Best Air Purifier For Cigarette, Weed, Cigar and Second Hand Smoke

Last Updated: 20th February 2018 

Winix PlasmaWave 5300Are you in search of the best air purifier for smokers in the market? True, it is a challenge to find the best among heaps of different brands and models. So, what should you expect in a high quality air cleaner?

Opt for a product that cleans air effectively but at the same time, is energy efficient. An ideal air purifier must provide air cleaning for large spaces. Additionally, look for a product that does not produce harmful by-products that may harm the environment.

Comprehensive research of different models is quite a task, but it has helped us realise the pros and cons of different air cleaners. And so we have selected Winix PlasmaWave 5300 Air Cleaner Model to be the best air purifier for cigarette, weed, cigar and second hand smoke.

It has 3-stage air cleaning that removes indoor pollutants and odors. This ensures a clean and healthy indoor air. This impressive air cleaner has a built-in air quality sensor that adjusts fan speed automatically. It can also purify air even for rooms up to 350 square feet. An amazing product that can clean your air and effectively get rid of unwanted odor due to various sources of unclean air. Filter unwanted pollutants with this Energy Star approved air purifier.

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Top 5 Air Purifiers For Smoke

  1. Winix PlasmaWave 5300 Air Cleaner Model
  2. InvisiClean Aura Air Purifier
  3. Coway AP-1512HH Air Filter
  4. GermGuardian AC5350B Purifier
  5. WSTA Desktop Air Purifier

(#1) Winix PlasmaWave 5300 Air Cleaner Model

Winix Plasma Wave 5300 Air PurifierThe Winix PlasmaWave 5300 is a high-quality air purifier on the market today. The unit is designed to handle more space at a lower price compared to its competition. It is highly rated for spaces up to 350 sq. ft. It can remove more than 99.9% of airborne contaminants in your home and office. The purifier has a three-stage air purification system as well as a high-quality True HEPA filter for this purpose. This article provides a comprehensive review of the Winix PlasmaWave 5300 air filter.

The system has an effective rate of 99.9% thanks to the three-stage air purification system and the True HEPA filter. Here are some of the salient features of the product.

The Odor Control Carbon Pre-filter captures large contaminant particles in the air. For example, dust and hair particles are easily captured by the system. It can also absorb unpleasant gases and odor molecules in the indoor air. The filter is coated with a CleanCel to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold.

The PlasmaWave Technology – This technology generates both positive and negative ions. It will create plasma clusters that will help to instantly neutralize chemical vapors, bacteria, virus, and other odor molecules in the air. The best thing is the system does all this without generating harmful ozone emissions in the process.

The True HEPA Filter – This filter can trap even the smallest particles of contaminants in the room. For example, smoke, mold spores, dust mites, pollen, and pet danger particles are captured successfully.

You can easily adjust the speed of the unit due to the auto-adjusting feature. The product has the Energy Star approval. Hence, you don’t need to worry about your monthly utility bills. That is why you need to invest in the Winix PlasmaWave 5300 air filter.

(#2) InvisiClean Aura Air Purifier

Invisiclean Aura Air PurifierThe InvisiClean Aura 4-in-1 is the latest air purifier product released by InvisiClean. The product is ideal for the modern customer looking for a flamboyant posh living. The elegance and original design of the air purifier set it apart from the competition on the market. The purifier is at the knee level for most consumers – whether they live in a small congested apartment or a big mansion. Hence, the product is an excellent fit for any type of home out there. The HEPA cleaning technology can easily deal with all kinds of debris in the air such as mold spores, pet danger, dust, pet hair, and plant pollen. The technology helps remove more than 99.9% of these pathogens. This article provides a comprehensive review of theInvisiClean Aura Air Purifier.

Are you looking for the perfect air purifier on the market? The InvisiClean Aura is the ideal product for you. It comes with a true HEPA filter, UV-C light, an activated carbon pre-filter, and an ionizer. This unit has a sleek look, portable, and will help improve the indoor air quality in your home or office. It brings you four cleaning levels in an attractive compact unit. Although most manufacturers talk about the HEPA technology, not all HEPA filters on the market are the same. The HEPA filter in this unit is proven to capture more than 99.9% of harmful airborne particles. That is why you need to invest in the InvisiClean Aura air purifier right now.

