Top 5 Best Portable Carpet Cleaners of the Year

Top 5 Best Portable Carpet Cleaners of the Year

Clean Your Home Like You Open Your Phone’s Finger Lock

Cleaning can be really hectic these days because couples are mostly busy in their workplace that they cannot devote time to their home.

We all plan to clean on coming weekend and the weekends also get end partying and for get-together rituals.

It is a must to clean house thrice in a week to keep yourself healthy and also your relatives would not nag behind your neck that she keeps the house dirty.

You know how gossip works!

There is just one obstacle between you and your mop and that is your laziness.

Cut long story short: You can always have backups and many fast cleaning types of equipment to make your work easy so you don’t feel lazy carrying out the cleaning process.

When comes to cleaning the carpets you can probably trust portable carpet cleaners. You can even use them as car carpet cleaner as well as the couch cleaner.

Are you like us who hate cleaning carpets?

Is your cleaning process taking a lot of time? That you are getting the least time for chilling with your friends.

Vacuum cleaners are like a huge gift for any homeowner as it reduces their work by 90%.

These vacuum cleaners are made to clean the dirt, hard strains, and many tiny dust particles.

Portable cleaners are different than the ordinary vacuum cleaners as they cover a large area and also makes the cleaning process effortless.

In order to make your house look extra beautiful, you can purchase these cleaners for your home.

In the forthcoming section, we are providing honest reviews about the top 5 portable carpet cleaners products from which, one product definitely deserves a place at your home.

We guarantee you that at the end of the write-up, you would get the best product which will work efficiently for your home.

Best Portable Carpet Cleaners of the Year

Perquisites of Portable Carpet Cleaners

Portable carpet cleaners are very handy and come in a compact size.

It also removes those hard strains which cannot be removed with the help of a mop.

There are various brands who are giving some of the extraordinary features in a single cleaner to do advancement in the cleaning process.

It comes in a small size

Handheld vacuum cleaners come in small size.

If your house is not too big and the bedrooms or the living room is compact, you must definitely purchase these portable cleaners.

When the size is small, you can operate it in a comfortable way and thus it improves the speed of your cleaning process.

It is light in weight

Not all the vacuum cleaners weigh light but due to advancements in technology and increasing the needs of people, the companies have come up with low weight cleaners.

Currently, most of the product is less than 5 pounds made for the convenience of the people.

Also, you can teach your children some cleaning habits by this very lightweight cleaners.

It is really handy!

Handheld steam cleaners are really handy that even small children can use it without much effort.

These handy cleaners can clean up all your mess in no time.

You can also make it work like pet carpet cleaner to clean your pet’s room which is probably the most tedious task.

Amazing Features of Portable Carpet Cleaners

Tank capacity:  If you have a huge home with so many rooms and large balcony then you have to use the cleaners which come with broad tank capacity.

In case you have small rooms, stairs and tiny bedrooms you must invest in the handheld cleaner with a small tank.

Make sure that you opt for a large tank capacity when you have a big home as it will reduce the cost of refilling the tank.

Transferable: This carpet cleaner machine is made in such a way that they can be taken to other places without much to do.

You can also take this cleaner to your garden to clean the ground.

When you are shifting to a new home, this machine will not at all take lots of space and thus you can move it just like that.

It will take the least space where you have to keep this product.

Separate tank: Most of the modern machines come up with a separate tank. One is for cleaning the dirty water and another tank is for keeping the solution.

When you are using top rated carpet cleaners then there will be to separate tanks and thus it will make your work cleaner and also the germs will be killed in a vigorous way.

Cleaning various spots: There are many corners in the home which must get clean from time to time.

If you have a pet at your home then you need to clean the pet carpet so that your pet also lives in cleanliness.

You also need to have a sofa cleaner so that your sofa remains dirt and spot free all day long.

Perhaps, get a habit of daily cleaning with this super powerful steam vacuum cleaner. It will not just save your weekend party but will also uplift your health.

You need to be very attentive to clean the corners of your house as well as the kitchen area from where all the junks get to your living room carpet.

Talking about the living room interiors you need furniture steam cleaner which will give you a neat and clean sofa.


Do not keep dirty legs on the sofa and do not eat on the sofa that’s what all mom says!

The furniture steam cleaner is also a great tool to clean your dining table or wardrobe of the home but the cleaner must be of condensed size.

Upholstery cleaners are designed especially for the furniture which needs a soft cleaning procedure.

Also, the dirt in the sofa is very tiny which cannot be removed by any ordinary vacuum cleaners of the market.

You will be happy!

Now you will get the best cleansers also for your mattress to give you the most relaxed sleep.

These mattress cleaners have the protection of UV rays which will kill all the unseen bacteria of your home.

Note: It also has the power to kill bacteria up to 99 percentage.

You don’t have to take any special care concerning the cleanliness of your toddler.

There are these new vacuum cleaners whose battery lasts for 20 minutes so that you can do continuous cleaning without charging.

The cordless vacuum cleaner is really beneficial when you want to escape from charging the battery again and again.

We have derived reviews of top brands who are making some of the exceptional carpet cleaners. That will give you efficiency in the cleaning.


Bissell’s portable carpet cleaners are giving very tough competition to other products of the market.

When you want a compact cleaner with efficient working, this product must be in your top priority.

The weight of the product is only 14 pounds making it one of the lightest products in the market.

It comes with only one tool which removes the tough stains. In case, you want a cleaner with multiple features, this carpet cleaner is not for you.

It is one of the trusted products as it has a warranty for two big years.

The product comes with Deep Reach technology so the entire carpet can be clean clearly.

This product has a powerful technology which can lead the solution and water deep down the carpet.

On top of that: It has a powerful motor which sucks the water from the carpet resulting in the drying of your beautiful and clean carpet.

