.

Broan once again outclasses the standard by being small, surface mounted (so it sits on your roof rather than a wall), and built with an aluminum mesh protection screen. The surface mounting is an especially beneficial feature. It allows minimal cuts in roofing shingles, which ensures minimal space for water or vermin.

Even if the roof isn’t precisely flush against the fan, the mesh screen picks up the slack. It helps dissipate the water, forcing it to flow down further away from the fan itself. It also sits flush against the roof, keeping out everything that’s supposed to stay out.


Broan has made one of the best ventilation fans in its price range. While huge, fancy systems may offer a number of programmable features or boast impressive lasting power, the Broan model 345SOWW solar-powered surface mounted attic ventilation fan is the best value for the money you’ll spend.

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Eco Worthy 25W Attic Fan

The Eco-Worthy is a 25W solar powered gable attic vent fan that is designed to be maintenance-free. As such, it comes with a 30W solar power panel that is foldable.


  • The 25-watt gable attic vent fan is powered by a brushless motor for quiet and smooth running. The fan is capable of venting up 2,200 square feet efficiently.
  • The fan has high-strength aluminum blades.
  • The fan comes with a high-strength stainless steel shell.
  • The ventilator has a pre-installed 8-inch cable with a connector for easier connection to the solar panel.
  • It has a 30-watt poly solar panel that is foldable. The solar panel also comes with an adjustable mounting bracket for better positioning and seasonal adjustments.

The Good

It has to be said, the Eco-Worthy is designed to be easy to use and work right out of the box. As such, there is not a lot you need to do to get it working, other than installing it. Being solar powered, it cools your roof without consuming utility energy. This reduces the load placed on your air conditioning and reduces the amount of energy bill you pay at the end of every month.

For the most part, the system is designed to be maintenance-free, meaning after you install it, you need not worry too much about it. Obviously, the occasional maintenance is required to enhance the performance of the system and to increase the life of the system and, therefore advised.

Another benefit of using the Eco-Worthy Ventilator is that it can work even under low voltage conditions. As such it can work even on cloudy days.

The Bad

A very annoying element that comes with purchasing the Eco-Worthy is that its installation can be a daunting process. For starters, it does not have a built-in mounting system that its users can make use of. Furthermore, since this item is produced as a kit, it does not come with any instructions on how to go about its installation. As such, for those who are not adept at DIY projects, this can be a huge limitation as its installation will be a daunting project.

Other users have an issue with the fact that the Eco-Worthy does come with its own screen cover for the fan. This means that insect pests have an easy time getting into one’s home if the fan is installed in its stock configuration without adding a screen.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Eco-Worthy is a very capable ventilation system that is also a cost-effective purchase and low cost to maintain. At its price point, there are very few alternatives that can offer the same high-quality attic ventilation and still work straight out of the box.

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