21 Best Home Decor Trends

More of us have been at home than ever before, resulting in more home redesigns, remodelling, and updating. Reimagining a space doesn’t involve expensive purchases, tearing up walls, flooring, and other essential property features. A simple rotation in décor can be enough to charm up a place.

In less than a few years, a lot has changed in the real estate game. With more properties gearing up for resale, home décor has shifted to new colours, shapes, patterns, and materials. The best home décor trends in 2021 are optimized, revitalized, and in line with different homeowner interests than what was the case pre-COVID.

2021 has been the year when designers have started to move towards fresh, natural materials like wood, copper, and marble. This is a fact enumerated by Décor Aid, a full-service interior design firm.

The CEO of Décor Aid said, “These elements will aid bring in an organic and serene ambiance to any space while providing an authentic global feel while sitting at your home.”

If you try to incorporate this trend with marble countertops or wood accent walls, it will provide a great feeling to your house. Another alternative is to transform a room with a DIY faux stone accent wall.

In this article, we take a close look at the Instagram-ready home décor trends in 2021, making waves and heating the marketplace as we speak.

1. Industrial Accents

Industrial accents are things like cast iron and metal knick-knacks you can place mounted on a wall or a bookshelf. Within the industrial accent category, there are endless possibilities. Fortunately, you don’t need a lot to make a real impact from a décor perspective.

2. Adaptive Storage

Home décor is rarely about storage. Décor is about the display. In multi-functional rooms, though, some organization is a must. Unique storage like glass mason jars, one-of-a-kind mounted shelves, storage carts on wheels, fold-in storage, and other display-ready organizers can make the difference between uncluttered and cluttered.

3. Plant and Planter

Plant and Planter

So many green thumbs have developed over the past year. The appeal of plants indoors has increased, with an explosion of interest in cute, quirky planters and small to large houseplants. It has never been so easy to create a green home. There are plenty of easy-to-care-for plants and greenery to choose from.

4. More Colour

Minimalism is still the king and queen of wholesale home décor, but there is some deep eclectic colour on the uptake. If you enjoy doing things a little differently, don’t turn away from bold mixes of faded colours across fabrics, furniture, and décor. Contrast unique tones and patterns to create a home décor landscape that’s one-of-a-kind.

5. Classic Light Fixtures

Light fixtures have a way of dating themselves, unfortunately. The best way to guard against this is to go for classic light fixtures. They look luxurious. Elements like polished nickel, satin brass, and other thoughtful designs have a charm that will last forever.

6. Sustainable Wood

Sustainable Wood

Decorators looking for more sustainably sourced materials are embracing bamboo and wood décor. There can be such thing as too much wood, however. If a home has wooden floors, treated wood countertops, or other examples of wood design, you may want to skip this trend for now.

7. Earthy Tones, Natural Materials

A ”return to nature” is an overarching solid theme occurring today in home décor and can be applied in various ways. The best-selling home décor are those with earthy tones, made from natural materials or appear a little worn and lived in. This trend allows homeowners to find comfortable ways to incorporate these colours and styles into their living space.

8. Dots, Checks & Stripes

Patterns are not as popular in the 2021 home décor trends. Bold dots and stripes, however, are still as appealing as ever. They are attention-grabbing, minimalist, and fun. They also can be used on almost any home décor item. Plus, they can colour match any existing aesthetic you have going on.

9. Work-From-Home Office

It’s better to keep your home office clean and open and populate the area with things that centre on your daily tasks, such as a stylish lamp or artificial plant in a planter. You may also go for a storage organizer for papers, pens, paperclips, and whatever else. That’s about all you want on top of your home office desk, but there are many ways to express your personality even in this.

10. Creamy Ceramics

Ceramics don’t ever seem to go out of style. Like glass and crystal, a modern ceramic décor piece is stunning. A creamy ceramic planter is probably the best example of this. There are display plates, bottles, and other sculpted ceramic or ceramic-like pieces that would suit a household display just as well.

11. Sculpted Shapes

Sculpted Shapes

Shapes, such as those of figurines and abstract sculptures, have caught on this season in a big way. Shapes are a tool that not enough decorators play with to the same extent they do with colour. Shapes can be hung from the ceiling, put at the window to create suspended shadows, or incorporated in the trim. You can use them in small or large individual décor pieces.

12. Wall Murals

Wall décor has taken centre stage. Pick one wall, decide on a theme, and start your work. It can be a massive piece of artwork, a pattern on an embroidered fabric, or you can adorn your wall with something unexpected. You can also choose to make your mural of cut-out coloured paper, paint chips, newspaper clippings, photos, and more. Selecting a single wall or a part of the wall for this is vital. More than one wall like this can feel overwhelming.

13. Classic Candles

Candles are an alternative old-style light source that presents beautifully in the proper context. They require a certain amount of planning as well to be safe. Avoid small thin candles if possible. Choose large classic-shaped candles thick enough to burn for a fair amount of time. You can place them into a case or a lantern, where there’s some protection between the candle, furniture, and people.

14. Minimalist Window Décor

Avoid heavy or patterned window treatments. Keep this part of your home décor aesthetic simple. A single-color semi-opaque curtain works. Non-coloured shutters are also an excellent choice. To add a little colour, use strings of décor or a curtain draped overhead in an unexpected way to provide some intrigue without compromising the natural light.

15. Large Tiles

Faux stone or large-format tile is soon going to be a thing of the past. It will quickly be replaced by natural materials like concrete or Italian white marble. Thanks to the growing technology, new porcelain tile looks similar to authentic, natural materials, but it is much more cost-effective and effortless to install.

16. Authentic Pieces

Rather than decorating with mass-produced boho-style items, look for authentic pieces. Search for pieces that showcase a real ethnic tradition and then build a room around it. You can even go for a kilim rug or vase brought back from a vacation abroad.

17. Movable Kitchen Storage

Movable Kitchen Storage

Today, due to the contemporary looks of the kitchen being in trend, most people want to ditch the kitchen island as it is bulky and often does not provide adequate storage. Instead of an island, people now prefer the dining table closer to the kitchen and utilize certain modular storage instead. You can add storage to your kitchen by using some of these tricks and tips.

18. Kitchen Cabinets in Colour

Today people prefer colourful kitchen cabinets instead of all-white one. This is where you need to be smart enough while selecting the right colours that will look good for your kitchen cabinets. Creating a mood by preparing cabinetry in black and colours like deep or grey-washed blues and greens is trendy nowadays.

19. Mix-and-Match Furniture

Instead of getting your furniture from the same collection, try and do some mix and match. Try to find different furniture as you are looking for the right fit for your house. You may find various options. Do not go for a single option. Instead, select one from each collection. This way, you will have mix-and-match furniture from multiple periods. You can now keep the furniture in a way that it looks great in your hall.

20. Floral Patterns

Floral Patterns

Floral patterns are again in demand in 2021. We are seeing a resurgence in its demand as decorators find it alluring to present exaggerated proportions and contrasting colours for floral patterns in home décor. We suggest you go for an updated floral wallpaper for a powder room or a statement piece of artwork in a floral design.

20. Leather Pulls

Shift your attention from chrome and bass and move to leather as it is a top design trend for drawer and cabinet pulls. With the help of leather pulls, you can give your home a different appeal and make it look fresh and unique.

These are some of the best home décor trends for 2021. If you are looking to renovate your house or are decorating your new house, you can try any of these home décor trends and let us know which one gave an exclusive appeal to your house?