Top 5 Best LED Strip Lights

Top 5 Best LED Strip Lights

Lights that Inspires You for Innovative Future

As our lifestyle is changing, we want everything colorful and vibrant.

Traditionally people used only two types of lights, bulbs, and tube lights but now there are innumerable lights with different names in the market.

There was a time when there were only candles used to lighten the whole room of the house.

Today, we have the facility to use millions of sizes and colors of LED lights than why to compromise?

Mostly after tired office hours and busy schedule in schools, adults and children need some cinematic experience at home, twinkling LED lights does the same.

Most of the homes have classic interiors and to enhance their look more, LED lights play a major role.

LED lights are used more as they are affordable, maintenance is easy, durable and it is effective in a large area.

You will be amazed as there are a variety of colors available in LED lights and on top of that it also has different size options.

It is used in offices, homes, cars, mall almost every place.

People are not fond of huge lights, they like tiny-tiny lights all over the furniture, wall pieces, and kitchen interiors.

There are lots of manufacturers of these LED strip lights so you get a variety of options and it is up to you what you choose from the great bunch.

You also get the facility of changing the lights as per your choice. These lights are easy to install and light in weight so you do not have to get dependent on anyone for the installation purpose.

Certain lights are wireless and some of it also runs with the help of remote. You can change the whole light set up while relaxing on the balcony.

Interior designers and architects have wide knowledge about these LED lights and they make wise use of these lights in their work.

One can create a magical ambiance by using these lights and so these lights are popular among the people.

Leaving everything aside! Do you want to give a classic look to your home?

You can also decorate your home with LED lights and it will give a dreamy vibe to your balcony or the living room.

It is possible to install these LED lights in the garden area near your plants.

If you are planning to have LED lights at your home, we have given the top 5 LED strip reviews which will be a great source for you to choose the best company for your home lights.

We assure you that at the end of this write-up you are going to get honest reviews and from that, you can choose the best option.

Here is the complete list of top 5 LED products, have a look!

Top 5 LED Strip Lights

Before taking the broad picture of LED lights, let’s grab the basic information about LED lights.

Roll down this page and get information which is absent in any of the internet sites.

We also know LED lights but do you know the full form?

Keep in mind!

Light-emitting diode light bulb is the full form of LED lights.

If you want to change those boring bulbs at your home, LED can be a great option.

Many people are preferring quality lights in place of inexpensive lights as they are durable and the maintenance is almost zero.

Some of the LED lights come at the lowest prices whereas some are costly than other lights in the market.

Not All the LED Lights are Inexpensive

Most manufacturers convince you to buy their product and refer it as high-quality and also reasonable. Do not fall into that trap as maybe they are LED lights but it is not necessary that it is of high quality which you are looking for.

If you want temporary lights for Christmas or other festive days, you can compromise in the quality but when you want lights for regular purpose then we advise you to focus on qualitative and durable product.

LED light strips- Best Choice in the Long Run

It is said that LED lights last longer than halogen light bulbs and it only uses the quarter time to produce the same output which takes hours in case of other competitive products.

Note: LED lights are 5 to 10 times long-lasting than other light varieties.

LED last from 15000 to 50,000 hours which is far better number than other lights which dies just in 6000 hours of performance.

It is cheaper than CFL and halogen so if you are planning for any replacement LED strip lighting, would be the best option in the current time.

As we have mentioned above, the price may vary depending upon the quality of the LED, you are using.

Look at these Criteria Before Buying Any LED Products

There are certain criteria given below, these criteria can make a huge difference in your buying decision.


It is a practical approach that you do not require the LED lights everywhere. So make a list of the color, size, and shape of the LED light for rooms as per your need.

You can also take your old lamp to the store for an example purpose to choose the nearby product of the same bulb.

You can also adopt a new shape, size, and color if you find it relevant to your home interiors.

LED Lights Lumen Capacity

The great way to know which LED to buy and which not to buy is done by measuring the amount of light the lamp produces. You can get this information on the package as well as on the internet.

When you focus on the performance of the LED lights, you can be benefited in the long run.

You do not have to focus on the watts they used but the given performance in a stipulated time.

LED lights provide the same amount of light using less power in comparison to other light products.

So next time when you go to buy the product focus on lumens and not watts.

Safety Ratings

If you are not sure about the safety of these LED bulbs then do not panic and simply see the safety rating given in the packaging of these lights. You can also ask the retailer about its safety before using it for your home, and office.

