Best Hydroponic Grow Tent Kit For Indoor Gardening – Top Picks

Let’s make one thing quite clear. Making a DIY grow tent is quite a difficult task and in case you want a best grow tent kit for making a good yield of plants, you will want to consider the readymade ones.

One of the most amazing features in a readymade grow tent kit is, you won’t have to set up different accessories with it. On the other hand, you can start working on it right when it is delivered to you. The best grow tent kits are one that can have the capability to produce and grow a better yield of plants at the same time.

So, keeping yourself away from DIY grow tent kits, we are here to let you choose some of the best readymade grow tent kits so that you can start the plant growth process as soon as possible.

Let’s take a look at them :

Best Grow Tent Kit – Top 5 Reviews :

Tent Kit Name Dimensions User Ratings
1. Apollo Horticulture 4×4 9.3/10
2. Growtent Garden Grow Tent 5×5 9.1/10
3. ECO-WORTHY 4×8 9.0/10
4. Anjeet Grow Tent 10×10 8.9/10
5. Urban Farmer 3×3 9.2/10

How We Choose best grow tent Kit?

We have properly researched all of the products that we have listed on the basis of working capability, size ranges, a reasonable budget, and user ratings. Your budget is our foremost priority and we will never let it down.

Now, that the criteria of selection are sorted out, let’s start reviewing the grow tent kits one by one to make all the choices work easier for you.

Apollo Horticulture

The first best grow tent kit on our list is from Apollo, it is a complete grow tent and it has got a lot of features to offer in a very reasonable budget. The best 4×4 grow tent kit allows you to start the plant growth system with a boost as it has got all necessary equipment such as Mylar floor tray and 2 filter straps. It has got a proper room for growing a good amount of plants for better yield results. With a proper amount of heat and LED lights/grow lights, the plant will continue to achieve a new level of growth every day.

This grow tent of 4×4 has got a premium construction quality as well. It comes with heavy-duty zippers to make sure that nothing is going out or coming in the tent. The durable and double stitching feature is also available for light protection and for making sure that you are using a durable tent. the tent material is surrounded by reinforced and stable metal poles that make sure that you are working on a protective and secure grow tent. The best grow tent kit comes with easy assembly. All important components are pre-assembled and you will just need to attach some small materials for a better growth result. The tent has been backed with a 90-day warranty so that you can have peace of mind while you are buying it.

Some of the pros and cons are as follows:

Pros: Cons:
  • Best 4×4 grow tent.
  • Ideal for horticulture.
  • Proper light exposure.
  • Zipping is durable.
  • Double stitched tent.
  • Affordable Price.
  • Surrounded with metal poles.
  • Puncture wounds are common.
  • No other cons to specify.

Bottom Line :

Apollo Horticulture grow tent is a perfect choice for people looking for indoor growth of plants. It has got an ideal construction with durable materials and will work for you for a longer period of time as well. Go grab it before it goes out of your hands.

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Growtent Garden Grow Tent

The next best grow tent on our list is perfect for playing all types of plants in an ideal environment. Growtent Garden grow tent allows you perfect environments and conditions for indoor plant growing process. The best 5×5 grow tent kit has got heavy-duty zippers with double stitching which ensure ideal durability and will work for a long period of time as well. The 600D grow tent comes with durable metal rod surroundings which make it capable of supporting almost 110 lbs of weight easily. All those premium materials help in keeping the grow tent stable and away from any kind of leakage or water splitting.

The best grow tent kit is made in such a way that it allows full light reflection. In this way, the growth of plants present inside the kit goes at a higher rate. The special Mylar tray increases light reflective properties and will increase the capability of your grow lights as well. All kinds of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other types of plants can easily flourish in this grow tent. With an easy assembly instruction pamphlet, you will be able to set it up quickly for ideal operation.

Some of the pros and cons are as follows:

Pros: Cons:
  • Ideal for a fast growth rate.
  • It comes with durable construction.
  • Heavy duty zipper.
  • Metal rod surroundings.
  • Affordable price.
  • Mylar tray.
  • Light leakage might be an issue.
  • No other cons.

