Best Hydroponic Grow Tent Kit For Indoor Gardening – Top Picks

Is it possible to have a flourishing indoor garden to grow your herbs and other plants in? Are you looking to maximize the space in your house?

Best Hydroponic Grow Tent Kit For Indoor Gardening - Top Picks

Due to the lack of outside space and convenience, many people are exploring the possibilities of growing plants inside the house using a hydroponic grow tent kit. Hydroponics has been gaining a lot of interest both from people who are already into gardening and farming as well as the enthusiasts.

A Hydroponic System is more convenient than conventional gardening. It creates less mess and requires little to no soil to grow plants.

However, you should not just dive ahead and buy the kit you can get your hands on the easiest. You need to know your options well and you need to have a good grasp on what you are investing your money into.

Let our review of the best hydroponic grow tent kit be your guide in getting your kit. We have listed five (5) of the best kits we’ve seen on the market today.

Here’s a quick summary of each kit’s size and grow light:

Best Grow Tent Kit – Top 5 Reviews :

BrandSizeGrow Light
VIVOSUN 24"x24"x48" Indoor Grow Tent24"x24"x48"300W LED
Growtent Garden 60"x60"x80" Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent60"x60"x80"LED wattage not specified
Spider Farmer SF 1000 27” X 27” X 62” Grow Tent Kit27” X 27” X 62”100 W
Anjeet 120"x120"x80" Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent120"x120"x80"LED wattage not specified
TopoGrow 24"X24"X48" Grow Tent Kit24"X24"X48"300W LED

What Makes the Best Hydroponic Grow Tent Kit

If you are new into the hydroponics system or indoor gardening, you should understand a few principles before buying a kit. You don’t want to just buy the first thing you see and regret your choice when you understand hydroponics and indoor gardening better.

Know Your Main Goal

You must have a specific goal before entering the world of indoor gardening. This will help you most in determining the best hydroponic grow tent kit to buy. You must have a strong WHY. Knowing the reason why you are choosing to do hydroponics will help you have the best chance at getting the best hydroponic growth tent kit for you.

You should have a list of the types of plants or herbs you will grow. There is no shortage of options that will grow well indoors but you have to be prepared as each plant may require a different set-up.

Write your answers on a piece of paper or a notepad. While going through our list of the best hydroponic grow tent kits in this review, check the specifications if the product fits your purpose.

Know Your Working Area

Your grow tent kit will take space off your living area. Determine beforehand how big of a space you are working on. This will point you to the right and the best hydroponic grow tent kit for your setup.

Know Your Budget

There are many reasons why people look for the best hydroponic grow tent kit. Some are hobbyists who wanted to try their hands on something new. Some are looking into getting serious and maybe turn it into a business.

This determines whether you will need a high-end set-up that can be scaled up when you want to go big on the harvest or you can get one on a budget that will tickle your curiosity enough and decide if it is a hobby you want to stick on.

Now that you have a clear path on how you want to set-up your kit, let’s take a look at our review of the best hydroponic grow tent kit today.

VIVOSUN 24″x24″x48″ Indoor Grow Tent is the first on our review of the Best Hydroponic Grow Tent Kit.

You will maximize the yield from your light source with this grow tent. It traps all of the light in the grow tent. The tent has a lining made of 98% reflective mylar. This creates the perfect scenario to maximize the output of your grow tent.

This grow tent kit comes with a 300W LED that throws powerful light across your grow tent. It is designed to maximize your Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) output and produce bright lights your plants need for maximum bloom.

Vivosun added an inline fan capable of blowing air up to 2500 RPM to produce an airflow of 203 CFM. This heavy-duty fan is equipped with a speed controller to control airflow at your desired rate.

Packed with an activated charcoal filter, you have air that has been filtered circulating in your grow tent. The four inch air carbon filter makes sure healthy air is distributed efficiently, especially with the interior and exterior mesh design that allows 53% of open area to create optimum air flow. Consider these factors to decide if this is the best hydroponic grow tent kit for you.

The kit should include a 24″x24″x48″ grow tent, the Air Filtration Kit which includes its four Inch 203 CFM inline fan with Speed Controller, the four inch Carbon Filter and eight feet of Ducting Combo, and the ultra powerful 300W LED grow light. Inside the package are also the trellis netting, rope hanger, grow room glasses, hand pruner, Hygrometer Thermometer, and the seven day timer.


  • 98% reflective mylar interior
  • Has an inline fan blowing air up to 2500 RPM
  • Thick Canvas
  • Speed controller for the fans


  • No cons to list

The second kit on this Best Hydroponic Grow Tent Kit review is Growtent Garden’s 60″x60″x80″ Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent.

Produced with your convenience in mind, Growtent Garden delivered an easy to use and control grow tent kit. From setting up the grow tent down to observing plant growth, Growtent Garden made sure to keep things simple and easy.