There is Regulatory Compliance Mark given in the product which means the product is up to the mark and you can choose the product for your home uses.

You can definitely see these ratings and can adapt the product as per the given standard.

Performance of LED Lights

There are many factors which are taken into account for knowing the durability and performance of the product.

In case of quality LED lights, it can last long from 15000 hours to 30,000 hours which is not seen in any relevant products.

You will be shocked!

Some products also last for 50,000 hours which is insane!

Guarantee on the Product

Most of the product gives a 2-year warranty that last for 15000 hours, you can surely go for this offer.

It is the guarantee given by the manufacturer and you can see this guarantee and warranty period on the back of the packaging.

Many e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart present this detail at the end of the product description.

The Energy of the Bulb

You might have seen labels on the product while buying the product from the retailers. These labels, generally mention the star ratings, warranty and price of the product.

The energy which is produced is the most important thing to check while buying the product.

Make sure you choose the product which has high efficiency and also delivers great performance in return.

LED bulbs are mostly used for residential purposes and it must be up to 60 lm/w.

Some high-quality LED lights can also perform up to 85 lm/W or more.

Color Temperature of LED Strip Light

Color temperature is again the most essential factor, measured in Kelvin.

It can produce a white LED strip in many shades and color temperatures.

You can see the color temperature first and then decide in which room, you need dark light and place the lights accordingly.

Also, the lights must be in parity with the walls of your home.

Some bulbs are also color adjustable so you can change the color as per your choice.

Rendering of the Color

The color rendering Index (CRI) determine the color indication under a light source.

When the CRI value is higher it is more beneficial.

Ensure the light before buying it that it keeps the color of the object the same as it appears.

Make sure the color is 80 CRI for the normal task and 90 plus when the color is more important than the object where the light is to be placed.


To provide with the maximum efficiency, the bulb must match the voltage of the equipment.

Low voltage can draw maximum current while high voltage reduces the life of the bulb.

Voltage digits are also given in the product to ease your task for buying LED bulbs.
You must consider the above factors before buying any of the LED lights


The product is a mixture of high-performance and innovative use of technology.

It is also energy efficient LED tape that can be installed in the crown molding, wooden cabinets, granite counterparts of work area and home.

The color temperature is 2700k which makes the interior look great.

Here, you will get 12″/1′ LED along with the product packaging with different other important instruments to fix the lights.

The light is damn bright so you can use it in any corner and it will give sunshine light to the entire room.

Customers are happy with the warm nature of the lights as it does not give more heat to the area.

You have to purchase the transformer for this particular product.


  • High performance and good quality;
  • It is energy efficient.


  • The product is quite expensive;
  • It’s flat design is not visible;
  • Lots of loopholes in the product.

The Shine Decor is a famous company in China which is dedicated to provide a high-quality product by using the latest technology from past 14-years.

Though the product is not at all reasonable but the customers are still loyal to the company due to its durable lights.

They also use copper wire and circuit board in order to provide the best-LED lights for indoor and outdoor needs.

This LED light is one thing every house corner needs.

The 120V high voltage strip can be used anywhere in your house from the living room to the bathroom.

Amazingly the strip lights can be bent up to 90-degree angle.

The installation of these lights is very easy and you can do it on your own.

You can also take the help of the expert when lights are to be installed in more than one area.

The PVC tube provided by the company is thicker and so the lights are durable.

Moreover, when you do not want to use the whole strip, you are able to cut 0.5m without damaging the remaining strip.

It is also dimmable so you can use it for dimming the single color.

This will blow your mind!

Here, you are getting 12 months warranty along with free replacement or your money will be refunded in case of any damage.

Also, the LED tape light is certified as waterproof so even if you are cleaning near these lights, you do not have to switch off the lights and can be care-free.

The customer service here is appreciable as the response is so prompt.


  • High-quality product;
  • The products are reasonable;
  • Great performing LED lights;
  • 12 months warranty period.


  • The product is quite expensive.

It is one of the standard kit which has all the necessary features in one.

Here the adaptor comes with UL certification which can load up to 65.6ft.

Make sure you do not increase the strip light as it is not at all necessary.

It also comes with 10 meters long 2 rolls which are extended and can be really flexible for your LED room lighting.

It has all the necessary equipment such as remote control, IR receiver and more importantly Ac adaptor.

So with this equipment, your lightning task is perfectly done in no time.

