Top 5 Best Herb Garden Planters

Top 5 Best Herb Garden Planters

Get Breathtaking Garden Planters Designs

A garden speaks a lot about the owner of the house. For instance, a very well decorated garden shows the creativity and intelligence of a homeowner.

There are many people who treat their plants like a baby and give special attention to each plant in the garden as well as home.

It is hard to maintain the garden. But, the cool breeze and raw fruits are all worthy of a little hard work.

On top of that: When you have plants in your living room, it enhances the look of your entire house and gives a special feel to it.

Planters not just give a great look to the plant but also helps it grow very organically.

Since planters are important for any house and garden, they must be selected wisely.

Are you finding the best planter design of high quality?

Then you must definitely see this write-up and find a suitable design for your home and garden.

This piece of content is your final destination that will resolve the puzzle you have been trying hard to decode since a very long time.

If you are sure that you want breathtaking design planters for your home, then look no further and start exploring!

Top 5 Best Herb Garden Planters

Before going straight to the business end of this content piece, let us discuss the criteria to be considered while buying any of the garden planters.

Criteria to be Considered to Buy the Garden Planters

There are many things which help you when you are going to buy the garden planters for your home.

Have a look!

Size of the Pot

Size of the Pot
When the herb pot is large, it can carry huge herbs. If you want to sit a small herb, choose a very compact design planter.

When the pot is huge it can have enough space to spread the roots and thus a plant can grow easily.

You have to provide more water to the plant as per their type.

Make sure that your herb plants are taller than the planters, not diminishing the look of the plants.

Get the Suitable Material of the Planter

The planters which are of metals are easy to handle and relatively cost-effective.

While metals planters get rust in short time, ceramic planters look elegant even after many years of usage.

Metals and plastic pots are used when a plant needs more water.

These planters are really helpful when you do not want to evaporate the water and want to grow the plant in a very natural way.

Wooden planters do not just look good, but it is also light in weight. They are unbreakable and also give a new design to an ordinary garden.

Remember: Use one material in your garden as different one won’t make a good combination in the entire garden.

Plastic pots are good when you want to accommodate small plants in your house.

But most of the people avoid plastic pots as they are the reason for plastic pollution as it cannot be reused.

Choose the Planter Season Wise

Every plant grows different in planters. You might have heard about the plants which grow in some definite season. Some plants only give flowers during the rainy season.

When each material has different properties, they behave discreetly in every environment.

If you are planning to grow a huge plant, you can go for ceramic and wooden material so even when the rains are too much they will soak in and keep the plant in its natural way.

You can also use ceramic planters in cold weather.

Do not forget to bring some of your plants to home when there is extreme weather conditions in your garden. This way you will save the plant and you can reinstall it back during the moderate summer season.

Drainage Pattern

First of all, you need to have proper knowledge about the water needs of each plant which you are buying for your home or garden.

After knowing the water needs, buy a planter which can handle water as per the needs of the plant.

The modern planters come with a drainage hole, so when there is an excess of water which is not diluted in the soil, it will get out from the drainage holes.

When your plant grows in a dry condition, there will not be any drainage hole. The plants like cactus do not need water and they are kept in such holes without a drainage system.

Consider the Interior of the House

You must consider the color and interior of your living room when you are choosing the pattern of the planter.

There are lots of planter designs which are available in the market so growing herbs indoors is now very trendy as well as easy.

You can adopt unique indoor garden ideas for your home garden which gives an aesthetic look to your garden.

Many people also keep plants in their bedroom near the tea table which makes the environment fresh and natural.

When the design of the planter suits well with the interior, your home will look like a dream.

Consider the Space in Home and Garden

Not all the homes are huge and not everyone can afford a huge bungalow. So, if your home is sweet and small, try small herbs and compact planters.

Do not fill the entire garden with herbs as that will not look good.

Same is with the home when you will fill the entire living room with the plants than it will diminish the look of your living room.

There is also the probability that insects and mosquitoes can attack your home.

The ideal number of plants which you can keep in one room is not more than 2 to 3.

Furthermore, when you want to design a home with a nature theme, you can take the help of interior designer as they suggest the best designs as per your choice.

Now, let’s jump to your favorite part, the reviews of some well-known brands which provides the breathtaking design of planters which would be ideal for your home needs.


As the name suggests Glowpear is a self-watering planter which has a very attractive design which attracts the customers in one look.

We love this design too!

These planters are designed for every plant including herbs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

It is a contemporary design and also durable in quality. This makes it easy to place in your balcony, courtyard, decks, and patios.

You can install this design within 10 minutes after unpacking the order. The most convenient things about this design is it can be placed in garden containers also in the indoor places.

The golden thing about this planter is its self-watering feature.

If you have a busy schedule and always forget to water the plant this planter will act as a blessing in disguise.


It has a storage place where water is stored and it keeps the plant hydrated whenever there is a need.


Whatever is the situation and interior of the house, this planter is desirable for all. This modern design looks majestic no matter where you keep it.

You can also use it in your terrace garden, so when you call your friends for a rooftop party, they would appreciate the best ambiance.

The design is best for your budget and it does not require lots of space in your home.

Do not plant more than one herb in this planter as every plant has different quality.


  • It is low maintenance and self-watering planter;
  • It is convenient on both indoors and outdoors;
  • The design can be used anywhere from the garden to the balcony.


  • Not desirable for small plants.

Today, people are again planting more plants in their hotels and cafe as our generation has started the trend of a simple yet classy arena.

Gone are the days when people wanted highly modernized look, now people love the combination of style and traditions.

Likewise, more people are opting the interiors which have so many plants in each corner of the house.