Bottom Line :

Growtent Garden Grow Tent is an ideal choice for growing plants, herbs, fruits, and vegetables at an ideal rate. The best grow tent kit allows you a safer way to maintain indoor growing. Better buy it before it goes out of stock.

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ECO-WORTHY hydroponic grow tent

ECO-WORTHY as from the name itself indicates that it has been made eco-friendly in order to serve you in the best possible way. The best 4×8 grow tent allows you to grow plants without any issues and will facilitate the growth of a plant by many percent. It has been specially made to avoid any type of light. The lightproof design enhances the reflective effect as well. The tent is waterproof as well. there is no effect of water on it. The interior is made up of specific Mylar interior to make sure that the plants are growing at a faster rate.

This grow tent comes with a removable Mylar floor mat. On the other hand, nylon straps are also included. There are two top poles included for hanging grow lights inside the tent. You can use a variety of grow lights from 400 W to 1000 W inside this tent for a better outcome. The large zipped door provides an easy storage option. The metal rods are painted white with sturdy metal connectors which ensures stability and security for a long time.

Some positives and negatives are as follows:

Pros: Cons:
  • It comes without any light leak.
  • Ideal for growing plants at a faster rate.
  • Two poles for hanging grow lights.
  • Waterproof.
  • Mylar interior.
  • The floor is not removable.
  • Tent material scraps are present.

Bottom Line :

ECO-WORTHY is an ideal choice for most of the plant growers who want to grow plants at a faster rate. The tent offers a lot of features at yet an arguably price. Better buy it before it goes out of stock.

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Anjeet Grow tent should be an ideal choice for you in case you are looking for the best grow tent kit with large size. It has got a durable and heavy-duty design with 600D lightproof oxford material cloth. The white painted metal rods provide sufficient stability to the grow tent and heavy-duty zippers are also present to make sure that there is no exchange of light or water.

The best 10×10 grow tent is almost 96 percent reflective and is made waterproof. It is able to facilitate the growth of plants with a higher percentage. The non-toxic hut is specially designed for people who are always looking for a higher yield of plants. With a bigger size range, you can grow a good yield of plants in this tent.

Some of the pros and cons are as follows:

Pros: Cons:
  • heavy duty grow tent.
  • Large size.
  • Ideal for large yields.
  • White Painted metal rods.
  • Grow lights can be hanged easily.
  • Expensive.

Bottom Line 

Anjeet Grow tent must be your topmost priority if you want a higher yield of plants from you to grow tent. It comes with a lot of features to offer in an expensive price range. Go for it in case you want to invest in the best grow tent kit.

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Urban Farmer 48x24x60

Last but not least, Urban Farmer is a 3×3 grow tent and is used for easy plant growth. The best grow tent kit is reflective as it has got Hydroponic Mylar lining. Most of the light is reflected inside the tent rather than dispersing making a huge cut in power bills. The tent comes with an effective and enclosed design which inhibits the growth of pest inside it so that your plants may remain safe for a longer period of time.

The durable zippers with a large door make sure that you can receive a higher yield of plants form the tent easily. Certain plants come with a high odor and you can’t even stand it but this tent has got a heavy-duty Mylar lining which is used to reduce the odor of specific plants and keep it in control.

Some pros and cons are as follows:

Pros: Cons:
  • Odor control tent.
  • Ideal for fast growth.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Not light-proof.
  • Zippers are sticky.

Bottom Line :

Urban Farmer is a top-notch grow tent available in a reasonable budget. You should try this one out for a better yield of plants as it is able to provide you with all the necessary equipment used in plant growth.

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What to look for in a Grow Tent?

It can be extremely confusing when it comes to selecting the right grow tent. Chances are, you are confused about whether to buy it from an online shop or your local hydroponics store. Nowadays, we see hundreds of grow tent manufacturers selling a grow tent with distinct features, sizes, and price points.

This makes it extremely tough for you to narrow down the best brands and decipher all the different features in the grow tent actually mean. Way too often, we have seen grow tent manufacturers keep fancy names for their features rather than their standard names.

