Top 5 Best Ductless Air Conditioners of the Year

ductless air conditioner

Winter is all cool and pleasant. We like to sleep for hours in our bedroom with a broad blanket.

All you want to know about Ductless Air Conditioner

Do you want to know more how to be cozy?

But when summer knocks on the door, sleep gets lesser, more sweat problems, and it becomes very hard to step outside of the home.

Has summer made you restless?

Don’t like going out for parties because of sweat?

If yes, then rush and buy a ductless air conditioner for your home.

You may raise question…

Ductless air conditioner?

This might surprise you: Most of the household have adopted this mini split air conditioner as they are budget friendly and also effective in comparison to other AC type.

The indoor units of ductless air conditioners are placed in such a way that all the rooms of the house get the proper heating and cooling. Every room gets an independent temperature and one room temperature settings are not affected in other rooms.

The main benefit of ductless AC: They give cooling and heating in the entire room by not leaving a single nook or corner.

You will find these air conditioners in hotels, motels, coffee shops, homes, offices, and even in a boutique.

If you are planning to buy a central AC system, drop the plan! You will get a variety of ductless AC designs which are easy to install and will dominate your home for years.

If you are not familiar with the brands of ductless air conditioner or not sure which AC would be preferable for your home then read our write up and get the best air conditioner ideas.

We would make sure that after analyzing the mini split reviews of different brands you will definitely get the best AC product for your home.

airconditioner ductless

Ductless air conditioners are a type of air conditioning system that does not use ducting. They are more energy efficient and can be installed in any room.

Unlike traditional systems, which use ducts to distribute cool air throughout the home, a ductless system uses a compressor that is located outside of the home and an indoor evaporator coil to distribute cool air.

A ductless system can be installed in any room in the house, so you can control your desired temperature without affecting other parts of your home. Later we will tell you best ductless air conditioners today.

The main advantage is that they don’t need to be installed near an exterior wall like traditional systems do, so there’s no need for holes in your walls or ceilings.

Best Rated Ductless Air conditioners

Basics of Ductless Air conditioner

Ductless Air conditioner

The home heating and cooling system is known as the mini split system.

This system consists of both interior and exterior parts like a central AC system

Ductless mini split AC does not have ducts which are used for spreading cooling at your home.

Mini split AC has an exterior compression and expand refrigerant which is used to remove air and moisture from the house.

The components have air handling units which consist of evaporators and blowers.

These units are installed in the wall or ceiling to give effective cooling to the home.

This system is mostly used when there is a window AC unit or baseboard heating situation.

The ductless AC needs only a small hole to be drilled into the wall for installation.

This system also prevents the wall from air leakage and security issues. 

The best part: Ductless AC are less visible and also the sound of AC is low which makes it more soothing when you want a peaceful ambience in home.

You will see lots of brands claiming that their products are energy savior which is not always true but in the case of ductless AC, you can always trust these products.

The energy is drained when the compressor gets start but in case of ductless HVAC, the compressor runs by the inverter which helps in speed up and slow down of air conditioner as per individual choice.

We wish you were not made aware of this fact but the truth needs to be told: We are losing almost 25 percent of energy because of ductwork done in the air conditioner.

The coin has two sides likewise when we consider the maintenance part of Ductless air conditioner. You have to do a bit to maintain and clean the system as per stipulated time.

Some people also feel it is costly but many new models are less expensive and it also saves a lot of energy.

That’s great right!

When talking about the electricity bills, it is dependent on the country you are living in and also the electricity rates in your country.

Advantages of Ductless System

Ductless Mini Split AC

Ductless is Manageable system

The traditional heat pumps and central Ac system is a rigid system where the cooling and heating process is done through the ducts.

Whereas in this system there is no need of ducts so the air and the cooling is passed directly to the different zones.

No complexity!

It just requires a mounting process and electricity for a quick start of the system.

It’s a Budget-Friendly System

The best part of this system is that it is affordable for small as well as big homes.

The homeowners are in love with the system as they have seen reasonable changes in the bill compared to their last AC system.

It needs less power and that means it saves energy for your home.

Here in the system, you can only use those rooms where you and your family members are staying and switch off the AC in the room which is vacant.

In addition to that homeowners are also entitled to get the tax credits or utility rebates when they switch to ductless heating and cooling systems.

Effortless Installation Process

The entire house becomes a mess and you also have to order food from outside as your time is wasted in looking for your AC installation system. Not anymore!

The ductless system hardly needs one day for installation depending on numbers of the room in the house.

It is joined by pipes which can be fixed easily without much hard work.

You don’t even have to remake the ceilings after installation or clean the whole house as this AC needs only a single small hole for mounting process.

Breath Fresh Air With Ductless AC System

Not all the air conditioner helps in fresh breathing but this ductless system is all set to give you protection against air pollutants, bacteria, pollen as well as allergens.

It’s a multilayer filtration process where you get the best-filtered air after removing the harmful air pollutants. Basically, you can know breath more and feel more.

Provides Eco-friendly Environment

You knew it and most of the companies also claim that this system works by the guidelines of Energy Star guidelines, which means it is far better than other traditional systems when comes to power saving.

Note: It has zero ozone depletion potential resulting in zero adverse effect in the environment.

Saving the mother earth!