You will find two preset cleaning cycle in this product which will save lots of your time.

If you are that cleaning pro, you can also do it with the help of some additional tool by this brand.

All in all: Bissell SpotBot Pet cleaner is a hands-free device made for the homeowners who suck at cleaning the carpets.


  • Fully automated device;
  • Saves your precious time;
  • Has a compact design;
  • Manufacturer provides a warranty of 2 years;
  • Consist of a powerful motor.


  • It comes with a single tool.

This brand provides one of the best products in terms of quality.

This spot clean pro is an effective carpet steam cleaner which works best one comes to hard cleaning including the nook and corner of the carpet.

It carries out the scrubbing action, deep cleaning, and vacuum suction like melting of butter.

The best part: It includes rug cleaner which helps in removing stubborn dirt from rugs, thus it gives an outstanding look to your daily used rug.

This product comes with 5 flex hose which has 5.7 amps power.

The power cord comes with a length of 22 inches so that it becomes easy to clean the places like stairs, rugs as well as corners of the furniture.

It has 6 strong tools to clean the stains without parting more time.

Along with the tools, it also has Scotchgard which prevents the future strains on the carpet.

It has a huge tank which can carry almost ¾ gallon of water and dirt.

The flexible part of this model is, you can clean the entire area with a lot of space excluding the workload of filling the tank more often.

You will find it easy!

It also cleans the hard-to-clean areas where most of the product cannot reach and work properly.


  • Handle area can get broke with the hose;
  • Not impressive hose design.


  • It is not the quietest fan.

This multi-purpose cleaner is intended to provide deep cleaning in all the small and large areas of the house.

This product comes with 4-ft hose length, 48-ounce tank capacity along with brush attachment.

It is really great that it has PVC-free hose and tanks which is made from recycled plastic.

The machine forms an awesome combination of water, suction, and formula.

This product lets you spray and suction in just a blink of an eye.

Moreover, it has a superior suction made to remove deep dirt and stains from all over the house- making it the cleanest place.

It is one of the genuine products when comes to the achievement of cleaning tasks.

There are very few products in the market which functions well with the help of its compact tools.


  • It is quite simple to assemble this cleaner;
  • Compact and lightweight;
  • You can fill the solution without much work;
  • Bristles are very functional;
  • Gives the best cleaning experience.


  • Unable to remove the plastic cap;
  • The machine is extremely loud.

The red color and modern look of this product makes it unique than most of the product in the market.

It does the same thing of cleaning stains, rugs, carpets, and upholstery in a very clean manner.

It has an automated brush with 2 times suction power in comparison to its competitors.

It gives flexibility in the work and travels around 1200 times per minute.

The product is useful for deep clean without harsh heat or steam.

Additional feature: It also works as a spot cleaner.

You as well as your child can operate this machine as it  comes with the smooth wheels and flexible handles, making the cleaning process convenient.

Addition to the handles and wheels, it has detachable water tank convenient to empty down and fill the water.

This machine is lightweight and rest assured that you will be getting the cleaning done on your fingertips.

Whatever the thing is this product is just ready to clean it in no time!

It cleans coaches, automobile, chair, table, rug and also the hard bed sheets.

Furthermore, this product is made for those areas where your mop skills will not work.

The product is famous for offering powerful suction which will remove your present and future stains hassle-free.

Most of the days this happens that your children might play in the mud and comes home and walks in the carpet- making the carpet dirty.

Don’t worry!

This product has the power to remove spots which comes from the coffee spots, wine, mud or any other things.

It also has the water tank specially designed for rinsing and drying of your carpet area.

This model is ideal for both office and house use.


  • Consist of powerful suction;
  • This machine is light in weight;
  • A huge water tank is helpful in managing different rug areas;
  • Handles and wheels help in easy cleaning.


  • Bristles are quite rigid;
  • The hose is not ideal in size;
  • The head of this model is wide.

Hoover’s spotless is definitely the product which comes with compact size and is also light in weight.

Now no need to worry if coke slips from your hand during the party. This cleaner will work fast and remove your cold drink spots easily.

It also reaches the hard area of the house and fights with the bacteria with the use of chemical solutions.

It will not only remove the spots from the carpet but also will give great results on the furniture of the house.

Other than that: It has extra-ordinary suction which works best in every carpet material.

This product has self-clean technology which flushes, cleaning various areas by removing the bacteria and dirt at the same time.

It also helps in removing the foul smell from the room by providing a proper cleaning solution.

This model is customized with two tank technology where one stores the dirty water and other eliminates the clean water.

Moreover, it provides a bonus gel which helps in removing the dark spots from any home decor.

This tool has anti-bacterial protection which takes care that the carpet remains strain-free and mold-free for a longer period of time.

By reviewing other products, we can say that this product has all the qualities and many surplus tools than its competitors.

It allows simple cleaning with sprays, scrubs, and suction filters so that you can create a great hygienic atmosphere at your home.


  • Easy to store, set up and use;
  • Allows deep cleaning with different tools;
  • You can also clean on your own;
  • High-quality durable product;
  • The head is detachable- for easy cleaning.


  • Chances of breakage of rubber brush;
  • The hose comes in small size.

In the End

We hope that this write-up has been a great destination for some honest reviews.

Cleaning is a tiresome task and it becomes vital to make it easy and less time-consuming.

The above-given reviews will definitely be going to influence your choice while buying the correct product for your home.

These modern machines are automatic, you can even cook food while this machine will work on its own.

It is said by some intellectuals that when you will have the intention to clean your home mess, you can definitely come out any life problems.

Confusing, right?

Not being a boring philosopher!

You can save plenty of money by not calling servants and buying this portable carpet clean

At Comfy Home Corner we are dedicated in providing the best tips and product reviews to assist you with creating a better environment for your home.