However, we have provided a list of features that you should watch out for while selecting the best grow tent for your indoor garden for your convenience.

Heat & Rip Resistant

You would never wish for your indoor grow tent to hold up to extreme heat. However, it is something that you need to watch out for when you shop for your indoor grow tent. After all, you’re usually dealing with hot lights hanging in an enclosed space. You also see other electrical parts close to the water. This is where accidents occur. And, in such circumstances, you wish that your grow tent be able to hold up to them.

Check out for the Durability and Density of the fabric that is used in the Grow Tent

You need to check the density of the fabric that is employed in the tent. The fabric density of a grow tent is typically measured in “denier.” A denier is measured in terms of the fineness in the silk, rayon, or nylon yarn and is equivalent to the weight in grams of 9,000 meters or the yarn. It is often utilised to describe the thickness of hosiery.

Keep this in mind: Most grow tents have a density of more than 1680D. While the average grow tent comes in anywhere between 120D to 600D. It is advisable always to purchase the strongest fabric that you can afford. The reason being, it keeps noise and smell in your tent. It also keeps any airborne spores, pests, or diseases away from the tent. It also makes it extremely difficult for light to leak through a denser fabric.


Always Opt for 100% Reflective Material in the Grow Tent

reflective material

A grow tent is opted for its reflective properties of the interior walls. Through it, you get the most out of your indoor grow lights. But, always remember, not all reflective material is of high quality. Always opt for grow tent that provides reflective Mylar with as close to 100% reflectivity as possible. Certain manufacturers provide Mylar with different patterns.  It has often been found that diamond-patterned Mylar has the best reflective quality.  In fact, there are certain top grow tents that provide it as standard.

The fabric used to create the Grow Tent Should Not Have Any Gaps

A key reason to purchase a grow tent for indoor gardening is to ensure that you utilise the indoor grow lights in an efficient manner. The best grow tents that you see are completely air-tight. In simple words, it means that when your system is up and running, there should be absolutely no scope for light to escape. It would be best if you always watched out for overlapping Velcro flaps to seal off corners and edges. It is equally imperative to ascertain that there are zip-draws for ventilation or cord ports.


Check Out for the Durability of the Zipper

The first thing that can make or break your grow tent is the zippers. The reason being, they are being employed on every single day. It is obvious for them to bear wear and tear. So, if you have poorly constructed zippers, it can easily tear off the zipper. No doubt, they need to be easy to zip up, with a large area for your hands for ease of use. The more difficult they are to zip, the more likely you’ll make a mistake and damage the zipper. This will let light leak out of the tent.


Ascertain that the Corners of the Grow Tent are constructed with Metal Pieces

Certain grow tents are made up of a plastic, three-prong corner with the framing poles. Although this is fine, the top of the line tents should have metal corner pieces. The best grow tents utilise corners with an interlocking snap piece securing the poles in place. This ensures that they don’t wiggle out while moving the tent. This prevents a major frame failure.


Ensure that the Frame and Poles of the Grow Tent are Durable Enough

It has generally been observed that grow tents are constructed by assembling interlocking poles. Certain manufacturers provide tents that consist of height-adjustable poles. In simple words, it means that there is an additional set of 1’ or 2’ poles attached with the vertical supports. This is a great option in case you’re growing plants that need a lot of vertical height.

The poles can be made up of plastic, steel, or weaker metals. In case you have any doubt while selecting one, opt for metal over plastic and steel over any other type of metal. Always go for poles having snapping ability so that you can lock them once they are assembled. Remember that the rotation of the poles over a period of time can result in degradation. And in worst scenarios, a structural failure.

Carefully Opt for Ventilation, Exhaust, and Cord Ports

A grow tent comprises of three different types of ports: ventilation, exhaust, and cord ports.

Ventilation ports are typical flaps that are held together by Velcro. They can be lifted to assist in venting out hot air. Ensure that there is at least one of these in the grow tent.

