16 High-Tech Security Options to Improve Your Home Safety

When you look at your loved ones, you know that you want them to be safe and secured. You hope to come back to a smiling family after a long day at work. Unfortunately, the rising violence around the world reflects the bitter reality. Therefore, a home should be a safe place to relish every moment with your family. There are some precautions that you can take in advance to make your place less targeted by external and internal dangers. In this article, I’ve discussed a few strategies to improve security at your place.

Surveillance Cameras

Nowadays, setting up the camera is a low-priced choice to increase home security. Securing your place from all the sides provides you with automatic warnings. You can fit weatherproof outdoor security cameras for watching people coming to your house. Additionally, you can also install indoor cameras to monitor all the rooms. Security cameras allow residents to identify any potential danger. You can even invest indoor cameras in recognizing visitors’ faces before opening the entrance door.

Smart Locks

Installing smart lock is an added measure to keep your place safe and secure from outside threat. It electronically gives you control over the main lock system with the help of Wi-Fi connection and phone apps. Instead of using any key, you can lock and unlock your doors using passcodes even when you are not home. It enables you to generate temporary codes, so if needed, you can share with trustworthy friends or neighbours. It gives them access to your place while you are away from home. Later on, you can change or remove keypad entry codes to discontinue them entering after your return. A smart lock is linked to your cellphone, so you do not have to worry about making a copy of the house key.

smart lock

Mobile Trackers

In recent times, phone tracker has become an important tool to monitor your child. It allows you to keep an eye, especially when your child is alone at home. For any reason, security-wise or personal, mspy offers parental apps that help you track your child’s activities from any place in the world. It attempts to enhance the security around your child while you are staying extra hours at work. Moreover, parental control apps allow you to keep your child safe from cyberbullies and online predators.

Water Sensors

Adding water leak detectors at your place alarm you in case of flooding. You can place sensors under wash sinks, taps, and washing machines. These sensors are connected to your phone through Wi-Fi. In case of detecting extra moisture, they will activate an alarm. This tech option prevents water damage, so you get to save on your water bills. As long as your place is secured from leakages, you can save expensive furniture.

Smoke Detectors

Install a smoke detecting device to sense fire in the house. Smoke alarms allow you to leave the house before you get trapped in the fire. Do not forget the maintenance of your fire alarms. You can set a reminder in your planner to test its batteries once in a week. If not working properly, replace the batteries immediately to secure your place from fire-related hazards.

Motion-activated Lights

Motion sensor lights are designed to secure your house externally. It is an automated system that works perfectly to control any criminal activities outside your place. An abrupt light instantly shines on the intruder to give on his attempt to enter the house. If you want to install many lights outside your house, you can even look at low-budget options. Motion-activated lights are highly functional, easier to install and add extra security to your place.

Video Doorbell

Installing smart doorbell is an added security for entrance doors. The video doorbell is connected to your smartphones and other electronic devices through the internet. It attempts to notify you when people visit your home. The doorbell activates when its built-in motion detectors sense a visitor pressing the button. The homeowner will be able to watch and talk with the visitors standing outside the entrance door. The smartphone app is linked to the microphone and HD electromagnetic camera. If you have installed the smart lock system, then the smart doorbell allows you to open the front door without physical contact.

Glass Break Sensors

Glass break detector can be installed with the glass windows and glass doors. It is a specified type of detector/sensor that comes with a built-in alarm system and tends to activate when the glass is broken. It is an essential device for a home automation security system. Glass break sensors are a unique type of detectors that come with motion sensors and glass detectors to detect the opening of doors/windows, sliding of glass, and potential break-ins. These sensors effort to keep your family and home safe from external threat and invaders who wishes to cause harm or steal your valuables.

Solar Powered Security Lights

The other best thing you can do to light shady places and side corners is to install solar-powered lights outside your place. They are easy to maintain, energy-efficient, and offer un-comprised performance. The only maintenance that solar panel requires is the change of its battery once in a blue moon. The LED bulbs are maintenance-free and will never burnout. The high output LED lights deliver bright light to keep the burglars away from your place. Solar-powered security lights will still work in the event of a power outage or limited power. No matter what, the outside area of your house will always be illumined. These lights are charged from the sunlight radiations and cuts down the energy cost in utility bills. These properties are striving to make your place burglar-proof.

Smart Garage Door Opener

Today’s connected technologies have allowed the users to access and monitor garage through wireless door openers. The apps on smartphones allow the users to view the garage from anyplace in the world. It provides you with the remote control so you will be able to get reminders when you have left the door open in a rush. As a result, you can easily manage the automatic opening and closing of doors by tapping a finger on your cellphone. Furthermore, you can monitor your garage 24/7 via live video streaming to make your garage burglar-proof.

Peephole Cameras

Fitting of wireless peephole door camera is an upcoming security practice that connects to your smartphones via the internet. They usually have wide-angle lenses. These peephole camera lenses only work in one direction. Only insiders can see who is on the other side of the door. All the latest cameras is a great way to monitor your apartment’s peephole to see who is standing at the door without even opening it. The peephole camera is easy to install the device and can use exiting peephole hardware to install modified versions of it.

Wireless IP Cameras

The wireless IP camera is easy to setup device. Because of its wireless nature, it tends to reduce the cost of networking cables. You can add this device to your video surveillance system. This Wi-Fi enabled device comes with rotating feature to maximize the viewing angle. Furthermore, it provides crystal clear images even under low light conditions to secure your place from intruders.

Wide Dynamic Cameras

Wide dynamic security cameras are efficient to balance a wide range of light levels on a pixel basis. These cameras capture face shots of people entering the place. Wide dynamic range cameras can work well even when there is dark light behind visitors and dark shadows on their faces. These cameras are beneficial to a place outside the house where there is too much sunshine or street lights.

Security Apps

If you are not financially stable to afford a full-fledged security system for your place, then you should download security apps. It’s a great idea to make use of your old android cellphone lying around the house. Download any security app and turn your Wi-Fi enabled cellphone into a security device. Its camera and sound features will allow you to view your home from anyplace. The apps also offer motion detection, push notifications, and the ability to take a snapshot features.

Secured Wi-Fi Network

Understandably, home automation devices are connected through Wi-Fi connections. Thus, the importance to secure the home wireless network cannot be ignored. Otherwise, it is a potential threat to your personal data and financial information. Unsecured Wi-Fi connection can make your place vulnerable to potential break-ins. All the smart home devices and security gadgets connected to a Wi-Fi network can give direct access to cybercriminals. Therefore, you should secure the wireless router by enabling WPA or WPA2 encryption. Use firewall, antivirus, anti-malware protection, and create a strong password to secure your home network.

In-Home Safes

Lastly, in case someone gets control over your other home security strategies, then make sure other valuable items are safe and secured. Put all of your expensive belongings like gold jewelry, extra cash, passport and important documents in home lockers. Invest in a safe that is waterproof, fire resistance, and heavy enough to carry. In-home safe is the easiest of all other above high-tech security options to keep your valuables protected. Select a safe that comes with redundant locks (two installed locks) to improve the overall safety of locker.