The bed design of this planter is again a benefit as you do not have to face problems like back strain or soreness and thus your planting work will become easy.

You do not have to worry about the quality of this planter as this is made from the red cedar which is rot and pest resistant.

This planter is made with tongue and groove method so the strength of this planter is again very high.

We know you already liked this design and must have thought about keeping it in the garden area.

When you want to fulfill the wishes of indoor herb garden box plans, then this design is perfect for you.

Here, you get the double utility in one planter. You can grow one herb on the upper side of the design and you can also keep your gardening tools in the space given under the bed.

You can also plant another herb on the downside which does not need much sunlight.

The raised design is a bonus as there will be no pest if the layer of the planter is high.

When comes to the drainage pattern of this plant, nothing works better than this wooden bed-shaped design.

You can put the water as per the need of plants and it will only soak water which is required and eliminate water from the corners which are in excess.

When your passion is gardening and you like to plant as many plants as possible, this design fits perfectly for you.

You can creatively use these planters at various places as per your choice and can create something unusual than most of the garden professional.

It is even possible for you to create a jungle theme in the garden by using more pattern from this same brands, mostly made up of woods.

All in all, this is a simple design which works best when you want to grow more than one herb.


  • The design is free from back strain and soreness;
  • Multi-layered design helps in storing many things from the garden kit.
  • It is not heavy in weight;
  • No insects, no pest.


  • Excessive water can rot the wooden surface in a long time;
  • Not suitable for homes as it takes more space.

This very peculiar herb pots for plants which are made from reinforced PP material making it the strongest material for installing huge plants.

This design is very strong and can resist even the harsh weather conditions.

It is eco-friendly so more and more people are selecting this material in their farms and garden.

Here, this planter is self-watering so it provides sufficient water in the roots and prevents them from drying.

Moreover, the oxygen inflow is very high in this planter, so the herb can grow freely without any restrictions.

You can plant anything in this herb planters like fruits, veggies, seeds and it will give it the most natural growth to the plant.

This classic design can be kept in a huge bungalow and also a small house. This is one of the best aesthetic designs which you can buy for your home and will never regret.

Here, you are getting the pack of 3 which is again a bonus, as this pair give an overall fantastic vibe to the garden.

The texture in this planter is like real rattan, making it one of the classic designs of all times.


  • It is again self-watering pot;
  • It is weather resistant;
  • Gives an aesthetic look to your garden;
  • The quality of the material is high;
  • One of the durable pots.


  • Congratulations! We did not find any odds in this product.

Customers are already showering too much love for the product of this brand.

The dark theme design of this pot is a modern aesthetic design which can attract anyone and already there are too many changes in the past product of this brand so currently, the company has presented the brand new product, minus all the odds.

The partition given in this product can accommodate 3 to 4 herbs in this planter.

Here, the height of the planter is the most useful thing which keeps the insects and pests away from it.

When you will place this planter in your terrace, it will give a dreamy look to your terrace.

The installation process or the planting process here is minimal so you do not have to put more time in the installation of this planter.

The best herbs to grow indoors in this planter are basil, oregano, clove, and mint.

This planter has fabric panels which are used for soil retention so that your plant grows green and fresh.

The best part: It can get fixed in any place like a terrace, balcony, patio, rooftop or the backyard.

This bed planter is made from non-toxic material which is protected by UV rays and has an impact resistant material.

Here, the plant also gets proper ventilation facility which helps the roots to grow and oxygen all over the plant.

It also retains the water in the roots so that this herb grows faster and also gets the proper nutrients in it.

If you are living in a city where all the vegetables and fruits are made with chemicals, you can grow organic food in your terrace in this modern planter.

These planters are in great heights so you do not have to bend to maintain the herbs and you will also not feel too lazy to take care of this fresh greens.


  • The design bold and beautiful;
  • Here, the height is the plus factor which prevents insect and pest to enter the plant;
  • It has fabric panels for soil retention;
  • Easy installation process.


  • The company can modify the design for further benefits;
  • Not desirable in the interior of the house.

This white raised planter is a desirable choice when you are planning to buy the huge planter for your home or garden.

Moreover, this product is free from the pest and soil compaction so your plant will grow giving you sweet and healthy fruits.

We loved this design which is very specific and detailed to overcome all the issues from its competitors.

Mostly this design is for outdoor purpose, so you can keep this in your rooftop, terrace, apartment, and garden.

You can also keep your gardening equipment and extra things on the shelf which is given in this planter. Most of the people keep the bottle of fertilizers under this plant.

To maintain the garden, you can definitely use a garden hose, to keep it neat and clean.

Great news!

You will not get 20 years guarantee in any product but this product is a perfect exception.


  • It has a smart and safe design;
  • Provides 20 years warranty;
  • No issue of maintenance.


  • The white color can become rusty and dirty after a few years;
  • This Brand has to work on its panels.

Gardening can’t be more Fruitful without these Amazing Planters

We have never thought that gardening can be that much glamorous but with this amazing planters, gardening looks like interior designing.

Thanks to this modern design that we are getting comfortable in gardening and we don’t have to compromise on our precious time for the gardening purpose.

Vertical garden planters is a dream come true as it is convenient and does not require any financial burden.

You can keep this pot in the interior and exterior as per your requirement which is again a great gift from the modern architecture.

We hope that you have liked the above-given marvelous garden planter designs and take inspiration when you finally buy the planter for your home.

You can choose any herb and plant for these planters, the end result would be flourished green plants.

At Comfy Home Corner we are dedicated in providing the best tips and product reviews to assist you with creating a better environment for your home.