Top 7 Best Cabinet Table Saw For Carpenters and Hobbyists

Top 7 Best Cabinet Table Saw For Carpenters and Hobbyists

Woodworking and cabinetry these days is simple and an easy task especially if you have the proper gear. That said, carpenters or people who love working with wood need the best cabinet table saw to enjoy the work perfectly.

However, the thing you have to keep in mind before selecting a cabinet saw is that they are expensive. plus, they’ll be taking a fair amount of space in your room. But, they are durable at the same time. So, that’s kind of a one-time investment you have to make.

Talking of the best, I’ve compiled a list of top cabinet table saws for you from which you can make a worthy choice as per your preferences.

Let’s take a look without any further ado:

Top 7 Best Cabinet Table Saw for Carpenters:

Cabinet Table Saw Name Running Power Suitable For Price
Powermatic PM1000 115V Professional carpenters View Price
Delta 36-5052 120V-240V Professional carpenters View Price
Shop Fox W1837 120V Hobbyists View Price
Rockwell RK7241S 120V Beginners View Price
SawStop PCS175-TGP236 240V Professional carpenters View Price
Grizzly Industrial G1023RL 240V Professional carpenters View Price
DEWALT DW745S 120V Beginners View Price

Best Cabinet Table Saws Reviews

Powermatic is a well-renowned brand when it comes to producing woodworking machines in the market. Having said that, the amazing PM1000 has got a plethora of features that will make woodworking and cabinetry an easy job for you for sure. As for the overall design, it’s premium and rugged. That is, the use of top-notch materials allow this table saw to work for you for many years to come. The working process, on the other hand, is also amazing as Powermatic table saw performs with improved efficiency and helps you cut different types of wood without any worries. Well, the thing that would irritate you a bit regarding this cabinet table saw is its price. Yeah, this table saw is available at a hefty price tag and that’s what you have to pay to acquire the best table saw available in the market.

Some notable features regarding Powermatic cabinet table saw are as follows:

Features You Should Know:

First things first, this cabinet saw requires no more than 115V power. It means that you won’t have to worry about an uplift in the electricity bills even if you are using this machine on a regular basis.

Apart from that, the presence of an improved collection hose along with a blade surround makes your work easier and reduce the mess created while you are cutting the wood as per your preferences.

A hands-free power switch has been made available on a convenient side. So, while you’ve set all important things, just switch on the machine and it will start doing the work without making any hassle.

Moreover, the assembly of Powermatic table saw is a bit complex. However, it is completely made tool-less as you can assemble all the important components without needing any tools. Read the user manual to join each part in a perfect manner.

Last but not the least, there is a powerful 1.75HP motor present inside the cabinet which is powerful and has a quiet working interface at the same time. So, no matter how thick or rough the wood is, it can be cut into two pieces 

within a short time.


  • Easy tool-less assembly.
  • Perfect for professional carpenters.
  • Runs on 115V power.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Cuts every wood product easily.
  • Powered by 1.75HP motor.


  • Acquires a lot of space.
  • Extremely expensive.

Final Views:

The cabinet table saw from Powermatic is indeed a perfect choice for professional carpenters and those who are related to woodcraft or wood carving. Better check it out especially if budget is not a problem for you.

Delta 36-5052 is the next best table saw available on our list and the reason I’ve liked it a lot is that it comes in with a sleek and slim body. There are no compromises on the durability of the machine as it’s meant for long-term investment. Besides, the working operation is exceptionally good. 

That said, you’ll be able to enjoy performing different wood cutting projects with this table saw conveniently. As far as the assembling process is concerned, it is extremely easy and requires fewer tools. 

In no more than 30 minutes, you can start working on one of the best cabinet table saws available in the market. Finally, an expensive price tag might bother some hobbyists. However, it is still justified considering the specific traits that this saw has.

Some important features regarding the best cabinet table saw are as follows

Features You Need to Know:

First things first, as I’ve mentioned above, the table saw has an elegant design but there is no compromise on durability and stability. That is, the special tubular stand will make your work easier than expected.

A heavy-duty single-piece rail cutting system allows you to cut the wood with precision and accuracy. Therefore, in case you are a professional carpenter, you’ll be getting pitch-perfect results from this saw for sure.

Delta table saw is equipped with a Blade Brake technology. This tech allows the blade to stop instantly when you turn the machine off. As a result, you can easily perform different cutting operations without any mishap.

There is a large, easy-to-access On/Off switch present just under the table which offers you to shut down the blade present on the table instantly. Henceforth, ease of access to the power switch could keep you away from any mishap or hassle.

Lastly, one of the main reasons people are getting interested in Delta table saw is that it comes with a sharp blade piece. The blade can make its way through thick or bulky wood pieces just like you are cutting a piece of cake.


