Top 5 Best Ceiling Fans with Lights

Top 5 Best Ceiling Fans with Lights

Get Elegant Ceiling Fans for Your Home

The most important thing for humans is air. We cannot live without air and in the same way, our body needs air to function properly.

There are many ways in which we can maintain our body temperature. We can use hand fan, air conditioner, natural air, cooler, and ceiling fan to satisfy our need of air.

Either you take a rich person or a middle-class man, the ceiling fan will be found in every household.

Not to forget: It has become a very crucial part of human life since olden times.

Not many people can afford an air conditioner and so they are fully dependent on fans for keeping proper air in their home.

It will astonish you that fans are not only for summers but there are different fans which are specially made for chilly winters.

The two major things to keep in mind when you are buying a fan is airflow of the fan as well as electricity consumption.

Most of the company mention the CFM (Cubic feet per minute) on the product which is used to maintain the temperature of the room.

Ventilation also plays a major part in providing air to the room. You can use a fan when the windows are open as that will not affect its efficiency and will help the hotter air to get eliminated.

The old designs of the fans were not that appealing and the fan had typically three to four designs but now you get different designs for exaggerating the look of your beautiful home.

Are you bored of those same color and same design fan which works slow like a tortoise? Then it is high time that you replace them with some of the modern fan designs.

We buy everything which is of the latest fashion then why not the fan which we use every day and almost every hour?

Yes, we must!

There are a wide variety of products in the market with affordable prices.

If you too want a fan which gives a royal and attractive look to your home then look no further and straightforwardly follow our reviews about some of the latest brands.

In this write-up, we have provided useful reviews about well-known brands by which you will be able to choose the best fan for your home.

We assure you that at the end of this write-up, you would get an idea that in which company you can invest for buying a ceiling fan.

How convenient!

Let’s check out the reviews of ceiling fans with the latest technology and designs.

Best Ceiling Fans with Lights

Major Varieties of the Ceiling Fan

Mainly there are two standard types of the best cooling ceiling fan:

  1. Ceiling fan for Summer;
  2. Ceiling fan for winter.

The summer fan is designed in such a way that it flows air in the anti-clockwise. It pushes the cool air on the upward side and eliminates the hot air. This way the entire room becomes cooler and provides a random air for easy functioning.

In the case of winter fan, it runs clockwise and thus provides a warm atmosphere to the room. It pushes the hot air in the downward direction and you feel like a heater is working in the room. You can use any fan as per the season in your country. Both the types of the fan has some really engaging designs.

Formation of Ceiling Fan

Fans are of different types and shapes. It is all dependent upon you to choose the best one as per your need and budget.

The fan consists of a motor, blades, voltage regulator, drop rod and lights.

In addition: It also consists of remote control. Hence, you don’t have to get up to switch on and off the fan that you can do it by relaxing on your sofa.

Drop rod is a base for a fan. It is used to hang the fan on the top of the ceiling.  If the fan is too far away from the floor then it may not move much air.

To have a proper air balance on the floor one must fix the fan closer and that is possible only by using the drop rod.

Not only it balances the fan but also helps in regulating the fan.

Drop rod can also help in preventing certain accidents.

It is not necessary to put drop rods but in order to increase the height of a fan, it is used in most of the houses and home.

The standard or the required gap between floor and fan is 7 feet.

Blades must be 2 feet from the ceiling and up to 1 feet away from the side walls.

The blades are another important part of a fan. The number of blades does not affect the airflow. You can keep 2 to 5 blades as per the size of your room or the choice of design.

Note: The required blade size is 52 for a 400 square feet room.

Do not choose the blades just by the look of it but choose it wisely in accordance with the size of your room.

You will not require a 5 blade gigantic fan in a small bedroom.

Lights can be a necessary part of your fan. When lights are attached to fan it can give a very bright look to the entire room plus there is no requirement of switching another light in that room.

Saving electricity!

Ceiling fans are mostly used as they save energy and works efficiently.

The airflow of a fan ranges from 28watt to 100 watts.

When airflow is greater than 6000 CFM it is considered to be the best and you can buy it without having second thoughts.

It is vital to have a ceiling fan which is not just sharp in blades but the blades are sharp and must be of high quality.

To analyze further, let’s see the benefits of a ceiling fan. Are they really beneficial to your homes or only they are good in looks?

Benefits of Having a Ceiling fan

The Ceiling fan has been the most important equipment in our day to day life.

People can live without air conditioner but not without a fan.

It is everywhere from hotels, restaurants, clubs, offices, and home.

Reduces the cost of electricity

Day by day the cost of electricity is increasing as we are using electronic equipment for almost every needs.

Fan consumes the least electricity and thus it is cost-effective for your home.

Also, the motor power is less which helps in reducing the cost.

Best Alternative in comparison to other appliances

There are many alternatives of ceiling fan like AC, cooler, table fan but investing on a ceiling fan is one of the smartest things to get the best appliance at a low price.

In a small village to a metro city, you will find people who are satisfied with the airflow of fan rather than any other appliance.

There are many appliances but still, there is no great alternative of a fan in the market.

Enhances the look of the house

It is human nature that they like showing off everything they have. We will decorate room interiors with the best of things like we will put winchems, posters, colored walls and a gigantic carpet.

Likewise, when we install a royal look fan it adds more variety to the house interior.

There are ceiling fans design which works in various themes.

For example, when you want a royal look in your house you must go for Honeywell fans. The designs are handmade and the golden color gives a glamorous look and blends well with the walls and furniture of the house.

Note: Don’t get attracted merely by the looks of this fan and think about the benefits before buying it.