This new generation product comes with a 24V LED strip which is far better than 12V LED strips which is brighter as the star.

When you are concerned about your children safety, this product is ideal to keep the wiring strip safe from any kind of electric current.

It is a multi-color LED strip which can be cut up to 5 bits long without damaging the rest of the strip.

When the tape becomes weak during any operation, the tap backing process gets to stop. This product has a blue colored high-temperature tape which has no complaint of weak tape.

Moreover, the product is designed especially for good equipment which performs well in high, medium and bottom surface of energy plastic such as glass, paints, etc.

It is the best-LED lights when comes the area under cabinet lighting, indoor, and outdoor led strip lighting.

You can also use these lights during parties and weddings and that will increase the vibrant look of the decor.

Amazingly, you are getting a facility of Wifi controller which is very rare in strip lights.

The Wifi controller works in the 2.4G network so you can control the lights with your IOS and Android phones.

If you want to use a mobile phone to change the light setting than you have to download Magic Home Pro App.

The app works like Alexa and follows the command you give to it.

You can also use one account with the different phones.

The best part is you can regulate all the lights by a single Wifi app connection.

A 12-month warranty is something which is surely the surprise package of this LED lights.

Customer service are capable to resolve all the issues connected to lights.


  • Wifi is the best thing of this light;
  • It has a great LED brightness compare to its competition.
  • Expandable LED strips which can also be cut;
  • Follows the command through a mobile app;
  • Lights can be placed anywhere.


  • It is not waterproof;
  • The Wifi only works on the 2.4G network.

These LED lights consist of outstanding features as 65.4ft length LED strip, a 24-key remote controller, strong Wifi connection, battery, and power adapter.

You are getting 3 control mode in the Wifi. You can change the colors of the light, set it to become dim. The LED brightness can also be changed from 1 to 100 percent.

It is again the best lights for decorating your homes, offices, gardens, parties, cafeteria and almost every place where there is a need for placing the colorful lights. This is very rare that the light get sync with the music’s melody and that is controlled by the mobile app.

When there is no need to use the entire light on the one side, you can definitely cut the light which is of no use in that area. The remaining light will be safe.

You do not have to worry that water will enter this light as it is waterproof and there is no risk that the product will get damage. It has again 12-years average warranty which is given by the manufacturer of the company. 


  • Outstanding remote control for easy programming;
  • Lights with melody is again its best feature;
  • You can cut the light which is not to be used in a particular place;
  • It is water-proof so you can also place it in the shower area;
  • It has a 12-year warranty period.


  • Adhesive does not stick well on the wall.

Flexible flat LED lights, the product’s name itself suggest that these lights are very much flexible and so it can be used in all the smaller areas like decorating the background of the walls, swing lights in the garden area and also near the Television set.

It is dimmable and so there is no dimmer included in the product kit.

The super kit includes power chord, pre-installed cap as well as power connector with 2 mounting clips.

The installation process of these LED lights is easy and you can also touch it when it is lit.

There will be a safety fused plug which will protect from excessive current.

Besides that, there is no need for a transformer in the entire process.

It is water resistant, if by mistake you pour water on the lights, it will function the same without water damage.

It consumes low voltage so it is energy efficient and you do not have to pay more bills for these fancy lights.

The product brightness has encouraged the customers to buy a similar product from this company.

Undoubtedly, It is one of the most durable products in the market.

The company provides you with the facility of custom length so you only have to pay money on the wire which you are using.

The bottom line is that it is the ideal product when you want to install the lights on your own by using the most advanced instruments.

The kit is really helpful and can be a helping hand for the first time LED light user.


  • It has flexible and strong lights;
  • Easy installation process;
  • The product is water-proof;
  • Durability is on point;
  • Best DIY product for the beginner;
  • You can also choose the custom length.


  • Dimmer is not provided;
  • The transformer is needed and not present.

All that Matters is Luminous Aura

As you have extracted a lot of information on LED lights, now it is up to you which brand you choose for your home or professional arena.

We suggest you choose LED lights only after going through the local price of a particular product, so you will not be cheated by any of the e-commerce sites on pricing.

The bottom line is when you will buy the durable and brightest product it will enlighten your home and make you stress-free at your home.

You can also use these lights on the wall pieces, it will attract your friends and family during parties and get-together.

At Comfy Home Corner we are dedicated in providing the best tips and product reviews to assist you with creating a better environment for your home.