The main reason to have exhaust ports in the grow tent is to have more heavy-duty ventilation, which comprises ventilating your grow light. Ensure that there is a minimum of one intake and one outtake port. In larger tents, there is a chance of having more than one intake and outtake ports.

Having well-placed cord ports is crucial for the effective functioning of extension cords. It also assists in plugging in your growing gear.


Opt for Flood Tray for Extra Safety

Flood trays provide an additional safety net if you spill water, nutrient solution, or your system fails in certain ways. A flood tray is kept on the bottom of your grow tent. It would help if you fastened it to the poles. The good news is, it can hold quite a lot of liquid.


Opt for Viewing Windows In Case You Wish to keep track of Your Garden without Disturbing Your Growing Environment

Viewing windows are secured tightly with Velcro. It prevents light leakage especially when it is not being utilised. In case you are employing additives like CO2 in your garden, viewing windows are great to prevent losing all the precious CO2 build-up.


Go for Tool Pockets in case You Keep Misplacing Your PPM, pH, Temperature, and Humidity Meters around the Garden

Although it seems to be a very small feature, it can come in handy at times when you keep misplacing your PPM, pH, temperature, and humidity meters around the garden. This is when a tool pouch inside your tent can come in handy. It can even be employed to hold your clippers, nutrients, journal, and other garden accessories.


Go for Net Trellis Especially for Growing Plants that Needs Lot of Support

Certain tent manufacturers opt for a net trellis in their tents as an additional feature. It comes in handy, especially when you are growing plants requires lot of support. It can even be useful when you’re growing a plant using a method that needs a consistent-height canopy. It’s not mandatory to have this feature. But, it’s definitely worth opting for. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What should be the height of the tent that I purchase?

A: It totally depends on your plants, lights, and your own height.

In case you are growing the plants employing powerful, hot lights like HPS or MH, it is important to place them further from the plant canopy. This will ideally need more height. Whereas, if you’re growing with LEDs or CFLs, you can place them closer and opt for a shorter tent.

Certain plants need more height. When height is the criteria for buying, we suggest you either grow a dwarf variety of your plants or simply go for a taller tent to ensure ample space for the plants to grow.

Finally, chances are, you’ll be inside the grow tent at some point in time. Hence, it is imperative to go for a grow tent that you can enter with minimal fuss. Keep this in mind: Certain shorter tents can be difficult to manoeuvre in.


  1. What should be the ideal thickness of my grow tent fabric?

A: As mentioned earlier, the thicker the fabric, the better it is. Opt for a fabric that is at least 600D. The lower the number, it is more likely for light, smells, rip to leak.


  1. What kind of grow lights should I employ in my grow tent?

A: We would recommend you to choose one that emits enough light to cover the footprint of your grow tent. In case it emits a lot of heat as well, it will become essential to employ grow room ventilation techniques to bring down the temperature.


  1. How should I select the ventilation fan for my grow tent?

A: It’s quite simple. In case you have a small grow tent, you can opt for economically-priced fans like a computer fan placed in your exhaust vent. However, for larger tents or more growing larger plants, we recommend you opt for a mixed flow fan as it provides power and comes with almost no noise at all.


  1. How much powerful should the fan be?

A: We recommend you opt for fans who can completely change the air in your grow tent every 2-4 minutes.


  1. Should I go for an intake fan?

A: If you have an exhaust fan set up appropriately, it is not mandatory to go for an intake fan. It would waste your money and power. In case your exhaust fan pulls air out of your grow tent, the intake vents or in-built ventilation panels in the tent will bring in the fresh air.



  1. What is the best way to deal with the odour?

A: If you’re dealing with a smelly plant, we would suggest you go for a filtration system like a carbon filter.

The Final Word :

That would be it from our side. We have done our part in reviewing some of the best grow tent kits and now it is your choice to pick out the best from the best. Lastly, all complete grow tents have a circulation fan for a natural flow of air inside.

In case you are still confused, we will recommend you to buy Apollo Horticulture Grow tent as it’s the best from all aspects.

At Comfy Home Corner- we are dedicated to providing the best tips and product reviews to assist you with creating a better environment for your home.