9 Questions to Ask When Buying a Coffee Machine for Home

Being sure to choose the right coffee maker for your home can make it an absolute joy to use. There are so many different types of coffee makers that come with various features and it can be overwhelming trying to narrow down your search.

Below, you can learn more about the main questions you should be asking yourself to help you figure out the type of coffee maker that’s best for your kitchen.

How Many People In Your Home Drink Coffee?

Considering the number of people in your home who drink coffee is a huge factor to take into consideration. This is because you want to be sure to buy a coffee machine that has a large enough capacity for everyone.

In addition to this, the more people in your home who drink coffee means that there’s a higher chance of them liking different kinds of coffee. As a result, you’ll need a coffee machine that has a large capacity and different coffee flavor options.

We recommend that you be cautious amount how much coffee you consume daily as you may be consuming higher quantities of caffeine than you think. It’s common for people to experience anxiety when drinking too much coffee so be sure that you keep an eye on how much you and others in your home are consuming.

How Much Space Do You Have?

One of the biggest elements that many people forget about is the size of their coffee machine. If you’ve purchased a coffee machine that’s large and you don’t have enough kitchen countertop space for it, you’ll have to move things around or return it for a replacement.

In addition to this, a larger coffee machine may not always be the most aesthetically pleasing option for those with smaller kitchens. Therefore, we recommend that you think about the amount of space that you have available and how to organize your kitchen for a coffee machine.

For smaller kitchens, some fantastic coffee machines have been made with a compact design. People with larger kitchens with more space to spare will be able to be more free with the size of the coffee machine that they notice.

Identifying how much space you have can help you to narrow down your search to the coffee machines that are the most suitable for your kitchen.

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Maintenance & Cost

When you purchase a coffee maker, you should be aware that you’ll have to maintain the machine for it to continue working effectively and remain durable. Be sure to check the instructional manual that comes with your chosen coffee machine to learn how to clean it and how often it should be done.

Some coffee machines come with an internal cleaning process that’s easier to maintain. Others may require you to take the machine apart and wash the different parts individually. Depending on your coffee machine, these parts may or may not be suitable for the dishwasher.

Another part of maintaining a coffee machine involves the running cost. If you use a coffee machine that’s compatible with pods, you’ll have to purchase these pods regularly to continue drinking coffee.

For the machines that take grounded coffee or coffee beans, you’ll need to also buy them regularly. In addition to this, you’ll need to consider the cost of replacement filters. Therefore, it’s a good idea to consider the running costs of the coffee machines that you’re interested in and pick the one that suits your budget.

What Type Of Carafe Do You Want to Use?

There are coffee machines that come with different carafe options and knowing the differences between them can help you select the one that you think is best.

Glass carafes are popular because they enable you to see the quantity of coffee that’s left. Furthermore, most glass carafes have an open-air design that allows for the coffee aroma to spread more.

Thermal carafes are the other option that is fantastic for letting you keep your coffee warm for longer. Glass carafes tend to keep coffee warm for approximately 20 minutes, whereas thermal carafes keep coffee heated for up to 60 minutes.

Considering the design of the carafe is important to ensure your coffee machine fits in with a home that has a modern interior style.

Do You Want a Manual or Automatic Coffee Machine?

Choosing between a manual and an automatic coffee machine will largely come down to a matter of personal preference. If you’re looking to use a coffee machine in your home that’s convenient and quick, the automatic options would be best.

They don’t require you to have any knowledge surrounding the temperature or grinding process. Many of the top automatic coffee machines nowadays can produce some superb-tasting coffee consistently.

On the other hand, some people prefer to use manual coffee machines because of how they enable you to have control over every stage of the process. As a result, you’re able to make and drink your coffee precisely the way you want it.

Having said that, using manual coffee machines requires a time commitment so that you can learn the different processes to make your own coffee.

Do You Like Milky Coffee Drinks?

If you love drinking lattes and cappuccinos, you’d want to consider buying a coffee machine that comes with a frothing feature. You can froth your milk in a variety of ways with one of the most popular ones being a steam wand.

Steam wands are common among bean-to-cup and ground coffee machines. They work by frothing your milk in a jug and using the steam wand to make it frothy. You can then pour the frothed milk over the top of your coffee.

Other coffee machines come with built-in frothers that require you to fill the container with milk. The coffee machine automatically froths the milk and adds it over your coffee once it has been poured.

Standalone milk frothers are also available that have the sole purpose of heating and frothing milk. They sometimes come with coffee machines or they can be purchased as an accessory item.

When it comes to using coffee machines with pods, popular brands, such as Dolce Gusto have dedicated milk pods. These pods contain powdered milk that lets you add frothy milk to the top of your cup of coffee.

Would You Benefit From Programmable Features?

Some coffee machines for homes come with technology that allows you to program specific times that you want your coffee to be made. It can be an especially handy feature for those of you who are busy in the mornings and often rush trying to make a cup of coffee before heading out.

This is because you can program your coffee machine the day before to start making coffee earlier the next morning. So, when you come down in the morning, your coffee has been brewed, poured, and is ready to drink.

There are also excellent programmable features available that let you set your coffee to be made at specific strengths. People who love to drink their coffee in a very specific way can benefit from these programmable functions as they can let their coffee machines make their tailor-made coffee every day.

How User-Friendly is the Coffee Machine?

Those of you looking to purchase your first coffee machine for home will want to consider how easy it is to use. If you don’t feel confident with using some of the more technological features available with many coffee machines, be sure to pick one that comes with fewer functions and is simpler to use.

A coffee machine that works with pods may be the easiest option to consider. They simply involve filling the reservoir up with water, inserting the pod, and pressing a button.

Having said that, people who have had more experience with coffee makers or think that they’ll be able to learn how to use some of the more advanced options may be happy to use a manual coffee machine.

What’s the Brewing Temperature of the Coffee Machine?

Considering the brewing temperature of your coffee machine is important to ensure you’re able to drink coffee that tastes great. The recommended temperature for coffee to be brewed at is between 196 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit.

Many of the top coffee machine brands will state their brewing temperatures clearly on the product listing or box. Checking the brewing temperature is a factor that’s important to consider for those who are more particular about the smaller details that go into enjoying a cup of coffee.


That concludes our post on the kinds of questions that can prove useful when it comes to choosing a coffee machine for your home. Asking yourself the above questions can be a fantastic way for you to compare different coffee makers to make sure you can pick the one that’s best for your home.

We recommend that you avoid rushing into purchasing a coffee machine as there are many factors to think about. Hopefully, you can use the tips mentioned in this post to feel more confident in selecting a coffee machine that will be a joy for you to use.

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