The grow tent uses a 99% highly reflective interior mylar lining that is both perfect for blocking light and boosting the efficiency of the light source to make sure your plants’ environment is optimized for growth.

The grow tent is supported by durable metal poles, enough to keep your setup stable and secure. The tent is made of 600D canvas tested for its superior quality, keeping your tent safe from tears and rips. The zippers are also of premium material which are not only durable but also light-leak proof, making it a candidate for the best hydroponic grow tent kit for your space. .


  • 99% highly reflective mylar interior
  • Sturdy and durable materials
  • Heavy duty zippers effective at sealing light in


  • Does not have a windowless option

Next on our review of the best hydroponic grow tent kit is Spider Farmer’s 27” X 27” X 62” Grow Tent Kit.

Spider Farmer brought together two great brands in its kit to produce its best hydroponic grow tent kit. Its top-of-the-line LED, the Samsung LM301 diodes paired with Mean Well driver produces full spectrum light optimal for different stages of plant growth.

You can adjust the intensity of the light with its dimmer switch; you have perfect control on the lighting of your indoor setup.

The LED setup is provided with waterproof coating, extending the lifespan of your light source. It delivers strong light at 50% less power input than other similar grow tents. Armed with the 100% reflective mylar interior, the efficiency of your light source is improved.

The grow tent’s exterior is made off a durable 1680D Oxford cloth with the SBS zipper shutting and opening the tent with ease.

It is supported with a strong and reliable steel frame with the design that allows openings for fans, cords and vents. It is supplied with a waterproof tray to prevent water leakage.

Spider Farmer’s ventilation system pairs a four (4) inch inline fan with the RC412 charcoal carbon filter via flex aluminum ducting combo.  This set-up provides efficient airflow and ample air circulation. It deals with all unwanted smells while giving you the reins on humidity in your grow tent.

Spider Farmer’s Kit Includes:

1 × SF-1000 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
1 × 27” X 27” X 62” Grow Tent
1 × 4” Carbon filter
1 × Flex Air Aluminum Ducting
1 × 4” Inline Duct Fan
1 × Fan Speed Controller
1 × Thermometer and Hygrometer
1 × Timer
1 × Trellis Plant Netting
2 × Adjustable Rope Clip Hanger
2 × Ducting Clips
4 × 5 Gallon Grow Bags


  • Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Quiet operation
  • Well prepped kit


  • No cons to list

The next product in our review of the best hydroponic grow tent kits today is Anjeet’s 120″x120″x80″ Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent.

This is definitely the biggest option among the grow tents in our review. If you need a larger set-up to accommodate more plants, this is the grow tent you need.

Made of the non-toxic PEVA material, Anjeet’s grow tent is environment friendly, a good reason to include in our best hydroponic grow tent kit review. It uses a highly reflective silver aluminum foil that has a lichee texture feel.

Its frame uses 16mm poles and steel corners. The frame, which utilizes steel hanging poles, makes it easy to set up fans, filters and light fixtures.

This 120″x120″x 80″ grow tent uses 100% reflective and tear proof Mylar. It is light, waterproof and airtight.


  • Big enough to accommodate more plants
  • non-toxic PEVA material
  • Lightweight and easy to install


  • You need to check the zippers for possible light leaks

Bottom Line 

Anjeet Grow tent must be your topmost priority if you want a higher yield of plants from you to grow tent. It comes with a lot of features to offer in an expensive price range. Go for it in case you want to invest in the best grow tent kit.

Our final product in our review of the best hydroponic grow tent kits in the market today is TopoGrow’s 24″X24″X48″ grow tent kit.

TopoGrow offers professional equipment for indoor garden setups. Their 24″X24″X48″ Grow Tent Kit features a 600D canvas that is super thick and durable.

This canvas is framed with metal poles supplied with corner adapters to ensure a stable and sturdy grow tent. The poles lock in place with no added hardware or tools needed.

The interior of the grow tent is made of a 98% reflective mylar design, making sure your grow tent gets optimal light and a superior environment for growth. It has plenty of provisions for vents, ducting, cables, and fans.

The kit is powered with a 300W LED light that provides ample light to cater to different growth cycles and different types of plants.

Eliminate unwanted smells while keeping optimal the airflow with its four (4) inch ventilation kit. The ventilation kit deals with undesirable odors and particulates in an indoor grow tent setup.

The grow tent kit includes a LED 300W Grow Light, 24″X24″X48″ Grow Tent and 4″Fan Filter Ventilation Kit and hydroponics indoor plants accessories for the growing system.


  • Durable, tear-proof exterior canvas
  • Easy installation
  • Great for beginners


  • Check window zippers before setting up the whole tent


Congratulations! You are at the end of our review of the best hydroponic grow tent kit available in the market today.

Depending on your purpose, budget, and available work area for you, you now, more than likely, have a better idea on which best hydroponic grow tent kit will work for you.

Get the most out of your kit and begin a great journey of growing plants and getting a great harvest!

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