Top 5 Best Electric String Trimmers

Cut the Weeds Like You Cut Your Life Problems

Gardening is not everyone’s cup of tea and if you are the one who likes decorating the garden and giving a nice shape to the lawn, welcome to the world of gardeners.

Everyone likes showing off their neat and clean garden but it feels horrible when comes to maintaining it.

Yes, we feel you!

From years people have used traditional tools to clear out the weeds in the garden but it is time-consuming.

We know you too are done with regular trimmers and wish something more flexible than this.

Do you want to ease your gardening and weed cutting?

Not to worry!

We are happy to announce that there are different brands which provide electric trimmers to ease the work of weed cutting.

If like us, you too want the active and easy result for wood cutting then look no further and keep concentrating on this article.

We are sure that at the end of the write-up, you are going to get those best product which will make your gardening interesting and effective at the same time.

As many people have started understanding the need for growing gardens, there are more electric tools made for their usage.

Many companies have started manufacturing electric weed trimmers so it is a tough task to choose one from the multiple options.

You can also acknowledge the quality of this electric trimmers by string trimmer ratings which is given on the front package or the manual of the product.

Maximum products may have a warranty period which is also an advantage for its consumer.

Once when you will use these electric trimmers, you will realize its importance as it promotes gardening like bullet speed.

When you have a huge farm, you can use cordless trimmers as they are fast and also has sharp edges, making the process really efficient.

No matter whether you are living in a village or city, there is no better option than electric trimmers when comes to weed eating.

Large farms need a more powerful tool than a small place.

You can also get some knowledge of this product from the internet and can enhance your gardening skills.

Meanwhile, some people have also adopted these trimmers as they wanted to give engaging shape to this weed eaters.

We will reveal the top 5 best electric string trimmers which will change your pattern of gardening and thus provide you the pleasantest gardening experience.

Top 5 Best Electric String Trimmers

Electric string trimmers is a need of an hour and to cut off the typical weed, you need to this for the gardening purpose.

Before proceeding to the final chapter “Reviews of string trimmers” let’s know the meaning and need of these trimmers.

What are Electric String Trimmers?

As the name suggests these trimmers have an electric motor which is used to cut the weeds in the garden and thus cleaning the whole yard in no time.

It also has an adjustable pipe which is used to handle the trimmers and carry out the work of trimming any type of hard grass in the garden.

Moreover, there are various uses of electric trimmers as some are also useful for cutting heavy substance like wood.

Now, let’s see the necessity of electric lawn trimmer in our day-to-day gardening schedule.

“Electric Trimmers”- Gardeners Best Friend

The necessity of electric string trimmers is increasing day by day as most of the people are buying huge residence places with wide garden area.

Also, now people are turning to organic farming due to excessive chemical usage in the production of veggies and fruits.

Americans also prefer growing food products in their lawns for sustaining a healthy lifestyle and getting natural food.

According to Statista, there are 110 million people in the USA who have done gardening from the past 12 months.

Thus, there are lots of people in the USA who might be battling with hard weeds in their farming yard.

You cannot deny the fact that electric weed eater is better than trimmers which run from the oil and gas.

Furthermore, they are not noisy so you don’t have to think twice about your neighbor complaining of the weird noises of these trimmers.

It also adds no further financial burden to your planting and thus you can have a safe and delightful gardening experience.

As you know it is important to have these electric trimmer, grab some exciting features of this weed eaters.

Cordless and Corded Trimmers

Highlights of Electric Weed Eaters

Now, you have enough knowledge about the electric weed eaters. Let’s jump to another section which has features pertaining to electric weed eaters.

Cordless and Corded Trimmers

There are two types of electric trimmers one is coded and another is wireless or cordless.

Corded electric string trimmers are not expensive and they are also durable, you do not have to think about its maintenance.

Here, you also do not have to charge the battery all the time.

When comes to the cordless trimmers they are more expensive than the coded trimmers but still, they are handy and you can also dance holding it. But charging the battery is again not so cool.

The Handiest Trimmers

Thanks to technology, most of the modern weed eaters do not have codes thus, not to worry about those hanging wires.

Some cordless string trimmer have single handles and when the weed eater has advance technology then they have two handles.

Besides, more than two handles are mostly used in intensive farming and not for home farming.

The handles also ease your work, you can also adjust the shaft as per your height and also the need for removal of the greens.

The weight of the Trimmers

Usually,  when we buy the product, we choose the heaviest product as they are good in design and seller always say good things about costlier products.

Make sure you don’t go for multiple features and focus more on the basic workings of the trimmers.

When you will choose the lightweight product, you will easily be able to clean the entire lawn in no time.

Again when you will choose the coded trimmer they would be having less weight and on top of that, you don’t need to charge them more often.

Cutting Pattern of the Trimmers

Most of the weed cutters have a nylon string that is attached to a spinning head.

Some trimmers also use plastic and metallic blades in place of any other sharp material.

There are also weed eaters which use automatic bolster head.

Thus these trimmers are really efficient in cutting the hardest weed of your garden.

It will save you time and you can utilize this time on a dinner date.

Sounds like a great deal!

Sound Level


You are not disturbing angry uncle near your home as these trimmers do not make loud sound compared to the gas-engine trimmer.

Use your headphones and jump in making your garden a gorgeous place.

Make sure you ask the seller about this feature before buying the right trimmers for your garden area.


The best thing about Greenworks trimmers is that it covers the wide area up to 14-inch lineup.

It accepts all the gas attachments to provide you a helping hand on multiple tasks.

It gives superfast start to provide you with great performance.

It is cordless so there is no need of walking along with code all over the garden.