This unit can help eradicate funny and repulsive doggy smells from your home. It contains a powerful UV-C light that helps destroy odor molecules in the air. This unit is fitted with a powerful direct current motor to cycle as much air as possible within a short time. All in all, the InvisiClean Aura is one of the best air purifiers on the market today.

(#3) Coway AP-1512HH Air Filter

Coway AP-1512HHThe Coway AP-1512HH is an ideal air purifier to remove your indoor air pollutants quite efficiently. The unit is compact and quiet and will help filter almost 99.9% pollutants of a small room with ease. The product comes with excellent safety and convenience features. The Coway AP-1512HH air filter combines a number of cleaning features with its portable and compact design. Due to all its versatile features, the Coway AP-1512HH is considered one of the best air purifiers for a small room. Here is why you need to invest in the Coway air purifier.

Even though the Coway AP-1512HH is designed to purify air in smaller rooms, it equally competes with purifiers designed for mid-sized rooms. It can effectively clean the air in rooms up to 350-400 square feet. Even though the unit doesn’t have the best CADR scores compared to more expensive units on the market, it still can remove a large percentage of indoor pollutants from your room. The product uses a 4-stage filtration process to remove pollutants from the indoor air in your home or office. There is a washable pre-filter that helps capture large particles of pollutants such as dust and hair. The carbon filter is effective in removing odor molecules from the indoor air. There is the true HEPA filter that helps capture smaller particles from the indoor air. The ionizer charges the outgoing air for better-capturing purposes.

The most salient feature of this unit is its compact and lightweight design. In fact, you can easily carry the unit from room to room as needed since it weighs only 15 pounds. There is a timer to set the unit to operate for a certain time before it shuts down. Even at the highest setting, the purifier produces only 58 dB of sound – which is not too loud. That is why you need to invest in the Coway AP-1512HH air filter on the market.

(#4) GermGuardian AC5350B Purifier

GermGuardian AC5350B Elite 4-in-1The GermGuardian Air Purifier is a low priced unit with a lot of salient features. The unit has a 4-stage filter system that is quite effective in removing 99.9% of the pollutants from your room. The purifier also comes with a programmable timer and a filter life indicator to service a room up to 230 sq. ft. The UV-C technology is quite effective in dealing with germs and odor molecules. That is why you should invest in this high-quality air purifier without delay. Here is why you should buy the GermGuardian AC5350B air purifier.

The 28 inches tall tower unit comes with a sleek design and weighs about 11 pounds. It looks just like a large speaker and will fit into any room. Since it is compact and light, the filter is rather easy to carry around. You can carry it to any room in your home due to this reason. The control panel is on the top of the unit. The digital controls are easy-to-operate. You can easily change the fan speed, observe the UV bulb replacement indicators, and turn the UV-C system on and off from the control panel. This is one of the quietest units on the market today. It has 5 fan settings and the first 3 settings are very quiet. You won’t notice the unit operating when the fan speed is low. The filter life indicator will tell you when it is time to replace the HEPA filter. In fact, you should make sure to replace the activated carbon part of the filtration system more than the HEPA filter.

This air purifier has an Energy Star rating and uses only 70 watts. It also has a CADR rating of 125+. This means the GermGuardian AC5350B is one of the most efficient air purifiers on the market today.

(#5) WSTA Desktop Air Purifier

WSTA Desktop Air PurifierThe WSTA Desktop Air Purifier is a high-quality air purifier on the market today. It is ideal for the modernist in you with all the salient features of the product. The unit comes with an elegant hard-maple faux wood finish and a polished black accent band. The strong quiet fan will pull in the polluted indoor air in your home or office. It removes almost all of the pollutants in the air in your home or office. Here is why you need to invest in the WSTA Desktop Air Purifier.

The HEPA filter of the unit is combined with coconut shell activated carbon filter in order to boost its purification effects. The unit can also remove chemicals and odor molecules that cause foul odors in your home. This cylindrical air purifier has another salient feature which allows it to generate negative ions in order to combat the positive ions that lead to various health problems and make the air fresh. The unit comes with a small effectiveness range due to its compact size. Hence, it is ideal for your office desk, car, or even the kitchen counter.

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