Some companies also provide outdoor ceiling fans which work on battery but they are not as popular as indoor fans.

If you are also planning a ceiling fan with light, do not skip a single review given in this write-up and you will get the best product for your sweet home.


This white ceiling fan design is attractive in look. It has a whisperwind motor that gives a powerful air without making much noise making it one of the quietest ceiling fans.

It has a reversible air feature which can change the airflow to downwards and upwards according to the season. In summer, you can choose the downdraft mode. While, in winter, you can choose the updraft mode.

It has an LED light which uplifts the look of the fan and it has a remote control by which you can regulate the fan.

The CFM rate is 2997 which means it is ideal for a small room where the ceilings are not too high.

You don’t have to look for bulbs as it has a kit which includes white glass and 2 LED bulbs.

Hunter is one of the companies which provides lifetime warranty in motors and you won’t believe that the company is  126 years old in fan business.

That means assured quality!


  • It can be used in both summers and winters;
  • Possess LED lights;
  • Lifetime guarantee in motor;
  • Serving best quality;
  • Does not make noise.


  • The CFM rate is average hence it is not the best fan in the market.

Bowl light makes it a unique product in comparison to other products in the market.

It has a black color and mate finishing which is a great option where your home interiors are in light colors.

It has a walnut reversible blades with 12-degree pitch which makes it best quality tall ceiling fan.

The reversible motor makes the fan even more functional.

Again, it has a motor guarantee which increases its buyer list.

It has a kit which has CFL bulbs.

It is appropriate where the room size is 20 feet tall.


  • It has 3-speed reversible motor;
  • Black matt engaging look;
  • Sharp blades which give the highest airflow;
  • Preferable when the ceiling is too high.


  • It is not the quietest fan.

Honeywell brings the most attractive bronze finish design in this fan.

It has a Tuscan sand glass bowl lights which makes it even more beautiful.

Moreover, hand-carved wooden leaf blades are used here which can be used in a house where the homeowner wants a royal look.

Another best feature of this fan is it has a reversible motor that means relief in summer as well as winters.

Most preferable indoor ceiling fans can be used in almost every space like living rooms, dining as well as the kitchen.

The installation is quite simple with the help of downrod which is of close and angled mounting.

This attractive leaf fan is of great choice and it also comes with a warranty.


This wooden leaf fan will give you the best relaxing experience at your home.


  • It is convenient in both large and smaller space;
  • Hand made wood leaf design increases the look of this product;
  • Affordable price and assured quality;
  • It has bowl lights;
  • Possesses reversible motor features.


  • The Light cap is not included and the maintenance is high.

When you are looking for a product for your new theme cafe or want to place a different variety of fan in your living room then this fan is what you will require right now!

Fanimation studio is famous for playing with innovative ideas and they have again brought us a mesmerizing fan product.

The vintage bulb light in the fan is a cherry on the cupcake which enters it in a category of a fancy ceiling fan.

It also has a remote which comes with an automated timer, making your work easier.

Like other products, this fan comes with a flexible reversible motor which gives outstanding output in all the seasons.

It is considered as the antique piece not available in any of the brands.


  • Amazing look which can give a glam to your normal room;
  • Automated remote is available in this brand;
  • Preferable in both summers and winters;
  • A Lifetime guarantee is included;
  • Vintage light is a key feature in this fan.


  • Batteries are not included;
  • Fan size is relatively small;
  • High electricity consumption.

Not everyone likes a vintage fan. Some like decorating home with a modern fan.

Killing your curiosity!

This company brings a brand new model with a medium body layout.

This design gives a sleek finishing. It can fit perfectly in small and large rooms.

Where light is concerned, this product is the best. Reason? It has LED lights and motor which gives the outstanding result to the product.

The company has provided the product which blends well with all kind of modern decors and uplifts the look of the ordinary room.

This design is ideal for the ceilings which are low in heights.

Like other products, it has a reversible motor and remote control for direct switching the fan.

The airflow is magnificent which has 4545 CFM rate, and is considered as one of the ideal airflows in comparison to its competitive products.

It is a preferable fan for a small room up to 100 sq ft.

Flush mount is again an interesting feature of this fan which is used mostly when the ceilings are not too high.

On the whole, this product is like sunshine to enhance the look of modern day room decors.


  • It is easy to install the fan and you can also do it on your own;
  • Give modernist look to your house;
  • Airflow is great and a fan does not make noise;
  • 4545 CFM rate is highest in comparison to other brands;
  • Includes kit and has LED lights;
  • It is the best brand when comes to the quality of the product;
  • You can feel both warm and cold air as it has reversible blades.


  • Not a good option for a large room;
  • The light bulb included in a kit has a low wattage;
  • Blades are relatively cheaper than other products, making it less durable.

Relax, Enjoy & Flow With The Air

Now that you have seen the reviews of the top rated ceiling fan with remote. Select the one that is best as per your requirements.

Before buying the fan, keep one thing in mind to check the star ratings in the fan you are buying.

BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) has given energy star ratings to the manufacturer’s product as per its energy consumption.

If the star is more in number than regulates with less power consumption and vice-versa.

Do not include the bulbs when you are looking for a light energy consumption which is around 190 watts per hour.

CFL is the best option when you are planning to save energy in affordable product investment.

We recommend you to buy a fan which has great airflow. It should also have high ceiling fan ratings.

This star rating would be mentioned in all the electronic products including fans to make your buying experience easy.

At Comfy Home Corner we are dedicated in providing the best tips and product reviews to assist you with creating a better environment for your home.