11 Ways to Care for Your Air Conditioner

Having a perfectly functioning air conditioner unit is one of the best ways to stay cool and comfortable. Not only that, using the cooling appliance can also increase overall productivity at work and at home, making it an essential part of any office or home environment. However, an aircon unit can also reach a tipping point with constant usage and extreme weather conditions. Some of the common air conditioner problems that can affect your unit include low to no cooling, noisy sounds, musty odor and even dirty air production. While hiring a professional aircon servicing company is your best bet to repair your unit, there are still a lot of ways that you can try to care for your air conditioner. This includes proper cleaning, maintenance and other easy and cost-friendly tips. Here are 11 easy ways to care for your unit to avoid experiencing a host of aircon problems.

1. Refrain from using your aircon during downtimes

Are you heading out of the house or making yourself a quick fix in the kitchen? Consider turning the aircon off completely to save energy and machine power. Turning the unit off regularly can do a lot of wonders in preserving the machine’s performance and lifespan. If you’re the type who uses an aircon 24 hours a day, make sure to start giving it a regular break every now and then. An aircon machine exerts a lot of effort and performance power just to provide you with cool and comfortable air, so return the favor by letting it breathe for an hour or two. This rings even more true during the summer season, where aircon units are expected to perform double the time and effort just to keep you cool from the heat. An aircon can begin malfunctioning under intense heat pressure, that’s why it’s important to stay informed of your aircon usage.

2. Avoid setting your thermostat to the highest level

Setting your aircon’s thermostat to the highest level may give you instant cooling and comfort, but it can also give you a major headache later on when your aircon breaks down. Why? Placing the machine under the lowest temperature possible means that it will exert all power and effort possible just to produce cool air for your home. When done constantly without any proper break, and under the most extreme weather conditions, this can be fatal for your machine. The solution is to give your unit the breathing room that it needs to operate by switching up the levels of the thermostat. You can start with a high thermostat level and switch it down a few notches once your room has started cooling down. Doing this will not only help your air conditioner take a break, but it will also prevent any premature problems for the unit.

aircond thermostat

3. Stick to a regular and consistent aircon cleaning schedule

It should go without saying that an aircon must be regularly cleaned and maintained to prevent any problems. However, this cardinal rule when caring for an air conditioner still escapes a lot of aircon owners. The result? Extremely dirty aircon units plagued by problems and premature breakdowns. You can do the basics of cleaning your aircon by removing the casing and scrubbing and wiping it clean of dirt. Work your way from the filter all the way to the external frames to make sure all corners are squeaky clean. Cleaning your aircon unit regularly can do wonders to preserve the machine’s performance and lifespan. If you don’t have the capacity to clean it yourself, you can always seek the professional service of an aircon company.

4. Clear away any debris from the aircon unit

Since the external part of an air conditioner is positioned outside your home, the possibility of leaves, twigs, branches, rock, pebbles, and other large debris making their way inside the unit is undeniably big. Failure to remove these objects from the unit can lead to performance inefficiency and even cooling failure. To care for your air conditioner the right way, make sure to remove any of these objects at least once or twice a month. When removing them, always use a protective pair of gloves to prevent getting any scratches, cuts or anything that would likely cause you an injury. Always remember that a clean and well-functioning unit is free from any external debris!

5. Use the energy or power saver mode to save power and electricity

If your aircon unit has an energy or power saver mode, then you can easily use it to prolong the machine’s life. Turning this feature on allows an aircon to deliver the same level of performance — for nearly double or triple the amount of power and energy consumed. What does this mean for your unit? Well, aside from the fact that it can lower your electricity bill and give you more savings, it allows your aircon to operate on a less straining level. So if you don’t need your aircon to perform double time, consider turning this feature on.

6. Use the sleep or timer mode to give your unit a break

Another mode that you can use to care for your aircon is the sleep mode. This feature allows the aircon to intuitively readjust the thermostat settings based on the room temperature and in some cases, your body temperature, allowing it to save more energy and electricity while you’re sleeping soundly. Apart from this, you can also give your unit its own time to sleep by setting the timer mode on. This enables you to set a timer that can dictate when an aircon should turn off by itself. Sleeping with comfort is one thing, but you and your aircon getting the rest you both deserve is an even better compromise!

7. Use electric fans and windows as cooling alternatives

Setting your aircon unit’s energy or sleep mode is one thing, but did you know that you can care for your machine using less energy-consuming alternatives? Enter the electric fan — this handy appliance is also known to provide you with its own level of cooling and comfort. Although relatively lower than an aircon’s cooling capacity, a fan can still give you just enough air to make you last through the entire day. Another alternative is by opening the windows and letting nature do its thing. As much as possible when you can, try making use of these alternatives to help your aircon unit take a break — and also get more savings in the process.


8. Keep the sun out as much as possible

A good way to care for your aircon is by shielding it away from the intense heat of the sun. Because extreme heat can make your aircon exert more effort and perform double time, the chances of it running into problems also increase by a tenfold. You can find a way to work around this by placing a makeshift roof to protect your aircon from heat waves. Not only that, you can also install some shading over your windows to prevent additional heat from entering your home. This can help in also regulating the heat temperature that your unit receives when it’s operating.

9. Keep an eye out on common aircon problems

To be a responsible aircon owner includes knowing when something is off with your air conditioner. This is why it pays to know the common signs of the common problems that affect aircon machines. If you find that your unit starts making an awful lot of noise, begins producing little to no cool air or even switches on and off on its own, it’s time to call an aircon technician. These common signs may sound like easy problems to fix, but it can actually be a symptom of an even bigger problem such as aircon gas leaks, compressor and evaporator problems and fan issues. So the minute you start experiencing any of these, call for professional help right away.

10. Shut the curtains and remember to keep doors closed at all times

Another effective and cost-free solution when caring for your aircon unit involves your doors and curtains. But what about them exactly that can directly affect your unit’s performance and overall lifespan? The answer lies in heat and shade. Drawing the curtains down can help reduce the extreme heat of the sun, thereby lessening the pressure on the aircon to produce colder air into your room. Additionally, keeping the doors closed at all times prevents air from escaping, keeping your room temperature regulated and removing pressure on the unit itself.

aircon cleaning process

11. Get professional help to properly care for your aircon unit

While caring for your aircon through these easy and simple ways goes a long way, a professional’s advice and care would still put your unit out of harm’s way. It’s always best to schedule regular maintenance and check-ups with an aircon technician to diagnose any potential problems right away. This may seem costly, but it can actually save you from a lot of repair fees down the line if you act on any signs right away.

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