The battery also works for a longer time, reducing the effort to charge it all day. 

Here, the battery and charger come with the product, again it is beneficial for you.

Moreover, you will get a brushless motor which you will not find in any similar products.

When you want to cut the entire yard which has a tough grass then you can only do it with the help of these electrical trimmers.

These trimmers can work very quietly so you are not disturbing your family members.

It also cleans almost everything like a patio, balcony, and sidewalks in the garden.


  • It covers a wide area;
  • Gas attachments are used in doing multiple tasks;
  • The starting of the process is too fast with its powerful feature;
  • The battery work for a longer time;
  • It also operates quietly;
  • Brushless motor is used to ease down the cutting process.


  • The shaft does not extend very far.

This design looks very fancy and it also provides great work in terms of cutting the wood.

It has variable speed triggers which are used in setting the speed of these trimmers.

Moreover, it has an auto-speed string head with 0.080 twisted line which is one of the great qualities of this product.

It also has an adjustable front handle which enhances the comfort level of these electrical trimmers.

In this electrical trimmer, there is no battery as well as the charger which is a drawback of this product.

There is no code in this product so you can take it anywhere you want. Along with that, the weight is also very low, that means it is easy to handle this product.

Ryobi is considered high in quality and also the price is not high so anyone can afford this product.

It pulls the weed for 40 minutes which is again one of the amazing things about this product.

The weight of this product is quite low, a bonus point for electrical string trimmers.

It has a 12-inch cutting path, not at all impressive but we still like the price and quality of the product.

This product is desirable when the path is small and you need to cut the sidewalks of the garden.


  • The height adjustment feature is impressive;
  • Helps in cutting the hard weeds.
  • Looks very fancy,
  • It is cordless so you can take the product anywhere.


  • The cutting path is limited to 12 inches;
  • There is no battery and no charger in this product;
  • Cannot be used when the path is too big.

The WORX WG163 GT 3.0 two in one feature makes it one of the top picks in the gardening market.

It is great trimmer as well as edger so both your tasks are done in just one go.

This design is very flexible to use and it is also very light in weight which makes groundskeeping task very subtle.

Also, people who could not bend or old age people can also do farming with the help of these trimmers.

Moreover, people can also do gardening activities without bending for instance landscaping or cleaning under deep areas.

The brand is providing the command feed feature which is again considered to be the pioneering feature of this product.

Talking about the battery life, the customers who are using this product is very happy with its battery life.

Be glad! This product can diminish all the gardening related problems and you can smoothly carry on your gardening activity.

You get the classic 3-year warranty, making it one of the best products in the current market.


  • Switching characteristics of this product are versatile;
  • Lithium batteries are used which shows its durability;
  • The product is ultra light-weight;
  • Command feed is a useful feature of the product.


  • Many people found it less powerful than gas trimmers;
  • Battery and charger are not available in this product.

BLACK+DECKER is a product which has a booming demand in the market because of its design and numerous features.It has a tendency to convert a trimmer to a highly attractive wheeled edger.

To increase the torque efficiency, it has power drive transmission. Here, you will get the 2-speed control which increases the functionality of these trimmer.

Easy feed is again very much useful when you want to advance the lineup.

You can also do many endless tasks with this very stylish outdoor power equipment.

The height is easily adjustable which makes the task more flexible for the gardener.

You can always trust this product in terms of its quality. Moreover, the customers are happy with amazing features except for its path and a single battery.


  • The power settings can be adjusted;
  • Can make various adjustments in the height;
  • Usage of very powerful lithium battery;
  • 2 – speed control enhances the functionality of this product.


  • 12-inch path is again not so impressive;
  • The product comes with a single battery.

It is one of the best brushless trimmers which is cordless and when comes to power it is winning the race from all its competitors.

This power battery product is very efficient in removing the unnecessary grass from the land like a boss.

Yes, the product is a bit costly but when you will get the best results in devoting less time to your gardening activity than you will not think about the cost.

The second issue with the product is that it is heavy, which can make your task dicier.

Thank god!

You are getting the huge powerful battery which increases its working capacity for a long time.

When you keep it in a lower setting, it can work for 60 minutes.

The guard provided in this product cannot increase its size.

As this machine has more power, wear comfortable shoes and full pants and make sure the machine does not touch your shoes or clothes.

Anything which will come in contact with best yard trimmers will hit very badly or will get scratch.

We and our professional knows that taking care of the garden is not at all easy and it is hard to handle the tough grass but with the help of this product, you can crack this nut in no time.

Also, there are many people who love to use the products of this company as they find the product high in quality and also effective in working.

You can also get the same satisfaction by using these trimmers as they have great quality.

If you want a trimmer which can sustain any crop type and any harsh gardening technique then you can trust this string trimmer.

It has an aerodynamic line which is again cherry on the icing for many homeowners when comes to the most functional gardening pattern.


  • Assuredly high power product;
  • It is both reliable and durable at the same time;
  • The charging is very fast.


  • It has a small guard;
  • There is no great edging in this product.

Gardening Cannot be More fun…

Like Superman has super weapon likewise we have electrical weed cutters which are damn powerful and makes a very good gardening partner.

As you have seen that these trimmers do not make any noise, so you don’t have to worry about the nagging of your neighbors.

Gardening can be really fun and it is also useful to keep you healthy.

We hope that our main purpose is solved and you might have got the best products from the above.

Now, you are the decision maker and it would be your decision to choose the right product for your weed cutting process.

At last, choose the product wisely and make sure that you get all the equipment along with the product.

Our reviews are honest and can be a good helper for making the right decision to buy trimmers for your delightful garden.

Take Care!

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