Top 5 Best RV Air Conditioners

Top 5 Best RV Air Conditioners

Imagine a situation: You are camping in a warm place.

It’s all good in the early morning time and suddenly when the sun rises you feel sick due to extreme heat and you do not have an option to escape from it.

You use table fan and take a bath with cold water… Nothing works.

During this time the only thing which will give you cool vibes is your new RV AC unit.

RV is a compact AC unit made especially to use it outside the home in your vehicle.

We all like taking a sunbath on a pleasant beach when we are in a cold island. What if you are out in Dubai? Your car would be smashing with heat.

Majority of the people use RV AC unit when they are traveling to some hot places as it is light in weight and gives relief from the sunny climate.

We live in urban areas and it is quite difficult for us to adjust to any climate.


We are pampered enough that extreme cold and extreme heat is like a huge life problem for us.

If you too cannot bear the heat during your outing period, don’t worry!

There are many companies who are making RV AC units, so it would be really easy for you to choose the best AC as per your choice and budget.

In this write-up our main focus is to give reviews about different RV units by which you would get a precise idea of what AC to buy when you are traveling to places like Sudan.

We very well know that after reading this entire write up, you will become a master to choose the best RV units for your next trip.


Don’t assume that these units are only made to use outside the home. When you do not want to spend much in a huge AC or you like seeing a compact AC which suits the interior of your house. You must go for these AC units.

We have listed the top brands of RV AC units so that you can choose the best one as per your needs.

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Basics of RV Air Conditioner

Basics of RV Air Conditioner

Summer is a season we all cherish as it gives us the luxury to taste those pulpy mangoes and enjoy long vacations as there are holidays in schools and colleges.

We plan our family trip and friends trip during this hot season.

We take all the necessary things with us like toothpaste, medical box, makeup kits, football, and other important things. But what happens when the temperature rises to some other level and it becomes hard for you and your kids to resist it. You can simply take the help of your RV AC.

BTU’s (British Thermal Unit) helps you to measure the strength of your AC and also determines which one will be suitable for your lifestyle.

Note: The new innovative RV come with 13500 AC unit.

It all depends on your needs. If you are more often using AC unit then you have to buy one which is above 13500 BTUs and when your usage is minimal you can opt for unit lesser than 13500 units.

Also, most of the people go for ductless AC units as they give more cooling to all the corners of the vehicle. On the contrary, the non-duct unit is placed on the ceiling and it provides cooling only on the opposite direction of where it is placed.

You can also change the airflow of these units as per your choice.

The duct units are more expensive than the non- duct ones.


It is easy for you to install. You can also put it in the corner where you are listening to your favorite music.

Here is the twist: You can also keep the duct AC in the rooftop like non-duct one.

You can also use several units of RV if your vehicle is huge and there are lots of people traveling with you.

If you are planning RV rooftop air conditioner in your vehicle you have to consider the height of the vehicle. Please check out the RV rooftop air conditioner review given in the forthcoming sections of this content piece.

In case, you are looking for a huge and best quality RV there would be circumstances that your rooftop AC can increase the height of your vehicle.

It may become difficult for you to park your vehicle near a small parking area. So, choose the height of your AC accordingly.

Many people like huge RVs and so they can opt for two AC sets so that it will reduce the hard work by one unit. It also will provide a great cooling to the entire vehicle.

When you are using the unit for whole day 24/7 it will definitely strain your generator and your maintenance cost will increase. During those circumstances, you can use solar power as solar AC can preserve the energy of your air conditioner so that it will work efficiently.

Even if you are spending lots of money on RV air conditioner, they will be useless after some time if not given proper care and maintenance.

Below are the following things you have to keep in mind in order to keep your air conditioner safe for a long time.

Pro Tips to Maintain Your RV Air Conditioner

  • If possible, keep your RV in shade almost all the time as this will save its energy and you will get the best cooling the entire day.
  • There will be times at night that you can stay without AC as there is enough air and cooling in the climate. During such times, the smartest way is to turn off your AC to maintain it.
  • You can also keep the curtains with a light color. It will provide a natural freeze atmosphere in your RV.
  • Buy an RV fan so that you have the alternative. Use both the resource one by one…In turn this would save energy and function well!
  • When your motorhome air conditioning is slow or takes time to start, the capacitors need to be replaced.
  • When your AC only works at a certain speed that means the motor needs to get replaced.

There are many fixes which have to be done in your air conditioner like low speed, leaking, noisy functioning and so on. The best advice is to buy a new RC air conditioner which is made up of the latest technology. It should also be pocket-friendly too.

Presenting the Reviews

As promised, let us get the required information about all the top brands which have great RV air conditioner deal specially customized for enhancing your travel experience.

There are two important qualities to be taken into consideration when you are buying an air conditioner for your vehicle. One is airflow and the AC which has a great cooling capacity.

The good news: Airxcel Mach 15 is a model which have the marvelous cooling along with the great airflow

You will get impressed by its compact size which is ready to fit wherever you wish to keep it.

When long summer days are tiring you, Mach is the best option as it functions well to provide a cool breeze for you to chill and play games in your RV.

Nobody likes the old non-ducted type of air conditioner, so this brand also provides the ducted system especially for a huge vehicle.

The unit is designed with a ⅓ hp fan motor which is one of the largest systems when comes to the air conditioner.

Another thing which will catch your attention is its 320 CFM speed which will give you a pleasant atmosphere anytime and anywhere.

The streamlined shape of Mach 15 is the talk of the town with its copper tubing as this will provide long life to the air conditioner.