We have a variety of top rated 5 Mini-split AC products and to know them more, let’s dig beneath.


Pioneer is a well-known company which has gone one step ahead to get you the best deal for ductless air conditioners.

Here in this model, you will get the combination of quality and comfort. Simply relax, have popcorn and watch a movie in a room with the luxury of ductless AC.

The appliances used in the product is of superior quality so there is a great chance that your product will sustain for years.

The maximum temperature is well managed by looking for the heating and cooling process of the air conditioner.

Pioneer WYS012-17 is ideal for both commercial and household arena.

You also have relief when comes to the noisy fan, as this model is voice-free as it is ductless.

The cooling and heating capacity is around 12000 BTU to 36000 BTU.

Amazing criteria: It has a kit which consists of installation accessories, multi-function remote control to satisfy all your temperature needs. The aircon is of high-level in this product.

It has the highest SEER compared to other 4 products.


  • This mini- split air conditioner comes in an engaging look;
  • Easy to install and has a heat pump for heating;
  • Pre-charged with a 17.2 amazing SEER rating;
  • The speed is manageable.


  • There is a high maintenance cost the system;
  • Not suitable for huge homes with high ceilings;
  • Wastage of energy and improper energy control.

Senville is proving 24000 BTU and 15 SEER rated which is too much like a christmas gift.

The ductless mini-split system has great cooling and heating process due to the its powerful inverter.

The most attractive thing about this model is that it can also be used in those homes where the ceilings are higher.

It is neither very cheap nor expensive but can be a reasonable product.

This amazed us: Air conditioner also works best when the temperature is below -5F.

It Includes copper line set in an installation kit.


  • This system has a ductless heat pump;
  • It is one of the cheapest products in comparison to its competitors;
  • Tagged with the second highest BTU rating;
  • Inverter compressor works efficiently at various speeds;
  • No noise in the fan.


  • It does not have either pre-charged or refrigerant in its feature.

Innova series is presenting their new model which is of 12000 BTU with hidden LED light when the AC is off.

This ductless AC is quite useful for indoors and offices due to its compact size and amazing design.

It also offers features like energy savior and dehumidification functions.

You can also control the inverter by changing the speed.

Here, you get the remote control, indoor bracket hanging and installation kit.

Most advantageous tool: It has a 16 ft line set up to improve its working for a longer duration.

Amazon offers you one year part warranty and 5-years compressor warranty.


  • here is no air leakage in this model;
  • The installation process is quite flexible;
  • Prevents noise and also saves energy;
  • Less electricity bill;
  • Budget-friendly for all;
  • LED display feature.


  • Washing the unit is a must in this model;
  • Costlier than the baseboard and window units;
  • Attractive model but lacks in functioning.

Classic America DIY mini split air conditioner can be installed easily if you have little knowledge about the installation of AC.

This model is first Ductless Ac from others which has a wireless remote control.

You will call all your neighbor to see the sleek appearance of your indoor unit as it is top-rated and gives an elegant look to the home.

It has an efficient installation kit which includes copper-aluminum refrigeration tubing, wiring cable, pipes, etc.

The outdoor unit base is also strong which shows the quality and durability of the product.

There are lots of features which may excite you like 3-speed fans, washable filters, timer, sleep function.

Mark it! If you have a traditional kind of air conditioner then this is one of the best options for you to replace the old one.

In this product, you will get an automated temperature mode which changes the temperature as per your need so when you are sleeping AC will be turned to sleeping mode.

Independent zone control is a key feature of this ductless AC.


  • Has an elegant design;
  • Wireless remote control;
  • Comes with Independent zone control;
  • Consist of 12000 BTU and 16 SEER;
  • Variety of installation equipment;
  • Human sensor air conditioner.


  • The wireless system can sometimes be dicey;
  • Lots of installation equipment confuse for the technician to install the product.

Mrcool features the most exciting model of the year which is not just attractive in look but also provides you with the best compressor quality.

It is 36000 BTU and 16 SEER rated which is really good when you want a new ductless air conditioner for your comfy home.

The best part of this kind of air conditioner is that they are used when the ceiling is high, which is not possible in most of the mini-split models.

The BTU ratings are just awesome compare to other products in the market.

You will be impressed: It is the first ever air conditioner in our top 5 list which has Wifi installed in it, so you can change air conditioner settings by relaxing on your sofa with your mobile phone app.

In addition, the whole system is an attached system which can be easily installed and there is a requirement of any special skills and you too can perform the installation process on your own. You are saving huge money by not calling the technician.

Also, in terms of peaceful atmosphere, this air conditioner would get 10/10 as the fan does not make even the slightest sound.

The inverter system is again very comfortable and allows the individual to change the temperature as per their choices.


  • Intelligent inverter system;
  • Wifi is available so that you can change the temperature from your mobile phone;
  • The BTU rate is 36000 which is highest than all its competitors;
  • Not at all noisy.


  • Really short battery lifespan;
  • Not apt for heavy work.

The Final Showdown

We hope you get the best product from this top 5 Ductless air conditioner, taking the budget and your needs in to consideration.

As promised we have given the best from some of the top brands and now it’s your call to do the rest.

In short, according to us and our research work about mini-split air conditioner Senville SENL is ideal air conditioner on the basis of its features and reasonable price.

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