  • Elegant design.
  • Easily accessible On/Off switch.
  • Tubular stand is stable enough.
  • One-Touch pedal-lock release.
  • Suitable for professionals.
  • Doesn’t require a lot of space.


  • Expensive price.
  • No other cons.

Final Views:

So, Delta table saw is on the radar of many carpenters who want to enjoy working relentlessly on different wood-crafting projects. You should consider it as the price tag that this table saw has got is justified.

Here comes an affordable deal for the professionals who are unable to spend more than 1000 bucks on a cabinet table saw. Shop Fox W1837 comes in with a simple yet unique design and shape. It won’t acquire a lot of space unlike the one table saw that we discussed earlier. So, you can easily set it up in a small room without any hassle or havoc. As for the working process, it is well up to the mark and allows you to enjoy woodworking without any malfunctioning issue. As usual, durability is ensured. This machine won’t be leaving you until and unless you are on a death bad (May You Live a Long Life!). Besides, one of the main reasons I’ve been impressed with this table saw is that the blade it has is extremely sharp and won’t stop working even in the worst possible scenarios. All in all, it’s one of the best choices you can make especially if spending more is a problem for you.

Some notable features regarding the best table saw of this year are as follows:

Features You Must Know:

First of all, the saw machine has been powered by a 2HP motor that runs at 120V or 240V according to your preferences. The motor is strong enough to offer maximum strength to the blade so that it can cut anything in its way.

A 4″ dust port along with enclosed cabinet bottom keeps you away from a lot of mess. I know that you simply can’t get away from dirt and foreign debris while cutting the wood. However, this machine can minimize the dirt issue for you conveniently.

There is a special precision cast iron table available along with the wings that will make your job much easier than expected. As a result, you can cut any kind of wood material with extreme accuracy and precision at the same time.

One of the best cabinet table saws has got an ergonomically placed On/Off switch. Turning it on while the blade is running will completely block the movement of blade, hence saving you electricity costs.

In the end, with an elegant design and a compact shape, Shop Fox table saw won’t take a lot of space to get adjusted. Hence, it can be fitted inside a small room without any hassle.


  • Compact shape.
  • Precision cast iron table.
  • Cuts wood with accuracy and precision.
  • Durable enough to last for a long time.
  • Affordable price tag.
  • On/Off switch is present just below the table.


  • Not recommended for beginners.
  • No other cons.

Final Views:

Shop Fox’s power saw being available at an affordable price is just like a heaven for professional carpenters. Bring it in and enjoy cutting wood with due accuracy to make your clients happy with your woodworking skills.

Rockwell has done a splendid job in introducing a table saw within an extremely affordable price tag. Yeah, so first things first, this table saw is suitable for beginners and for those who take woodcutting as an aesthetic pleasure. Apart from that, professionals can also enjoy working with it. 

However, the cutting interface would not be as accurate as expected while you are using a Rockwell table saw. Moreover, the compact size of this machine is one of the reasons many people are impressed with it. 

Plus, this machine has a lightweight yet durable frame which means that you can literally set it up in any place you want without a lot of hassle. Cutting the long story short, I’ll strictly recommend you to get this cabinet table saw especially if you want to practice your carpenter skills within a reasonable price tag.

Some notable features regarding the best cabinet table saw are mentioned below:

Features You Must Know:

Don’t underestimate the compactness or the machinery of this cabinet table saw at any cost. That is, even with an elegant and lightweight shape, the saw can cut any type of wood into two pieces in a perfect manner for sure.

Other than that, the cutting depth is just enormous. You can cut the wood from any point of view and the machine won’t disappoint you in any regard.

Besides, there is an upgraded folded fence available within the machine that can be used if you want to cut a larger wood piece with ease. This fence can be expanded as per your preferences.

As I’ve already mentioned above, portability is ensured while you acquire this cabinet table saw. That said, there is a portable trolley included within the package that will allow you to set up the table saw within a small area perfectly.

All in all, with a mountain of qualities and features ensured, this table saw from Rockwell is durable enough to last for at least 10 years with same efficiency. This is kind of unexpected considering the price tag that this machine has.


  • Compact and portable.
  • Foldable fence for cutting larger wood pieces.
  • Woodcutting depth is splendid.
  • Perfect for beginners and hobbyists.
  • Durable enough to last for 10 years.
  • Consumes less electrical energy.


  • Not for professionals.
  • No other cons.

Final Views:

One of the cheapest cabinet table saws from Rockwell has been storming the market at a great pace and people are getting it like a hot cake for sure. So, give it a try and the machine won’t disappoint you at any cost.

