12 Items You Should Have In Your Home For The Hot Summer Season

The world is changing rapidly, and this is bringing about changes in the climate system and leading to the global warming effect. There are reports that some countries are experiencing more rainfall than usual. As the planet undergoes unprecedented climatic shifts, winters are getting colder and summers are becoming notably hotter. As the summer season arrives, have you considered what things you should have in your home to keep the heat at bay?

how to cool your summer

1. Well-Maintained Cooling System

You must have a well-maintained cooling system for the hot summer season. Things that comprise your cooling systems are electric fans, air conditioning units, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, and windows. In case your fans produce some unusual sounds, they may need some lubrication. If that doesn’t solve the issue, then you probably need to buy new ones.

The basic maintenance for an air conditioning unit is cleaning the air filter. Typically, during summer season when you tend to use the air conditioning unit quite frequently, you will need to do general cleaning. Filter King air filter discount features offer all that you will need to maintain the air quality inside your home this summer.

In a window type air conditioner, the front part of the air conditioner, which is called the evaporator, as well as the back part of the air conditioner which is called the condenser, have to be washed and cleaned of dirt. Cleaning the unit will allow you to have a maximum cooling effect, and also lowers your electric consumption.

Check the windows and door seals to make sure that they are working properly. Otherwise, remove the old seals and replace them with new ones. Seals prevent warm air from entering your house and cool air from escaping. Install a self-adhesive door draft at the foot of the door, as this prevents cold air from escaping the room.

In addition to that, ventilators and fans ensure a healthy circulation of air indoors. Exhaust fans that are installed in the ceiling help in sucking out the hot air that rises up to the ceiling.

2. Good Plumbing System

In the summer season, what you will always want to have is a cold shower. Check your water supply pipelines to spot any leaks and repair them. Check if there is any pipeline that is exposed to direct sunlight. During summer, sunlight will heat up the pipeline that is exposed and the water that comes out of your shower will be quite warm and can sometimes become very hot. Cover the pipeline that is exposed with insulating material.

3. Tinted Windows And Glass Doors

Your house is bound to have some strategically placed windows. While it’s great to view the outdoors through large windows, they can also be a source of heat during the hot summer season. Thankfully, there is a kind of glass tint that will reduce heat from the sun by more than 50%. You can use this glass tint in your home to reduce the heat that enters your rooms. Aside from reducing heat, the tint will also prevent harmful UV light from entering your house. Installing the tint can take a few hours, depending on the number of windows and glass doors to be tinted.

4. Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative coolers are like fans but have an added feature, which is to cool the air that comes out of them. They essentially use water to cool the air, as the water absorbs the hot air that goes in them. Once the heat in the air is absorbed, what comes out of the evaporative cooler is cool vaporized mist.

This uses less energy than an air conditioner. The room temperature will drop, but not as much as a reduction in temperature brought about by an air conditioner. However, at least it will bring the room temperature down to a tolerable level. The size of the evaporative cooler should depend on the size of the room. Do not be concerned that your room will get wet because water tends to evaporate quickly into the air.

5. Loose Cotton Shirts And Cotton Sheets

Huge blankets are not what you need during summer. Instead, find loose, strong, and lightweight material for your clothes and sheets. Cotton is usually the best option. Loose cotton shirts will allow air to circulate over your body faster. Cotton shirts also have a tendency to absorb sweat more quickly. You might have noticed that people living in the Middle East often wear loose clothing. This is to make their body cooler inside.

In addition to that, it might not be a good idea to use a comforter during the hot summer season. Instead, it is advisable to use lighter fabrics for your bedding and sheets. So, store your comforter in the closet and bring out your cotton sheets because that material is more breathable.

6. A Refrigerator

During the hot summer months, you need something to refresh you. The fastest way to get cold water is to use a refrigerator. You can also use it to have ice ready for your soft drinks and juices and keep a stock of ice cream and frozen dessert. Consider it a bonus that having a good quality refrigerator gives you an option to access instant coolness.

7. Window Blinds

Aside from glass tints, you can also use window blinds to lessen the heat that filters into your rooms. Window blinds come in many different materials; they are usually made of wood, metal, or plastic. You can also have either vertical blinds or horizontal ones. However, the main function of window blinds is to block out light or sunlight. They can be easily operated by rotating or rolling them up and down.

8. Ceiling Fans

One of the things that you need in your home for the summer season is a good ceiling fan. Usually, your fan would be spinning clockwise during the winter. This is because when it is spinning clockwise, you can’t feel cold air blowing down, as air will only be blowing up. For the hot summer season, your ceiling fan should be spinning counterclockwise.

When your fan is spinning counterclockwise, you should feel cool air blowing around all the corners of your room. Such a fan will make your room around 3 to 4 degrees cooler. Make sure that your ceiling fans work well before the summer season arrives. If it isn’t working properly, you should have it fixed by a reliable electrician.

Summer heat

9. LED Bulbs

The lighting at your home can contribute a lot of heat to your surroundings as well. Incandescent bulbs usually emit a significant amount of heat. It’s best to swap your old bulbs with LED bulbs or fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs will last longer while consuming less energy. Because they use less energy, the heat emitted from your light bulbs will be noticeably less as well.

10. Griller

The summer season is the perfect time to do some outdoor grilling, as the kids are on a break. After all, what is summer without some grilled steak? This is also a great bonding experience to have during summer with the kids, family, and even your neighbors. You can start off by grilling some hotdogs and steak, and even make burgers while playing some baseball in your backyard.

It’s also great for hangouts during the night. You can have barbeque nights for a change during the summer. In addition, it’s very easy to clean up after you’re done using it.

11. Ice Cream Maker

An ice cream maker is something that can prove quite useful during summer. Summer is all about having fun and staying cool, and an ice cream maker will help you do both. Making your own ice cream can be a fun activity you can do with your kids. At the same time, eating your home-made ice cream will help cool you off as well.

12. Garden Hose

During the summer season, it’s not only you who needs to feel refreshed. You also have to make sure that you take care of your plants. A garden hose will keep all your plants and flowers from withering in the heat. This is especially useful if you have a large garden at home. It will also prove to be very useful because you no longer need to haul up pots for watering. Instead, you can just use a single hose to water your plants.

In addition to that, if you have an inflatable pool at home, you can use your garden hose to fill it up for your kids to play in and cool off. An interesting alternative would be to turn your garden into a mini water park as well.


There are many items that you should have in your home for the summer to keep the heat out. People are constantly coming up with more innovative and simple ways to cool down their homes, thereby making it more comfortable to get through the hot season. You can get off to a good start by taking the above-mentioned items into consideration.