It is one of the biggest Rv air conditioners in comparison to other similar products.

When you are looking for a great quality air conditioner, Aircel Mach 15 is the best alternative as it has the condenser coils which have lance fins and a large evaporator which help in heat deduction from the system.

It has an optional heater which can supply heat about 5600 BTU units.

The design and powerful working of this model makes it to the top of our list of best-rated air conditioners.

The listed price of the product on Amazon is $812.23.


  • Worth buying for its fast evaporator and condenser;
  • It has a condenser coil protection;
  • Durable 1/3 Hp motor providing great air flow;
  • Have a great Heater assembly unit;
  • Marvelous heating and cooling feature up to 15000 BTU units;
  • Reliable for its large condenser coils and evaporator;
  • Handy due to its compact size.


  • Heavy in weight.

When you are fond of black color you will definitely like the design and color of this unit.

The smaller and lighter weight of this air conditioner unit will attract the customer to buy it.

The dazzling advantage: It will not add weight to your rig thus saving your fuel and thus deducting the pressure from your vehicle.

Another outstanding quality of this type of air conditioner is that they are environment-friendly and thus work efficiently without being harsh to our mother earth.

The unit is designed in such a way that it provides great RV accessories and better specifications which Increases its performance.

In addition to this: Dometic black provides 15 percent airflow that gives wintry bliss.

It falls in a smart category of a lightweight model which is a rare quality seen in any other air conditioner units.

The air vents are 14 x 14 inches makes it ideal air vents.

When you are planning to go for trekking to the mountains, the only sleep you will get is in your RV, make sure that you use Dometic black air conditioner to get deep and peaceful sleep.

We can suggest this Rc AC unit as it comes with base pan and shroud, expanding its work life.

It is one of the best AC units for campers, as it is lightweight and gets installed anywhere.

The two preferred colors are white and black so choose as per your discretion.

It has an air distribution box and single zone LCD comfort control center which makes it even more useful than other brands in the market.

Pay attention!

Along with all the advantageous functioning, it has two-year protection plus warranty making it an ideal product to buy.

The unit can be easily installed and maintained with little care.

The listed price on Amazon is $855.32


  • Most preferred color choice;
  • Excellent design and performance;
  • Improved quality and lighter in weight;
  • Amazing 15 percent airflow;
  • The most dynamic air distribution box.


  • A bit expensive then Aircel Mach 15;
  • Base pan must be not long-lasting.

Atwood is of the most reliable two 16k BTU units. It comes with a heat pump that you can rely on for best performance.

It is made from high-quality material and the 2000 watt generator adds more efficiency to it.

The air conditioner also works great during shocks and any other accidents in the rig.

It has a temperature control system along with the digital temperature readout.

You don’t have to compromise in cooling as it provides 30 AMP service.

The compact and comfy air conditioner has many things to offer you but the main thing is it, it gives you the cozy wintry bliss.

Amazing fact: The remote is wireless so that you don’t have you find remote everywhere in the Rc to adjust your AC.

You can also adjust your sleep timer without a remote.

The fan runs effectively for 24/7, making the product different than its competitors.

It is ducted so you can carry it anywhere you want. You can also listen to the TV with low sound as the fan does not make any kind of voice.

It is 2 times quieter than other product of the market. You can also name it as travel trailer air conditioner units as it really adds comfort when you are traveling to a far place.

Again the rooftop opening is 14″ x 14″, making it ideal for installation and maintenance process.

The listed price on Amazon is $861.70


  • The design enhances the look of the RV;
  • Best product for installation;
  • Roof-mounted AC;
  • A compact design and instant cooling.


  • No remote control;
  • Needs a great ceiling assembly;
  • 24/7 fan speed is sometimes irritating.

Dometic is a very popular brand which has a niche in many RV products.

The 15000 BTU and 14-inch roof opening is an amazing thing about this product.

You will like it! It has a ducted system with air box installation.

It has both ducted and non-ducted system makes it ideal for anyone to buy the product.

The motor and fan work in the most efficient way.

Another out of the box thing is that it has a heat pump which is available both for heating and cooling in your RV.

It is also preferable for a small camper.

The gasket has been included here. There is also a control center, the only thing you will need is CCC2 T Stat in order to install this system.


  • Easy to install in RV;
  • An amazing heat pump unit;
  • Automated control system;
  • Great style and lightweight features;
  • Base pan with durability and strength.


  • Control center is a bit difficult to understand;
  • CCC2 T Stat comes separately.

The product is very much low profile and one of the amazing rooftop air conditioners.

It has a fiberglass base pan which has great strength and works for a longer period of time.

The model Mach 8 is considered as the best AC from all the top 5 competitive models.


Best cooling and awesome air flow.

The installation process is easy and it has fiberglass which shows its outstanding quality.

The heating and cooling process is again very convenient in the system.

The airflow is again not noisy being the most noise-free air conditioner.

You can get it in both black and white color.

The listed price on Amazon is $1,189.90.


  • The heat transfer is very dynamic;
  • Amazing lightweight and low profile design;
  • Not at all noisy fan;
  • The installation is easy;
  • One piece of motor design.


  • Not at all energy efficient product.

Ending with the Best Deal

There are 5 top RV air conditioners we have provided in this write up. We hope that this information helps you to select the best air conditioner for your vehicle.

It will also help you to fight against the extreme heat for your next summer trip.

The sureshot winner of all the above air conditioner is Dometic black, considering the price and quality.

To get more such amazing reviews of your favorite product stay connected!

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