SawStop has been a professional manufacturer of producing some of the best cabinet table saws in the market. This beast that I’m going to discuss is, in fact, the most expensive wood cutting machines available in the market. So, one thing is pretty much sure that you wouldn’t want to check it out even if you are a professional carpenter but you have a low budget tag. For beginners and hobbyists, I’d suggest them to go for Rockwell cabinet saw only. Well, coming towards the BEAST which can cut anything present in its way in a perfect fashion. Besides, it’ll never leave you no matter how long your life is. So, that’s a durability promise made by the brand to you. All in all, if budget is not a problem for you and if you want to try out extremely professional wood cutting practices, then SawStop is an ultimate winner among all the cabinet table saws for sure.

Some notable features regarding one of the most expensive cabinet table saws are as follows:

Features You Need to Know:

Even though the machine requires a good amount of space in the room, it has an elegant and premium shape. That is, it’s awfully perfect and eye-catchy at the same time.

Other than that, a special SawStop safety system being made available in the machine keeps you away from unwanted dust and foreign debris while you are involved in cutting process.

A smooth T-Glide fence system of 36″ covers a lot of areas and helps you to cut larger wood pieces with due accuracy and precision at the same time. There won’t be any deflection while you are trying to cut a thick wood piece.

Contrary to that, with a premium touch and finish, SawStop is one of the most durable cabinet tables saw available in the market. It won’t get malfunctioned or even jam the blade no matter how worse the circumstances are.

Finally, the presence of a 1.75 HP motor is not only powerful, but it also ensures a quiet cutting operation. Therefore, you can easily enjoy a peaceful woodwork experience with this cabinet saw.


  • Extremely durable and rugged body.
  • T-Glide fence system enhances precision.
  • Cuts deeply and elegantly.
  • Perfect for large furniture factories.
  • Premium shape.


  • Extremely expensive.
  • Not recommended for hobbyists.

Final Views:

SawStop is an epitome of all the cabinet table saws available in the market. It’s literally the peak and there is no machine above than this when it comes to professional wood cutting. So, get it as the machine is waiting to be tested via your woodwork skills.

The second last table saw on our list is from Grizzly and it’s a perfect machine for the professionals who have to deal with regular wood cutting work in routine. That said, it’s also a one-time investment as the cost of the table saw is way too high. However, keep in mind that Grizzly Industrial is one of the first saws that hasn’t received any negative feedback as of now. So, it’s a win-win situation for you if you get successful in landing this professional cabinet saw to try out your woodcutting skills.

Some important features are as follows:

Features You Need to Know:

The motor installed in this table saw has a 3HP power and it consumes 240V electrical power at the same time. So, the blade runs with great efficiency and helps you to cut different wood pieces with due effectiveness.

Apart from that, there is a solid iron cast table available that has been given a premium finish to make it as smooth as possible. So, you can easily cut large wood pieces with due accuracy.

Besides, there is no compromise on the durability of this table saw as it comes with top-notch construction. That’s the main reason it has not received any negative reviews from customers up till now.

In the end, what matters the most regarding a cabinet table saw is how it handles the dirt and dust. For this purpose, Grizzly has got a special dust collector which can minimize the dirt or foreign debris perfectly.


  • Solid iron cast table.
  • Premium construction.
  • Efficient wood cutting interface.
  • Sharp blade.


  • Expensive price.
  • It requires more space.

Final Views:

The professional table saw from Grizzly Industrial should be acquired especially if you are a professional carpenter regardless of the price tag it has.

We’ll be wrapping our guide up with the best cabinet table saw from DEWALT. The main reason people are getting this machine is that it comes with a portable shape. Yeah, it won’t require a lot of space, unlike professional cabinet saws. You can literally set it up in a small room and practice your woodcutting skills with it at the same time. Plus, the affordable price tag is yet another reason people are liking this cabinet saw from DEWALT.

Features You Need to Know:

First of all, the table is saw being portable has a lightweight design and weighs only 45 lbs. So, there is an ease of transport option for you that allows you to enjoy moving it around from one place to another.

A 15 amp motor is heavy duty and improves the sharpness of the blade at the same time. You can, therefore, cut anything you want without any issues.

A portable foldable stand being available within the machine helps you to set it up in remote areas without any worries.

Last but not the least, keep in mind that the best cabinet table saw can carry out heavy-duty operations at the same time. So, it’s also a better option for the carpenters who are always on the move.


  • Durable construction.
  • Portable design.
  • Cuts deeper than expected.
  • 15 amp powerful motor.


  • Not for heavy-duty work.
  • No other cons.

Final Views:

DEWALT portable cabinet table saw is indeed an ideal option for those who want to enjoy their woodworking skills within an affordable budget.

Well, that would be all regarding the best cabinet table saws available in this year. Make sure that you keep your needs into consideration while taking a look at the above-mentioned list. 

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