Top 5 Best HPS Grow Lights – In Depth Reviews

Top 5 Best HPS Grow Lights - In Depth Reviews

Long are the days gone when you have to use the florescent lights for lightening up your plants. With the advancement of technology, fluorescent lightings are not much common now as they have been replaced by the best HPS grow lights.

Yeah, you heard it right. HPS lights also known as high-pressure lights are now widely being used for vegetation and for growing plants in a closed room. If you are not using them for plant growth, then you are in a loss for sure.

Keeping the importance of HPS grow lights in mind, we are here to help you in choosing an ideal HPS light for growing purposes.
So, let’s check them out :

Best HPS Grow Lights – Top 5 Picks

Grow Lights Name Wattage Ratings
1. EyeHortilux HX66620 400 watts 4.2
2. Ushio US5001669 400 watts 3.6
3. Sun System Grow Lights 150 watts 4.2
4. iPower 1000 Watt HPS 1000 watts 3.7
5. Hydrofarm DX600 600 watts 3.2

How We Chose Best HPS Grow Lights?

It’s necessary that you know our criteria for choosing the best HPS grow lights. So here it is. We have chosen the best products for you with ample research and testing. These are some of the key points we take into consideration while choosing a product :

  • Working capability.
  • Performance.
  • Budget and
  • User ratings.

Now that all things are cleared out, let’s review the best HPS grow lights one by one in details below :

EyeHortilux HX66620 is winner on our list for being the best HPS grow light available on the market.

This is basically a spectrum bulb which is recommended for plant growth and vegetation. 

The best grow light enhances the growing season of the plants sufficiently.

This light is able to raise the lighting system you have got to a whole new level with a high-performance rate. 

With this bulb installed in your area, the plants will be growing at a higher rate than normal for sure.

The bulbs are lead-free and have got less mercury than other standard HPS lamps as well.

Some of the positives and negatives are as follows :


  • 400-watt bulb.
  • Ideal for growing plants.
  • Enhance vegetation.
  • High-level performance.
  • Lead-free bulb.
  • Less mercury.


  • A bit pricey.
  • Customer support is not good.

Bottom Line

EyeHortilux has been ruling the horticulture field for many years and this grows light is the best example of it. Better buy it if you want your plants to grow at a higher rate with enough amount of light energy from the best HPS grow light.

The next big thing on our list that has got the attention of many people is brand new Ushio HPS grow light. The light has been used for a faster plant life growth. It also promotes flowering at a higher rate. These bulbs are specially made in order to be consistent in quality for a long period of time giving their best at a high-performance rate.

The bulb features a super-high output lamp technology which makes sure that your plants are getting enough light to grow in the best possible way. The spectrum of this bulb is optimized and it has also got a unique distribution pattern. These grow lights have got a reliable working operation throughout the growth cycle as well.

Some of the positives and negatives are as follows :


  • Super HPS bulb.
  • For high plant life growth.
  • Enhances flowering rate.
  • Optimized spectrum.
  • Lumen output.
  • Durable and consistent.


  • Glass rolling inside the bulb is an issue.
  • Build quality is average.

Bottom Line :

Ushio US5001669 is one of the best HPS grow lights you can find on the market with an affordable price range. They are perfect for growth cycle of the plants and have got a great lighting effect as well. Better buy it before it goes out of stock.

The next set of HPS grow lights on our list is popular all around the world mainly because it is a complete set. Sun System Grow Lights are ruling the horticulture market with the bulbs they have got. These bulbs are perfect for improving the plant life for sure. On the other hand, with the luminous intensity they have got, they can easily improve the growth cycle and will retain it at a higher rate for a longer period of time.

This system of HPS grow lights is easy to set up and sue. There is a user manual included within the complete package that offers to adjust the bulbs on the places where they can work in best possible conditions. The bulbs are lightweight. You won’t face any issues in lighting them up. After adjusting the 150 W bulbs, you just have to plug in the bulb and bang, your area will get brightened up with a high-intensity light perfect for your plant’s growth and flowering cycle.

Some of the positives and negatives are as follows :


  • Complete set.
  • Ideal for vegetation.
  • Enhances the plant growth.
  • Bulb is of 150 watts.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Parts are replaceable.


  • Acquire large space.
  • Pricey,

Bottom Line :

Sun System Grow Lights is an ideal choice for your plants who are just entering in their growth cycle. The best HPS grow lights enhance the plant life and flowering as well. Better buy them if you are keen on expecting higher yields from your plants with an ideal HPS grow bulb.

iPower 1000 Watt HPS grow light is all you need to light up your horticulture area as these bulbs have got all those features needed to enhance the plant growth. It has got multiple dimmable options such as 50%, 70%, and 100% so that you can control the amount of light you want to give to the plants. there is a heavy duty 8 feet power cord present which ensures powerful light without any flicker. The best HPS grow light has got 2100K color temperature as well.

With these lights installed in an enclosed area, plant growth rate will boost up to many percents as they have got a bright luminous intensity. They are also important in growth cycle and helps to enhance it easily. Plant flowering session has also a positive impact whenever you are using this light bulb in your area. However, with great intensity, these lights also release excessive heat that may have a negative impact on vegetation and we will recommend you to do proper ventilation before you install them in your horticulture area.

Some of the positives and negatives of iPower HPS lights are as follows :


  • Dimmable Lights.
  • Ideal for plant growth.
  • Improves growth cycle.
  • Premium construction.
  • 8 feet heavy duty power cord.
  • Flicker-free light.
  • 1000 watt bulb.


  • Needs proper ventilation.
  • Costly.

Bottom Line :

iPower 1000 watts HPS light system is surely an ideal choice for your vegetation area. However, you must not install these without proper ventilation system as they release excessive heat into the outside environment. Buy it if you have got enough budget to accommodate the best HPS grow lights this year.

The last best HPS grow light on our list is Hydrofarm DX600 and it has been gaining the likings of many people involved in horticulture. This HPS grow light has got an affordable price range and is perfect for improving the plant growth effectively. the bulb is specially designed for digital ballasts so that they can work for a longer period of time. An enhanced spectral output is always ensured for a better color uniformity as well.

One of the most amazing features in this HPS light is, you can use it in both vertical and horizontal positions to light up the enclosed plant growing area. It has got a superior and high-performance rate as compared to other HPS lamps. The bulb is also dedicated to deliver25% more energy in the critical areas where bright light s a must. With this bulb installed in your grow room, you will see a drastic and positive impact on the growth of your plants with the passage of time.

Some of the positives and negatives of Hydrofarm DX600 are as follows :


  • Designed for digital ballasts.
  • Ideal for vegetation.
  • Bright luminous light.
  • Can be used in both positions.
  • 25% more energy as compared to other bulbs.
  • Affordable.
  • Durable.


  • Packing is not good.
  • A lot of issues with shipping.

Bottom Line :

You will enjoy the light of original Hydrofarm DX600 a lot more than other HPS bulbs but make sure that you are getting an original one and not refurbished or faulty crap. Better buy it before the bulb goes out of stock.

The Final Word :

We had promised you that you will read about some of the most prestigious HPS grow bulbs and now we have kept our word. The choice is yours for now on to decide about which light will better sit your grow room. If you are still confused, we will recommend you to go for iPower 1000 Watt HPS light system as it’s the best choice for vegetation.

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